Mochinut Bellevue Crossroads Mall in Bellevue (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Mochinut Bellevue Crossroads Mall

Address: 15600 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98008



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Rating: 4


What Time Does Mochinut Bellevue Crossroads Mall Open?

Saturday,: 11:30AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 11:30AM to 6PM

Monday,: 11:30AM to 9PM

Tuesday,: 11:30AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 11:30AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 11:30AM to 9PM

Friday,: 11:30AM to 9PM

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Mochinut Bellevue Crossroads Mall Reviews


Really loved how fresh these donuts were. They were so soft and chewy. My favorite flavor was definitely the mango frosted. Line can get long but moves fairly quickly!

Phani Tathineni

If you haven’t already, please go visit Mochinut Bellevue !! Loved the Mochinuts here…so soft and fluffy, just like how they should be. And the corn dogs are a must have!! Loved the flaming cheetos mozzarella corn dog.
This place just opened and the response is huge. Long line of people waiting to try these awesome Mochinuts, Corn dogs and Bubble Tea.


It’s okay.. the food is..not bad, not good.

I think the vibe was lacking from the staff. I get it we have bad days and the restaurant business is taxing, but come on.. add some joy, maybe a smile? We asked for napkins and one of the employees said go find some yourself hahaha.

Anyways if you like hot dogs Korean style, try it out.

Brad Lim

Friendly staffs and chewy and crunch hotdogs and mochinuts
Not a big fan of their drinks though, too sweet

Alvin Chen

This is a newly opened small counter restaurant in Crossroads Mall, taking over a Starbucks area next to Half Price Books. They are finishing up a soft opening, but most items seem available, as the selection is quite comparable to a branch I visited in southern California. They currently have a single touchscreen for ordering, and customers can be a bit slow about viewing the options, but service is pretty quick afterward.

There are beef hot dogs or battered cheese options (no veggie dogs), along with many dipping sauces. Some toppings and sauces aren’t available yet, but they do have rice and potato coatings, as well as the famous hot Cheetos.

The stars are still the mochi doughnuts, lightly sweet and gently chewy with a variety of toppings. They also feature various boba drinks.

This is definitely an exciting addition to the mall’s offerings!

Yu Tang

Very cute store! The Korean rice dogs are soooo yummy that I cannot stop

Ash V

Food is great! We tried the Korean dogs and assorted donuts and loved it. But Mochinut please get rid of the giant screen for ordering and hire a cashier instead. Lines will move faster and everyone won’t be able to view my order and personal details.


New place for excellent mochi donuts, bubble tea, and Korean style corn dogs. Still very popular when I went at 2pm. Ordering is convenient at the kiosk, but if they continue to be popular they may want to add a second station. That being said the wait wasn’t long at all, and the donuts were delicious. We got the strawberry, mango, and ube fruity pebble flavors. Apparently there’s a weekly flavor rotation, but it wasn’t clear what the flavors being offered are until you start the kiosk ordering. (They have the donuts on display but not well labeled). Check for the current flavors on their Instagram before you go (mochinut_bellevue)

Would recommend!!

Janet R

Today was my third stop, and sadly, probably my last alone. If I return, it will be with others.

The way this store works is you order via kiosk and you receive your order at the counter.

I did so, and slipped into the nearby bookstore to wait. After about 5 min I came back, noticed a box of doughnuts and closely read the sticker to validate it was my order number. I validated it, and picked up my box.

Same thing I have done the other two times, and I observed others doing. This time I was stopped and received a demand to produce a receipt. The kiosk doesn’t produce a receipt. I realized belatedly that my phone received one, but this was not mentioned nor was anyone else before or after me asked for one.

To be chastised in front of other customers to follow a process no one else was asked to follow sours my experience with the store. As an African American, it’s an experience I am familiar with. My assumption after this is if you don’t fit the demographic they expect, they will question if you are a customer. That’s unfortunate. We are customers too.


People, respect your servers! There is no incompetence in a staff who are taking detailed time to produce your order. Rice dogs are individually made, not mass produced one after the other. Long lines because the product is excellent. If you don’t have a few minutes to wait, maybe getting a snack shouldn’t be on your time precious agenda. Just saying.

As for protocol, I’ve been here 3 times (today will be 4) and have always been asked to produce a receipt, as have the patrons before me (who are of various races, creeds, etc.) Why? Because without one, someone lurching around will easily take your already paid for order (it has happened here already, thus the want for a receipt). Matter of safety for all parties.

I do agree on the need for a more discreet manner of ordering. The touch screen kiosk is huge and pretty much on full display. My main concern actually is just revealing how seemingly gluttonous I am. So, I do also agree that there should be an option of just getting one mochinut to tide me over until a meal of sustenance.

All said, the staff are hard working humans, not robots. Let’s be civil.

p.s. I am neither staff member nor investor, just a man who loves his sweets

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