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Psycho Donuts

Address: 2006 S Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008

Phone: (408) 378-4540

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Psycho Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 3PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 3PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: 8AM to 3PM

Friday,: 8AM to 3PM

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M.A. EatsArt

Come early for more selections. The pumpkin fritter (probably available only during fall) is a huge feat to eat but it’s amazing how quickly it disappears into thin air. Beyond the daily allowance for sugar high allowance!

Daryl Willard

This place used to be so fun. Went here every day of a 10 day business trip a couple years ago, because they had a ton of flavors and a selfie photo spot with props and everything. Always took a new photo and tried new flavors (2018). I drove 45 minutes there this trip excited at 8am, but selection is limited, a lot of the fun decor is gone, and there was junk storage where the selfie spot used to be. Prices are still high though. “Depressed and Disappointing Donuts” would be a more appropriate name now. You guys let me down.

Carly in California

Very quirky and creative donut shop! There are so many varieties of specialty donuts to choose from. It definitely isn’t a typical donut store. The experience of such a fun donut is worth every penny! Tried a few different ones with some friends and they were all very sweet and delicious, great for calming a sweet tooth!

Jenny Xu

Came here after shopping in the mall and there were a bunch of flavors to choose from which was great but honestly very normal donuts and nothing to write home about. I thought the stand was a bit less clean than I would have wanted for buying something I was going to eat. The three for $15 deal with donut holes was a good steal, and I liked the pumpkin spice donut.

The donuts did go bad pretty quickly so I don’t think they were the highest quality.

Chris Curtis

My companions really enjoyed their donuts. I did not.
Posted hours don’t match online hours, so we were there before opening. Staff was friendly and donuts were fresh.
3 stars because I felt very meh about what I ate. Would recommend to others to try.

Drew Lichty

What a unique donut buying experience both for your eyes and palate. If you are a donut enthusiast like myself I recommend giving this place a try.


Who comes up with these creations? So decadent. I had a banana cream filled chocolate covered doughnut that I enjoyed for about 6 hours. And I got my friend a chocolate iced triangle with powdered chocolate (like for choc milk and then had slices of snickers on top of that. Completely delicious. Had to wait a bit for service even with 2 of them working and while 1 was open to take another customer didn’t instead waiting for the other one to complete an order so he could then ring it up. That is an absolute waste of any customers time. Get us in and get us out should be their motto.

Prashant Batra

What a fun doughnut place! Crazy looking delicious doughnuts. My daughter’s new favorite! We got the 8 box and enjoyed all the different kinds. Great place overall.

Jon W

Visiting my family in San Jose and asked for some good local treats and this was one place they mentioned. So we hit it up on the last day and it was delicious. I love the theme and decor. They offer a variety of fun merch but that’s not why you’re reading this. The donuts…

The donuts were very unique. There was a big variety of crazy custom creations and some ‘normal’ donuts too. We got a variety and then split them so that we could sample a bunch; so glad we did. The Girl Scout Cookies was very minty and good. The Sticky Monkey was sticky and delicious, though a little sought in the middle. The S’mores was good, as was the Boston Scream. We had a raised maple and cake too, they were as good as the rest but ‘normal’ donuts. Overall I think the Sticky Monkey was my favorite.

If I’m the area then check this place out!

Daniel Aguero

This is some good stuff here when I stopped by with my wife and son the first thing that came to mind was Voodoo donuts in Washington and Oregon. You have to try this place out some great flavors .

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