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Krispy Kreme

Address: 701 E Stassney Ln, Austin, TX 78745, United States

Phone: +1 512-851-8888


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Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Krispy Kreme Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 11PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 10PM

Monday,: 6AM to 10PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 10PM

Friday,: 6AM to 11PM

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Drove 10 miles to this Krispy Kreme location to try out the limited-edition Artemis Moon doughnut that was being debuted on launch day. This was my first time having a Krispy Kreme doughnut and was thoroughly disappointed that I couldn’t go inside. The drive through was only option if I wanted to get a doughnut and so I had to drive back all the way home to eat it!!! The person in the drive thru window said their AC was broken and hence have to keep the restaurant closed to customers. The doughnut itself was absolutely delicious! The lunar launch doughnut is filled with cheesecake-flavored creme, and dipped in a cookies-and-cream icing!! Too bad this location represents the brand so poorly!!!

Byran Hoyt

This place is horrible, come on you can’t tell me that they still haven’t been able to get the speaker fixed.. it’s been at least 3 weeks based on the other reviews. This location should just close its doors for good.

Shay Turnbow

Staff was amazing and very helpful. Despite their speaker being broken in the drive thru they were efficient and kind. Manager on Duty – Ronnie was a great help, very accommodating while also being an advocate for her employees. Thank you Tony, Sara, and Ronnie for making our little event even more special!

Kimberly Reed

My favorite donuts, service was not good but donuts was lol, coffee sucks and she overfilled it made mess in my car

Hamid Hangval

I love their doughnuts, but they are always out of half of the doughnut option that are suppose to be available. Takes all the excitement out of it. They usually say they are under staffed, and that is why there are not alot of options. Also there Drive thru speaker has been broken for quite some time.

Bailey Madyson

Staff is amazing as usual but they are still having to work with no air conditioning! It’s been months now, the owner should be ashamed, expecting people to work with no air conditioning in this heat.

Lori Green

Clean. Friendly. Yummy donuts!

The Krispy Kreme has a nice coffee shop feel with a small lounge seating area as well as the standard tables and chairs. The employees were friendly and kept this place sparkling from the entry to the restrooms.

There were so many new options of donuts since the last time I had visited.

Sachin Hubli

Editing my review, recently when I visited I got Chocolate iced donuts, the chocolate was discolored(flaky and matt finish) and the donut was below par. Certainly expect more from an institution like krispy kreme which is know for quality and freshness every single time.

Nikki Rush

This place is guaranteed to throw at least a pound on your butt just for driving into the driveway. It’s heaven and hell. Heaven while it touches your lips and hell when it attaches to your hips. Best doughnuts I have ever tasted.

Dale Kern

Went by the East Stassney store today early afternoon – the walk-in was closed and the drive thru speaker was out of order. Waited over 15 mins, still not waited on – had to leave. Not a good time to have special going on this week with limited customer service! Guess there are good and bad days.

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