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Mochinatics (COMING SOON!)

Address: 2015 Birch Rd #1219, Chula Vista, CA 91915



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Rating: 5


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Mochinatics (COMING SOON!) Reviews

Tina Le

This is my favorite small business to support. Authentic Filipino flavored desserts that range from UBE flavored Mochi donuts, cheesecake, donut holes, malasadas! To be honest this place give the full taste of the rainbow such as Girl Scout cookie flavors, cookies, buko pan dan, the endless surprises as Mochinatics is unique with their flavor rainbow! Kris and Cherelyn are the owners and they are so kind! They are very personable and strive to make the perfect customer experience for clients like myself! Not once have I had a disappointment with their desserts. They are open to suggestions and flavor requests from customers and they excel at it! My favorite is the mango butterfly pea tea and strawberry cheesecake. My all time favorite that I cannot find anywhere else is the UBE dip with malsadas! YUM! I wish I can have a jar of this! Quality desserts you cannot find anywhere else!

Genevieve Guarnes

By far the best mochi donuts I’ve ever tried. You can taste the difference in quality compared to others. They have offer a huge variety of flavors so there’s definitely something for everyone. They are a huge hit when I bring them to share at work and the cheesecake tarts are dangerously addicting!

Curtis Lo

The mochidonuts are yummy! I tried the Ube Oreo, Chocolate S’more Meringue, and Chur-reo flavors. None of them let me down.
I like it a lot that it is well balanced between sweet and chewy. These mochidonuts are hard to resist and cannot stop because of their great taste, aroma, and appearance. They are perfect companion for a happy tea/coffee time!
Overall, I believe: “A great dessert a day, sweetens you the whole day!”

Caesar & Erika Macapagal

The best mochi donuts in town! Always made to perfection and I have enjoyed every single flavor. The designs are hand made with time and love. You can really tell they strive to perfection. They treat their customers like family, and I can’t say that most businesses do. If you haven’t tried these mochi donuts you are missing out!

Jason Climaco

The best mochi donuts in all of San Diego. You can tell each pastry is painstakingly designed and decorated down to the finest detail, using only high-quality ingredients (the type of chocolate and other frosting they use on their donuts is the PREMIUM stuff!). Donuts are fresh, delicious, and they have an awesome rotation of flavors on an ongoing basis–our favorites are anything with ube or tropical fruit (like lychee or mango) on it. Also helps to know that the owners are kind, hard-working human beings as well. Highly, highly recommended!

Jovann Plascencia

Honestly some of the best donuts I’ve ever had. Super addicting but super worth it, they’re not overly sweet with makes them so easy to eat!!! The owners are super awesome people and they make it super easy to buy from them. Highly recommend if you guys haven’t tried mochi donuts!

Rachelle Perez

I’ve been buying mochi donuts from Mochinatics for a couple of years now. I heard about them by word of mouth. That they have the best mochi donuts in southern San Diego. Homemade and made with love! They are very considerate and go out of their way to make you happy with your order. Bringing their mochi donuts to our family parties are always a hit! So thankful I have found them and will definitely be going to them for many years to come! Now their hard work and yummy donuts have culminated in a store near us!

Corinne Brion

I have tried the different Mochi Donut shops in LA, OC & the ones locally here in San Diego and I must say that MOCHINATICS is the best & my favorite of them all!

The consistency of the mochi texture is perfectly balanced – not too chewy & not too doughy. The quality is so excellent that consuming it a day later still leaves you with that delightful experience!

Mochinatics is also very creative & inventive in offering diverse flavors & designs. They have infused Mochi donuts, theme-based (i.e. Star Wars, graduation, cinco de mayo, Hawaiian etc) & flavors that honors various cultures (i.e. turon, tres leches, black sesame, lilikoi lychee, Japanese Kit Kat flavors, Girl Scout cookie flavors, matcha etc).

I also had the pleasure of trying their malasada bites and ube chessecake tarts. there aren’t enough superlatives to describe how heavenly they are. For the malasadas, you get the best of both worlds with the doughy but a hint of mochi combination. the ube tarts are also delicious and beautifully presented, you can serve these at fancy restaurants.

Kris & Cherelyn (Mochinatics owners) are also amazing people. They are organized and have a good workflow established for their business. They also give back to the community by raffling out donut giveaways for frontline workers.

I’m so excited that they are expanding and will have an actual storefront soon. I can’t eat donuts the “regular” way anymore after discovering Mochinatics in 2021.

Francis Balingit

Mochinatics by far are the best I’ve ever had. Family owned business that treat all their customers like family. All their flavors are delicious and unique that every week is an amazing surprise. Congrats Kris & Che on opening up the #1 mochi donut shop by far and continued blessings!

janel cabatian

I love supporting and buying products from Mochinatics! I’ve ordered like 15+ boxes of donuts from their business because their mochi donuts are some of the best i’ve ever had!! They’re also the kindest people I have ever encountered & you can tell they really put their hearts into their business!!! I can’t wait until their store opens ❤️❤️

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