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Mochinut Frisco in Frisco (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Mochinut Frisco

Address: 13355 Dallas Pkwy Suite 500, Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: (972) 292-9997


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Mochinut Frisco Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 6PM

Sunday,: 10AM to 5PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 8AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 7PM

Friday,: 8AM to 7PM

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Mochinut Frisco Reviews


Today is their first day of their soft opening, and I’d say the experience was near perfect! I loved mochi donuts in Japan (from 7-Eleven), but I felt that a lot of mochi donuts here in North Texas either had a texture that was more like regular/grocery store donuts (not rice-cake-like) or glaze that would have a slight plastic taste/feel.

But Mochinut does not have either of those problems! Texture and taste is exactly like fried rice cake, slightly crispy on the outside with a dense, almost gummy texture on the inside. Glaze is spot on in terms of amount and texture, and the flavors are amazing and do not have an artifical taste (from today, strawberry A+, matcha and oreo combo also A+, and of course, can’t go wrong with original glaze).

This is also my first time having a “canned” boba where they seal the lid of a can on top; it did not take away from any original aspects of boba. Opening the can was a fun, easy experience.

The only small issues we experienced were that the chocolate glaze took a while to cool down (it is still sticking to the paper wrap) and tasted a little diluted(?) and we didn’t get the exact boba flavor we ordered (I believe we ended up getting brown sugar – but it was good!). The boba pearls themselves were a little firm as well.

Overall, 5/5 love Mochinut and this specific location! I loved the Houston location, but not so much the Carrollton location. And now the Frisco location is dangerously close to us, so you can bet we will definitely be back! Not to mention staff and who seemed like the owner are super sweet (:

Wendy McKim

Everything is so good! The ricedogs are delicious!!!! The mozzarella dog… I could go on and on how fabulous they are! The mochinuts are so good! Not too sweet, just the right mixture and they are beautiful little works of art. The boba drinks are also so yummy and made to perfection. My only complaint is that the boba teas aren’t always a good fit for the ricedogs. I would love a bottle of water or perhaps a soda.

The decor is so cute and inviting! Bubbly?! Like the boba drinks! I highly recommend coming here, numerous times to try everything on the menu!

Yadi Schnyder

First impression: yay!!!! It’s so nice to have one of these in Frisco. Brand new, I love mochi donuts. Most places that make them near us just imitate the shape using regular donut dough or a dough that leaves an aftertaste. These are great! The Ube is my favorite, but I also enjoy the original and the churro (cinnamon sugar). And the boba teas come in super fun cans that you can pack to go (work or school lunch)! The location is very cute, too. They just opened but the service was great. Just off the Tollway and Panther Creek. We’ll be there every week!

cmoux m

So aesthetic & cute! Service was great, the staff and owner was very friendly & welcoming. It was my first time trying Mochi donuts— it was a 10/10 experience Everything was so good!

Donuts had a great texture, very chewy, not super sweet & they change flavors every week (I had Original, Churro & Matcha) I also tried the Brown sugar boba, unusual because it came in a can but it was still super cute and fun!

Also tried the Potato Mozzarella and Crunch Cereal Hotdog— size portion was big, very crispy & tasty! I believe they only sell them at 12pm on the weekdays.
Coming back to try the Hot Cheetos Mozzarella one!

Overall experience was 10/10 and it’s perfect for first timers who want’s to try something different. Location in Frisco is perfect because there’s barely any place in the area selling mochi donuts, boba or other Asian savory sweet snacks..

Not to mention, this is the only Mochinut in Texas that opens in the morning time at 8AM.

Highly recommend!

Travis Prange

This place is a great alternative to the cookie-cutter donuts found EVERYWHERE. We’d never had Mochi style donuts before, so it was a real treat. We tried the Passionfruit, Churro with Honey, Watermelon, Chocolate, and Coffee. The 2 adults of the group enjoyed the Coffee one the most (with 1 who is NOT a coffee drinker), and the 2 kids enjoyed the Watermelon and Chocolate ones the most. Bonus points for a “pull-apart” like donut that the kids enjoyed eating.

The flavors are rotated every week or so, but the hot dogs are not served until after noon.

Despite it being a little pricey and requiring getting them in 3, 6, or 12 count varieties, we enjoyed the treat and will be coming back occasionally to enjoy the unique flavors and styles found here.

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Royce Reese

Really cool doughnut place serving special rice based flower donuts and corn dogs. Very unique and the atmosphere is awesome.

Mya Fortier

Ordered from here off of Doordash and was expecting it to be cold and mediocre. However it was DELICIOUS. Mozzarella Dog was still super crunchy and yummy and the brown sugar milk tea’s presentation is the cutest thing ever. I love it!!

Lily Pink

A very delicious and unique place. It’s so pretty that you want to stay there as long as possible. Things are all really good, a little more expensive than the average.

Saint Kruger

Went when it wasn’t busy at all, workers didn’t seem happy to be there ordered one boba drink and they didn’t put tapioca pearls In my drink! That’s literally half of boba is the tapioca Pearl. So I paid 6.50 for a drink that’s missing half the ingredients absolutely egregious. I spent half my drink chugging it in hopes to find a tapioca Pearl but none to be found.

Florence Gwynn

I tried all the flavor here, unfortunately, they all taste the same. Just sugary sweet without any specific flavor that it claims. Pistachio, red velvet, original…etc all taste the same. The Thai tea doesn’t taste like Thai tea and doesn’t taste good. The way they package the drink make it hard to move the straw around to get the boba. It’s $5 per drink but size is rather small. I feel like we paid for their packaging like the mochi box, drink bottle…etc. but not food quality. The staff was nice to offer a free mochi donut though. So I added a star back. Would prefer somewhere else with real unique flavor
although this one is very close to home

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