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Address: 228 Robert C Daniel Jr Pkwy, Augusta, GA 30909

Phone: (706) 731-0847

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.2


What Time Does Starbucks Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 5PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Tuesday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Wednesday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Thursday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Friday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

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April Brown

I know Starbucks can be overwhelming when working there but man the bathrooms were disgusting. The back splashes at the counter and where the drinks are made haven’t been cleaned in a long time. For this Starbucks to be in the location it is I expected better. Our drinks were made wrong even with the whole order typed on each. I’m about to give up on Starbucks it’s allot of money to waste when it’s never consistent. I don’t order complicated drinks sometimes extra ice sometimes extra shot but it only gets made right once out of every 10 times.


Excellent service and drinks but be prepared to wait 30 mins. Or more…. And careful of drive thru. Drive ALL the way around to maneuver into to go line due to odd placement of polls that get knocked regularly. Bonus Tuesdays in July 1/2 off ice drinks !!!!

Ryan Welch

Drinks were made correctly. The cashier was polite even with my kid screaming and throwing a fit. So her professionalism is appreciated, because I’ve had some service workers roll their eyes or change their demeanor due to it. It was very clean inside. I ordered two drinks and it took 15 minutes. Inside there wasn’t more than two small orders ahead. They were cranking out mobile orders and drive thru but not the inside (walk in) orders. That was frustrating. The staff was apologetic but still irritating. Overall not horrible experience but could have been better.

justin henry

I won’t be returning to this location! I was patronizing this Starbucks location since the Geniuses at the Bobby Jones store would rather try to sale coffee at 20:00 when no one wants coffee than to actually open before everyone is already at work, 08:30 being their current opening time. This morning I arrived at the Robert C Daniel’s location to witness these over entitled employees picketing their own store in an attempt to unionize. These very “special” people don’t seem to understand market pressure and it would be hilarious if it were not so sad. Strikes are only effective when demand is high, and supply is low. In a time when people are skipping meals to pay for gas, the first cut back people make is to their overpriced coffee. So, demand is low and supply is high.
This location’s brilliant employees are preforming a minimum wage skilled job and are already paid higher than minimum wage, which puts them ahead of the game. Nationally Starbucks is closing multiple stores. Starbucks claims it’s safety concerns that is fueling the store closers; however, it’s obvious that the closures are due to the stores no longer being profitable. It doesn’t take a degree in Keynesian Economics to realize that this isn’t the time for unrealistic demands. The best possible outcome they could hope for is a brief bit of virtue signaling where Starbucks gives in to their demands then closes the location due the lack in profitability.
I did go to the Washington Rd location, with two closed local area stores, there was only three cars ahead of me. This obviously shows the economic impact reduced these markets need for as many locations.
The manager should just close the store for a few weeks fire any staff that picketed or missed their shifts, and hope they can increase traffic and decrease cost to avoid being one of the ones that are closed. I am sure that the highly intelligent and professional looking staff with their extremely marketable skill sets will easily find other more profitable employment ventures.
This is what happens when you entitle people pretending that their unique individuality and self-expression (doing the same exact things everyone in their peer group does) trumps reliability, skills, motivation, and responsibility. .” I am sorry to be so harsh, but it literally boggles the mind how these people can be this oblivious to reality.

Barbara Mcnuggs

Around 2:30 ish I stopped by the drive thru because I was feeling a little parched. The guy taking orders was extremely positive and kind (just like I tell my kiddos to be)! Not only was there impeccable service, but the timing was super duper speedy like my husband Terrance when I tell him I bought Vienna sausages. Lol! ! My drink must have been made with love because it was scrumptious. This location is B Mcnuggs approved ❤️

Adriana Araujo

Definitely needs new friendly staff. Drinks always taste mixed poorly and the costumer service is bad! I’ve gave it many tries since it’s the closest to my house. One of this tries was when I went with my grandma and this guy took my order didn’t ask me for name or anything they didn’t even have bakery items for show bc supposedly they were cleaning at 3pm, so the order came out the lady never called my name or said “caramel macchiato” we stood there looking stpd waiting until I asked if this was mine, she said “yes” I took it and tried it and I was nasty! I’m too nice to return or ask to make it again. But will not go there again. Sucks!

Tiffani Littleton

This location used to be a reliable favorite until a few months ago. A lot of the staff were moved or quit I assume. They were super welcoming and efficient with orders! I know we’re still in a pandemic and they may be short on workers, but things are just not the same. All of the workers I’ve interacted with have been some version of quiet or just ill mannered. Lots of eye contact without a smile or greeting. Long awkward pauses that don’t signal a beginning, ending, or transition regarding a conversation or interaction. They seem very rushed or slow, which again I can understand because of low staff. Pay these people more or actually hire them some help! Morale is absolutely shot at this place. I’ve ordered multiple drinks from this location and they somehow are always wrong or taste watered down. They also tend to give me someone else’s order on accident pretty often. Maybe invest in a good store manager? This place just keeps disappointing me and I find better service and drinks inside Kroger where there’s a Starbucks inside

Edward Wood

I’ve been calling for what 2-3 days now about my transfer request and I get a busy tone every time I call. The manager won’t answer my calls or texts either. I’m just trying to transfer to another store. What is going on down there?

Gregory Schultz

It’s infuriating how often I drive over to this Starbucks only to find it closed, wasting my time and gas. Don’t bother wasting your time and gas going to this Starbucks; they’re probably closed.

s momin

This place used to be my go-to spot. I tried to come there to order my drink, and the person working there rolled his eyes and did not let me order. They were 2 hours away from closing time. It’s frustrating when I am also fasting and trying to get something to open my fast with. It’s gonna be a long time for me to ever come here again.

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