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Smith’s Bakeries

Address: 8803 Camino Media, Bakersfield, CA 93311

Phone: (661) 654-0858


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Smith’s Bakeries Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 4PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: 6AM to 6PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 6PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 6PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 6PM

Friday,: 6AM to 6PM

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1 Dozen Donuts 22.17 Came with a free human hair stuck in the chocolate frosting of a maple bar. After the employee handles most of the donuts I bought, she replaces the one with the embedded hair. No offer to pay me back or any extra for my troubles. No one cared if I was disgusted and loat my appetite …. !!!

Eunice Quintana

They best cookies ever brings back memories of my now grown kids that I had to ship some all they to Texas bec. she’s pregnant and was craving specifically Smiths cookies.


Prices went up since I last remember for my Bakersfield visits. This location does not get much product for sell and difficult when you have limits available. Thump cookies were 3+ days old which is a bit odd to continue to sell so I did not buy the kids the small cookies. Wish they had more availability.

Sandra Caballero

We came here thinking we’d get the same friendly service as rest of your locations but were very disappointed with the worker’s attitude towards us especially because we’re Hispanic. She was very impatient with us and then shorted us one thumbprint cookie. Mind you we were the only clients. The pastries were delicious like always but the service was so disappointing. Hopefully she’ll get a talking to.

Ray HD Rider

UP until today it was a treat. Lori is a real superstar for service, smiling and happy. She makes for a better day!
But today Chrystal (?) was not into customer service for sure. But she sure had rude and inconsiderate mastered. It was not a good day for Smith’s at Brookside. I am in the store usually twice a day. Don’t always purchase at Smith’s but maybe every 5th time in the store – always on Saturdays for sure!
Today I make my request and after it being bagged and placed on the counter the person (lady) waiting on me turned and walked away to engage a delivery guy, No excuse me, or any comment on walking away…now mind you there are two people serving at the counter and I am the only customer. She just walks away and engages the delivery guy in a long conversation leaving me standing. The other person stood and watched their conversation. No movement. When she walked back I asked her “what just happened?” and she said she had to talk to the delivery person (how about asking him to hold on until you complete this transaction???) or have the other person serve me?
Well she became very defensive and as I questioned her about service me she said, well I am trying to apologize at which time I handed her the money. As she turned and walked to the cash register she was mumbling…and then said ‘it’s only a donut”. I asked for my money back and walked away. I will not deal with them again. Maybe the owners should provide a little customer service training…

guillermo gonzales

Why make people order days ahead for cakes when you take down the wrong time and the cake doesn’t even arrive at the time you had? Really disappointed with the service, I understand being short staffed and the covid thing but that’s 2 errors on your part. Party has passed.


I have lived in Bakersfield all of my 68 years so have shopped at Smith’s forever. This bakery has the very best of all treats but this bakery at Camino Media has awful service!!! It was always very, very good but no more. The last draw and which made me write this is I was just there and not one person looked up from doing whatever they were doing to say “Hi, I will be with you in a minute.” “Hi, if you are picking up an order you need to come to this line, but if you want something in the case no one will be with you nor acknowledge you existence ever.” I left. If you start having less people at this store, you will know why. Ill mannered service people will not help bring in customers.

Lori Phillips

Picked up a Champaign cake for a friend’s bday and couldn’t resist a red heart cookie for myself. It is so convenient having Smith’s inside of the Shell station.

Melissa Haering

The best cookies, danishes and cakes in the Bakersfield area!! Highly recommend the Mexican wedding cookies and champagne cakes and cupcakes. I have yet to try something that isn’t delicious.

Michael Wellman

Nationwide is always clean and wonderfully arranged. Thief deli is wonderful and smiths cookies are always worth the stop

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