Livi Lee’s Daylight Donuts Super Shop in Tulsa (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Livi Lee’s Daylight Donuts Super Shop

Address: 3121 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74135

Phone: (918) 749-2968

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Livi Lee’s Daylight Donuts Super Shop Open?

Saturday,: 5 to 11AM

Sunday,: 6 to 11AM

Monday,: 5 to 11AM

Tuesday,: 5 to 11AM

Wednesday,: 5 to 11AM

Thursday,: 5 to 11AM

Friday,: 5 to 11AM

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Livi Lee’s Daylight Donuts Super Shop Reviews

Renza Sharpe

Wonderful to work with to order a variety of donut holes for our daughter’s birthday brunch. Made it so easy and had amazing communication (mostly email). Love that we could pick up from a drive thru! Donuts were delicious and so nicely decorated. Will definitely be ordering from them again!

Josh Herrington

I got there at 9am on Sunday and they were pretty much out of most. They had 4 options left which were all basic or sprinkle. I did get one butterfinger and a sausage roll. Sausage roll was good just not fresh. Maybe 9 is too late at this location

Michael Strnad

The donuts were great and the drive-thru is convenient. Now I’m going to tell you why I won’t be back. I don’t usually feel compelled to tip in the drive-thru. As I understand it tippings usually for when you’re served by a waiter at a table. I don’t mind there being a tip jar on the counter in some places and oftentimes I will throw my change in there or something like that. However after I pay with my card in the drive-thru they showed me the screen and said which button should I push I’ll push it for you and it was about tipping, and I felt pressured to tip. So I told her to hit the no tip button because I really don’t like feeling pressure to tip. Well after a minute I’m driving in my car and eating donuts and I’ve got donut icing all over my hands and I didn’t really want the icing all over my steering wheel but there’s no napkins. Is this because I didn’t tip? I got to wonder?

Bill Freeman

Got the wrong order and went Straight back in. She said couldn’t take it back but could sell me what I ordered again 2 minutes before they closed. Wow they probably going to throw it in the trash anyway

Mike Shackelford (shacklove)

I’ve eaten at this place for 30 years and it’s been the same every time. Great place for Sunday morning breakfast.

Bb E

When you pay with a card, they ask for a tip. They use the same verbage every time I’ve been there. “Oh, this just pops up when you use a card and signal for you to select what tip amount to choose. So awkward, but nice hustling!


The decor inside is a lot of fun, the drive-thru is super convenient, but the overall quality of donut is lacking. This place scores higher than a 2 or 3 for me because of the fun colors and great customer service.

Grace McCartney

They’re keeping the sign because it’s historic, but this establishment is now Livi Lee’s Donuts. They have a great selection of really interesting donuts. The staff is attentive and friendly. Specially two of them named Faith and Emily. I’m so glad I live so close!

Meagan Tripp

I orderd 5 donuts along with a coffee, juice and donut holes. When getting getting home ( didnt check there because dog was in front seat) I didn’t receive the two donuts but was charged for them. I called and was told they couldn’t ( wouldn’t) refund me for the two they didn’t give me. But I could drive back up there (on icey roads) or the next time I came in they would give me two “extra” donuts and only asked for my name. However, I have no intention in returning. The prices were not listed anywhere (drive thru) , the girl at the register seemed annoyed to be working, took a while answering the window ( completely dead inside) and the coffee was cold at 9am. Not to mention I was charged for a large, never asked what size i wanted but was actually cut me off to say ( not ask) “you don’t want cream or sugar, just want it balck”. I said okay, out of shock, little confused ( not having my coffee yet) and she seemed so put off to add it that i didn’t want to deal with it.

I know all of these thing may seem small, but this is the 3rd time my family and I have had a bad experience.
First time I had two extra charges. I called them a few days later (middle of moving) and was told I was wrong and reading the recipe wrong, and the girl on the phone kept telling me I ordered 8 donuts even though I ordred 6.
The second time my husband received the wrong donuts and cold coffee.
These experience were spread out over about 6 months at different times of the day.
I don’t expect them to be and am awake they “don’t claim to be a perfect shop”, which is their answer for all negitive reviews.
Yes, everyone messes up but that doesn’t mean a business doesn’t have to take responsibility for their mistakes or not try. I have to work hard for the money spend and dont think my expectations are to much. I expect constitent quality ( not hard donuts, cold coffee or same types of donuts but some tiny with tons of iceing and some larger with little icieng), to receive what I order, menu displayed in a location visible even in drive thru, and not talked to like I’m annying them for wanting donuts. Oh, and also, MY MONEY BACK WHEN I PAY FOR THINGS THAT I DO NOT RECEIVE.

Timothy Williams

I have known about this place for 30 years and just now went there to get some donuts to thank my former coworkers for their references allowing me to escape retail. I got there around 9am. I wanted 12 glazed, but they only had 7 or 8 left, thankfully they gave me an option to fill the rest with another type or with an assortment, thus saving the sale. I appreciated that. My former coworkers found the box to be cute, too.

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