Isles Bun & Coffee in Minneapolis (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Isles Bun & Coffee

Address: 1424 W 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Phone: (612) 870-4466

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.8


What Time Does Isles Bun & Coffee Open?

Saturday,: 6:30AM to 5PM

Sunday,: 6:30AM to 5PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 6:30AM to 5PM

Wednesday,: 6:30AM to 5PM

Thursday,: 6:30AM to 5PM

Friday,: 6:30AM to 5PM

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Isles Bun & Coffee Reviews

Ameya Joshi

A must visit place for amazing baked goods and coffee as well. Service is quick and staff is really nice! Loved the doggy tail (with extra frosting) and scone. Red latte blew me away- coffee and tea brewed together. Tea dominates the flavor but it tastes unique.
Would visit again for sure!

Greg Schmidt

Are you kidding me? Every item purchased – even the gluten free – is excellent. The coffee cake with a plethora of fruit on top is what dreams are made of. Go there soon and often! Thank you to these beautiful artisans of food.

Erich Thalacker

Fresh and warm!

Favorite items were the scones and puppy tails. The scones had a lot of cool advanced flavors that worked well. The puppy tails would satisfy any sugar craving.
Probably could pass on the pecan roll and try coffee cake.

Also of note, a mean lady came in yelling and the owner worked hard to satisfy her and diffuse the situation. He handled it great even though she was difficult!

4 star – Would enjoy going back!

Haley Dagenais

Love love love love! Best way to start the morning and add a little sweetness to your day. My boyfriend and I stopped by to try out the coffee and had to pick up a cinnamon bun too. The bun was soft and gooey with extra frosting, a little tough on the bottom, but yummy all the same. Coffee was good too!

Nick Totin

ABUNDANCE. Truly a gift to the taste buds. Their indulgent and delicious buns and pastries are so good. Great coffee and tea selection. Energy and atmosphere hit the mark. You will love it here.

Neeves B

*1st time visit*

I got 2 puppy tails and asked if they could add more frosting, which they did with enthusiasm … they seriously win points with me for that policy alone. They looked really good and fresh and did not disappoint. I also ordered an oatmilk mocha. Being somewhat hungry 2 was the right call on puppy tails. I love that they taste pretty much like a cinnamon roll but with a different format, which I think make the texture & moisture more consistent and satisfying, though maybe a little less cinnamon-y..?
They also felt like real ingredients,… so if you’re used to really processed corn syrupy type pastries this is not that and might not be your taste. Looking for something sweet and clearly a treat but that I could feel “better” about, these did not disappoint. The frosting had a really genuine cream cheese flavor that was really rich and sweet but not punch-you-in-face sugary.
The oatmilk latte felt more on the mild side of sweetness, possibly in comparision to the puppy tails but I ended up thankful to not have gotten a sweeter drink since it balanced well, and I probably could’ve even gone with an unsweetened latte (non-mocha) which would’ve probably been the best counter-balance to the puppy tails… next time. I definitely would recommend the puppy tails. I like that they’re not a huge commitment and I could order 1-2 probably depending on my mood vs a full cinnamon roll, which appeared very generous in size though also looked really good. They did have a gluten free baked oatmeal that sounded pretty good but no gluten-free roll/tail option.

They had outdoor seating which really appealed to me but it was cold outside so we ate inside. Plenty of seating inside when we were there but I could see it filling up at busier times. There were maybe a dozen or so tables. It has a kind of “hole in the wall” feeling that I found charming despite that from the outside it doesn’t look like a hole in the wall. The staff seemed very happy and were friendly and enthusiastic.

They were quick to remind of mask policy when walking in the door which I do appreciate right now. They didn’t seem to enforce masking at the tables whether people were actively eating or not. There were signs posted about needing proof of vaccine but I was never asked to provide it; best to make sure you have it in case.

Navigation & Parking:
It was pretty easy to find on Hennepin using google maps. I didn’t see a parking lot; it appeared to be metered street parking only enforced daily. I didn’t have trouble finding a spot at the time I visited (1pm on a Sat) but wonder if that could be a challenge at busier times.

Brad Beggs

I was a skeptic about how fantastic a cinnamon roll could be, until I had a puppy dog tail (four of them, actually). They are so soft, so good, so fresh…they melt in your mouth. They’re $1.75 each, but buy a dozen for $20 if there are three or four of you. Thank me later.

The line might be to the corner, but it’s only about a 15 minute wait. There’s always plenty of seating.

Ellen Salmela

One of the best cinnamon rolls we’ve had! I absolutely loved the puppy tails! I can’t wait to come back!

Alicia Wright

I ♥ cinnamon rolls so much! They’re deliciously messy and go great with coffee. The cashier offered a free extra smear of frosting from the side of the pan and I felt so happy . They offer some other things too for folks not quite as sugar-addicted as I am. There’s a daily flavor of vegan scone available but come early since those sometimes sell out. Wrapped day-old pastries are in a basket by the front door for 1$ each. The trick with those is to pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and they’ll feel moist again.

Emma Hines

Loved this place! Our favorite item was the puppy tails. We also got a scone, pecan bun, coffee cake, and iced lattes.

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