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Saturday,: 8AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 9AM to 5PM

Monday,: 8AM to 9PM

Tuesday,: 8AM to 9PM

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Vineela K

The yummiest donuts I’ve ever had! So unique and tasteful, I could tell lot of thought went into bringing the concept to life. The best part is that donuts are baked and are so pretty Each of the 6 donuts I’ve tried are yummy! We had to adjust our pickup date by a day because of an emergency, Priyanka was super nice and accommodative of our last minute request. If you haven’t tried donuts from here then you are missing out !

Jithu Alexander

Really authentic tastes. Sometimes donuts can be just sugar but each and every one of these donuts are super unique and stay true to the Indian flavor profiles. Each donut not only had the flavor but also individual textures and aromas. Each bite reminded me of the specific Indian dessert. For example the mango lassi donut felt like you were drinking it on a nice warm day. These donuts are really good cakey donuts that are very smooth. GET THESE DONUTS

Sonya M. Sumner

Wow, where to start?! These treats are incredibly fabulous, truly the bees knees when it comes to heavenly and decadent desserts without being cloyingly sweet (trust me, I had about five different ones in one sitting haha)! Priyanka is so talented and not only that, she’s also incredibly kind- you can see her passion and creativity in her work and in each bite you take. Being Indian myself, I loved that Priyanka incorporates Indian flavors with the American love for donuts, the rose pistachio, mango lassi, and gulab jamun donuts really highlighted the perfect fusion between two cultures. My favorite part is that they are SO beautiful, it almost feels like a sin to eat them but once you start, you truly cannot stop! I think the truest testament of how fantastic these desserts are is that my parents, born and raised in India, are really critical of Indian food and sweets because they know what is authentic and delicious and they RAVED about these donuts, which I picked up for my mom’s birthday! Thank you, Priyanka, my mom has already requested a pre-order for more! By the photos, you can see that we really thoroughly enjoyed these delightful treats!

Sumeen Mahmood

I waited two months patiently for Priyanka to show up in Jersey City smorgasburg! It was so worth the wait, because her donuts are delicious and phenomenal!!
No wonder her stuff always sell out! The Gulab Jamin donut and Mango Lassi are my favorite! Much better than going to Jackson heights for mathai! Her donuts are moist, dense and very rich in flavor that melts in your mouth! Also very pretty to look at too. I’m extremely picky in sweets but this so worth it every penny. Definitely getting more donuts next time .

Nicolette Izquierdo

My husband and I stumbled upon Knead Some Love NY at Smorgasburg in Jersey City. We ran to try four donuts (this place sells out; it’s that fantastic!): Gulab Jamun, Mango Lassi, Coconut Cream Laddoo, and Ras Malai Rabdi, transporting us to a different culinary world! Not only was the owner (a one-woman show who made a career switch to create this pandemic-born business on her own) so kind, but these delicious desserts were phenomenal.

The fusion donuts and cakes are inspired by Indian culture, all baked, unique, and beautiful. You can tell so much love was put into each of these desserts, and they are absolutely delectable and gorgeously designed. Each donut was so flavorful, soft inside, with the perfect outside texture. The Gulab Jamun was sweet and smooth, the mango lassi a perfect summary tang, the coconut cream melted in my mouth, and the Ras Malai Rabdi carried a subtle, rich saffron flavor that transported me to a colorful, summer palace.

All that to say: my husband and I will definitely be ordering from Priyanka again. Knead Some Love NY is an absolute must-try for everyone looking for authentic, handmade, and handcrafted Indian-inspired desserts!!! So yummy!!!!

Priyanka Parikh

I’ve been looking for Indian infused sweets for quite some time so I was really excited when I found these at smorgasborg this past summer. Not only do they look good, they taste good and were soft. I also found it a pleasant experience with the entire order experience. She followed up after on how I liked them after and I found that to be nice and rare! This was a perfect gift and we’re a hit!

Kazel Kapadia

Wow….where to even begin! These donuts blew my expectations as I wanted a dessert besides cake at my mom’s 50th birthday party. Each donut is crafted with love and tastes just like home! I would highly recommend knead some love to anyone looking for Indian fusion desserts! The customer service was also fantastic. We will continue to support her small business for future events

Bhavita Walia

I got to know about Knead Some Love’s desi donuts through Smorgasburg. Started following on Instagram and couldn’t wait to try these flavors that I grew up with in such a different form. These were the perfect favors to gift for my baby’s first birthday since he’s Indian American just like these donuts! Our guests loved the unique flavors like rose pistachio (my favorite!, I could do pranayama smelling them), Ras Malai rabdi and masala chai. Priyanka, the owner, was lovely to chat with throughout the ordering process and got these donuts ready for pick up by 8am onna Saturday morning so that speaks to her dedication for her work. Easily one of the best decision I made for baby’s first birthday. Thank you for helping me make is special Priyanka & Knead Some Love! Cannot wait to try more unique flavors!

Hymavathy balasubramanian

In short – Dont think twice! Just place your order ❤️

These donuts taste like a million bucks. This is my experience – Your first bite into the donut, you’ll have an explosion of flavors that are irresistible and nostalgic at the same time. Every donut reminds me of so many indian sweet flavors that I cherish and miss so dearly. This is one of those dishes that taste better than they look – and if you’ve seen their photos, you’ll know what I mean 🙂
We got it delivered to Atlanta from NY. It came perfectly decked up, with nary a hint that it actually was a delivered package! The whole DIY experience was so fun, and made us appreciate the work that goes into these delicacies a lot more!

Think no more, get them before they are sold out!!!

Vijit Vengsarkar

Im not gonna lie. The only reason why i was at the Smorgasburg JC was for Kneadsomelove donuts. I was there last week too but unfortunately they sold out (and so they did this time too. They are that good!!!!) However i was there early to grab all the flavors and oh boy they were so amazing! I cannot single out a flavor because all the ones mentioned in the other reviews are AMAZING!
This is a pandemic born business and i see them growing for sure!
The founder was at the venue as well and shes super sweet to let you in on her story
Keep up the good work and love the indo-american fusion donuts!

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