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Address: 8811 Laurel St #107, Vancouver, BC V6P 3V9, Canada

Phone: +1 604-764-7890


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Mochido Open?

Saturday,: 12 to 5PM

Sunday,: 12 to 5PM

Monday,: 12 to 4PM

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 12 to 6PM

Thursday,: 12 to 6PM

Friday,: 12 to 5PM

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Kelsey Chow

A super popular spot for delicious and freshly made mochi donuts. Pillowy fluffy morsels with a great stretchy chew. Yummy flavors that are very flavorful and black sesame is one of our faves. Go early as the line gets long quickly and leave plenty of time to wait as they are made fresh as ordered. Best to eat them as soon as you get them or later that day and they don’t keep well overnight.

YVR Dishes

The mochi donuts here are fresh, light, super soft, and have the perfect chewiness! The flavours are unique and hit the spot! It’s a tad expensive, but I think it’s quite reasonable! I would recommend ordering in advance since they’re popular.


10/10. Amazing donuts. They were fresh, warm, and delicious. I would recommend placing an order ahead of time through their website and then picking them up. Sometimes they do sell out. There is no storefront, only what looks like a warehouse door opening. When you reach the address, call the phone number listed on their website and they hand deliver the donuts to you. Very smooth and efficient. We were actually a few minutes early and called anyways and they were able to help us out.


These are completely addictive when picked up and eaten fresh!! So soft and chewy, i thought I was going to eat the whole box! My favourite was the Thai tea. Saved a few for the next day so I could claim self control but they weren’t the same and tasted a bit stale. Lesson- eat it asap! Can’t wait to go back and get more.

Talid Jalbout

If you haven’t tried mochi donuts, do yourself a favour and try these. Half a dozen mixed flavours and we really enjoyed them all. Love the texture. Be warned, the commissary kitchen is in a very busy commercial area and the ordering process isn’t the easiest. Don’t come in the rain without an umbrella, close parking isn’t available and there it’s usually a lineup and no shelter.

Mandy Z

Salted butter is the best flavor (I think it’s their classic flav?), but other flavors are hit and miss. My friends and I love the texture of the donut though! We’ve ordered it a few times, it’s worth a try if you’ve never tried mochi donuts before

Terri Y

I’ve seen so many people post about Mochido so I decided to come and try. Mind you I’m not from the nearby area so I was taken back by the commercial plaza setting. Parking is a nightmare. As seen in my photo they said parking stalls 19-24 are designated parking but there’s so many other businesses at this addresses. All other businesses have no parking/reserved parking signs. So I strongly suggest you have someone else come with you(one stay in the car, the other go and pickup order) or I parked at the nearby McDonald’s and walked over. Since there’s no storefront you have to call in and place order as walkin customer or simply order online through UberEATS. We went at opening at 1pm there’s already a crowd gathered up front. So now, the mochi donuts, imo it’s good but not the best for all the effort for this donut. Like if someone brought this to a party it’s great but I personally won’t go out of the way just to come here and get them. I personally prefer Mister Donut when I had them in Taiwan but of course can’t travel anywhere now.

Jennifer Hyman

I got to try the buttery brown sugar one recently and it was amazing! The flavour was delicious and the texture was a cross between a mochi and a donut. We got a pack of 6 and it was presented so nicely in its box! I’m so glad I got to try it on my visit to Vancouver!

Naz Kocan

They are so nice! I wanted to order for work and i put the items in the cart and suddenly the store wasn’t available. I called to ask if they are going to open for delivery and turns out they were having an issue but they did open ordering so we can put our order in. you guys made our Friday so much better with delicious treats. The smell when I open the box was out of this world!

Kelvin Fong

We all loved the texture of the donuts. I enjoyed the flavours but not all the flavours hit a home run with the family. I’m looking forward to trying new flavours as Mochido expands! I can’t wait to see what flavours are coming out for Christmas.

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