Randy’s Donut Shop in Lincoln (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Randy’s Donut Shop

Address: 201 Capitol Beach Blvd # 5, Lincoln, NE 68528

Phone: (402) 435-7992

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.7

Website: https://randys-donut-shop.business.site/

What Time Does Randy’s Donut Shop Open?

Saturday,: 5:30 to 10AM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: 5:30 to 10AM

Tuesday,: 5:30 to 10AM

Wednesday,: 5:30 to 10AM

Thursday,: 5:30 to 10AM

Friday,: 5:30 to 10AM

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Randy’s Donut Shop Reviews

J.L. Schmidt

Apple. Fritter. Best one I’ve had in my 75 years of occasional splurging on feel good food. Just crispy enough and frosting in all the right places? Thanks Randy. Made my day.

misti zimmerman

Best donuts in town! Get there early or you won’t get any, especially on game days!

Jerry Dunlap

Very good donuts and the people were very nice. I do think they need to update the inside to something modern. Way out of date.

Gary Blankenship

Used to be better. They are a Lincoln staple but I think it’s gone downhill since Covid. Wish them the best, not trying to ruin their day just hope they get better.

McKenna Keenan

We ordered a giant glazed donut for a birthday today.. It was not only super cool looking but it tasted AMAZING! Everyone in the office loved it. Thank you!!! We hadn’t ever been to your shop before as it’s across town for us but SO glad my co-worker found you. It would be well worth the drive to get your donuts!!!

Nicholas Otzko

Great donut stop!!!! My parents and I were driving from Wisconsin to Colorado and I woke up and wanted donuts of course so I searched for one along the route and this place popped up. I’m very glad we stopped, we got in right before they were closing and were able to grab some awesome chocolate cake donuts and some glazed donuts. They were really really good! The donuts were both fresh and the chocolate was really good! It’s only about a mile off the highway so that was great. We were in an RV and had plenty of room to park too. Definitely recommend to stop there, but get in early because the donuts go fast!


I woke up this morning with a great aspiration of adventure in seek of the best donuts ever created by man kind. After taking a shower and brushing my teeth, I left the comfort of my home to trek into the hostile covid infested world. Upon a quick google search of “donuts in Lincoln, NE” my eyes became quickly fixed on the most beautiful donuts I had ever witnessed. My mouth quickly filled with saliva and my eyes started watering with tears of excitement and joy. I knew my heart was tugging at me to click on Randy’s Donut Shop. When I walked in, the aroma of fresh donuts, sugar, and frosting only escalated my already insanely high senses. I reached such a high state of euphoria, that I became completely speechless after the owner had asked, “What can I get for you today”. I finally collected myself enough to respond. “One of each please.” Then the magic really set in… the owner told me, “it’s on the house”. I didn’t know what to do with myself after that. I was lost in a beautiful, enlightening, and elegant place where only God himself would be familiar with. The donuts were not donuts at all, but something more, something from the heavens that I wish everyone could experience for themselves.

Alex Zamarripa

Delicious, don’t listen to the Karen’s and Ken’s with their 1 star reviews. Delicious just so delicious

Bry Farmer

I’ve never left a review for anywhere no matter how dissatisfied I was. However, my experience with Randy’s Donuts really upset me so I’d like to share! I ordered a donut cake for my daughters first birthday and was extremely disappointed. The cake was lopsided, the icing was cracked like it was old, and the lettering was super bad! The whole thing looked very unprofessional.

Emerald MM

Best Donuts in the World! Literally!!
Hot, delicious, donuts with a wonderful staff and quick service.

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