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Krispy Kreme

Address: 1444 N Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23320, United States

Phone: +1 757-819-7515


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Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Krispy Kreme Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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Krispy Kreme Reviews

Holly Boyce

We had a very pleasant experience. Our clerk was friendly. He smiled. The location was clean. I enjoyed our visit. We left with a variety of donuts. More than we probably needed…but very tasty.

Alex G

If the sign is on your very likely getting super fresh donuts! And they are delicious! I loved going inside and getting one of those super cute paper hats.

And I’m a huge fan of the frozen vanilla lattes, they’re my favorite! If you’re trying to avoid caffeine though they do have some ice cold milk to go with your donuts.

You can’t go wrong with an original glazed donut but the raspberry jelly filled, and strawberry iced with sprinkles, and birthday cake donuts are my top three.

The staff are kind and courteous and even helped me pick out donuts when it was my first time in a Krispy Kreme. I highly recommend this location!

Melissa Dragonhart

Yummy treats! Friendly staff. Only took a star off because I bought like 3 dozen donuts online and it didn’t count towards my app rewards

Heather Sawyer

Do not go here!!!!. Pick any other Krispy Kreme or just go to Duck Donuts. I’ve been craving Krispy Kreme donuts lately. I also read that they started serving Ice Cream which was a bonus for me. I’m currently breastfeeding and needed the delicious calories. I contacted the Krispy Kreme in Chesapeake and asked if they served Milkshakes all day or if it was just at a certain time. The guy said that they serve Ice Cream all day…even in the morning. We drive over, and the server said they only serve Ice Cream in the afternoon. I quickly try to get over the betrayal and just order some donuts and coffee for me and hubby. I asked for two caramel mocha lattes. The server making it just pours it 1/3rd of the way with coffee and flavoring (no milk). Looks at the cup (1/3rd full) puts a lid on it and hands it to us. We heard them talk behind the window that they didn’t put milk in it and served it anyways. They thought it was funny. Hubby parks the car and goes in to ask for two new drinks to be made. Even after all that, they still didn’t fill it all the way. We just get frustrated and leave. I hate being ripped off. The lack of customer service is astonishing. Especially after driving 25 minutes away to go here. They either need to weed out the careless employees or train the heck out of everyone…both are needed actually.

Teresa Blackwelder-Rainwater

Always yummy donuts. Managers are always helpful and friendly. One little girl that waited on us the last time looked really lost. Couldn’t say anything when I asked why the bill was higher than it should be, she just shrugged her shoulders and stared at me like u was speaking another language. After about the THIRD time asking, the manager came over and fixed the issue!

Arletha Robinson

Love the donuts and freshness! Hot n Ready Now for sure! But customer service was not it… gentlemen was rude and unpolite. Iced caramel coffee was just hot water, no coffee, no ice, and no caramel flavoring. Asked for employee to fix and ignored my request, closed window and went back to working.

Mark Schaller

Donuts were good , but tonight the guy who was running the register was very strange acting . Never really talked to us felt like he was mad we were in there. Not going back to this location. Also selection was awful. Ice cream was good. But the guy didn’t offer any help.

Superlawkid (Super)

Not very helpful customer service nor very professional either. We came in to take advantage of a deal we saw just yesterday night on the Krispy Kreme app – $4 for a dozen original glazed donuts. However, when we arrived there today, the staff showed no knowledge of the deal and couldn’t explain what the deal was and what happened to it. Instead of the $4 deal, we ended paying $12 for a dozen plain donuts. I recall the price being cheaper in the recent past. We left unsatisfied and disappointed in the staff’s abilities and prices and will reconsider returning.


I ordered a mixed variety of doughnuts. Only 4 were different flavors, the rest were glazed. One of them was incorrect. The doughnuts are also a bit smaller in my opinion. Prices are going up and quantity is going down everywhere.

Michael King

Been there several times b4 with good service but today was the worst. Won’t be back for a while. Everyone in the store was rude, no acknowledgement I was there..finally was asked. What do u want. Got to the register to pay. Had a coupon. Said only would work on 1 dozen. When it Cleary stated up to 4. I only had 2. Asked cashier to double check and manager came over and said the marketing department made a mistake and would not honor the coupon. Just very ugly in what and the way they talk to customers. Was really very shocked at this coming from krispy kreme

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