Is Smoothie strong one piece?

Smoothie is one of the strongest characters introduced in the One Piece series. As an officer of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Three Sweet Commanders, Smoothie holds immense power and influence in the New World. Her exact strength level is hard to quantify, but there are several key factors that indicate Smoothie’s formidable power.

Smoothie’s Bounty and Rank

As one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, Smoothie holds the third highest rank in the crew, just under Katakuri and Cracker. This alone is a testament to her power, as Big Mom only appoints her strongest children to these coveted Sweet Commander positions.

In terms of bounty, Smoothie’s is 932,000,000 berries. This places her among the highest known bounties in the One Piece world. For reference, Queen of the Beast Pirates has a bounty of 1,320,000,000 berries, while Jack has a bounty of 1,000,000,000 berries. So while Smoothie’s exact strength compared to them is unknown, her bounty indicates she is at least in the same ballpark.

Smoothie’s Devil Fruit

Smoothie ate the Shibo Shibo no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to “squeeze” the juice out of anything. She can even wring liquid out of solid objects like stone. This gives Smoothie an extremely versatile power.

She can dehydrate enemies by forcefully sucking out their bodily fluids. She can also use the extracted juices and liquids for a variety of offensive and defensive techniques. This allows Smoothie to always have access to an ample supply of “ammunition” at any time.

Her Size, Physical Strength and Endurance

In addition to her Devil Fruit abilities, Smoothie possesses tremendous physical power. She is one of the largest characters in One Piece, towering over most giants. From clashing briefly with Queen, Smoothie was able to send him flying through several walls with her punch.

Smoothie also withstood a direct hit from Queen’s Brachio Bomber technique unfazed. This is a devastating headbutt that uses Queen’s massive dinosaur Brachiosaurus neck. The fact that Smoothie emerged uninjured demonstrates her insane levels of endurance and durability.

Combat Feats and Portrayal

Though she hasn’t had any full fights yet, Smoothie has demonstrated impressive combat showings so far in the brief clashes she’s had.

She defeated many powerful Big Mom pirates who were sent to stop her rage induced rampage. She one-shotted the massive giant Charlotte Basskarte, defeating him instantly.

Smoothie fought evenly against Queen, causing him to acknowledge her strength. She also destroyed Queen’s Brachio Tank V while he was inside it, a weapon powered by a cybernetic dinosaur.

The way Smoothie is portrayed indicates that Oda intends for her to be seen as extremely strong. Many characters like Perospero and even Big Mom herself seem to hold Smoothie’s power in very high regard.

Comparisons to Other Top Figures

While we haven’t seen Smoothie go all out yet, we can make some educated guesses about how she compares to other top figures in One Piece based on what we know:

Vs. Katakuri

Katakuri is generally considered stronger than Smoothie, which makes sense given his higher Sweet Commander rank and bounty. His Devil Fruit and Observation Haki abilities also seem more advanced and well-trained compared to what we’ve seen from Smoothie.

Vs. Queen

Smoothie and Queen seemed quite evenly matched in their brief clash, neither gaining a definitive upper hand. While no conclusion can be made from this, it suggests Smoothie is at least in the same league as one of Kaido’s top 3 calamities in terms of combat ability.

Vs. Jack

No direct comparison can be made, but Smoothie likely outclasses Jack based on portrayal. As a Sweet Commander, she is given much more narrative importance and hype than Jack has received so far.

Vs. Cracker

Another Sweet Commander of similar rank, Cracker’s bounty is slightly higher than Smoothie’s. His Devil Fruit ability provides strong defenses that Smoothie may struggle to overcome. Overall Cracker seems stronger, but Smoothie could put up a very good fight against him.

Vs. Doflamingo

An interesting matchup, as Doflamingo doesn’t have the raw power of Smoothie but does have awakened Devil Fruit abilities and strong Haki. His maneuverability and versatility could pose problems for Smoothie’s direct combat style. Overall it would likely be a very high diff fight for either combatant.

Smoothie’s Role and Potential

Although Smoothie has yet to take the spotlight in the story, she clearly possesses the qualities of a top tier threat. Her full power and abilities remain unknown, leaving room for Oda to further develop her character.

Many fans hope Smoothie will get more of a chance to shine in an upcoming arc. With her role on the Big Mom Pirates crew, she could play an important part in the final saga. And if Smoothie does get a proper 1v1 fight against another major character, it would finally provide a more definitive gauge of her true strength.

For now, Smoothie remains one of the most hyped yet underutilized characters in the One Piece world. But all signs point to her being extremely strong and potentially still having much more to show.


In conclusion, while her full capabilities are still shrouded in mystery, Smoothie demonstrates all the qualities to be considered one of the strongest characters in the One Piece story so far. Her titanic size, monstrous strength, devastating Devil Fruit, top tier bounty and combat feats all indicate she is a force to be reckoned with. Until we see Smoothie go all out in a serious 1v1 battle, she remains one of the most powerful yet enigmatic characters in One Piece.

Strength Rating
Physical Strength 10/10
Devil Fruit Mastery 8/10
Haki Abilities Unknown
Combat Skills 8/10
Attack Potency At least Large City level+

This table summarizes Smoothie’s immense physical power, her powerful Shibo Shibo no Mi abilities, and her clear combat prowess, though her Haki skills remain unclear. Based on showings so far, she likely has attack power capable of destroying a large city area or more.

In terms of narrative portrayal and hype, Smoothie also stands out as one of the top figures in the One Piece world. Her rank as one of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders alone indicates her strength is viewed as immense within the story itself.

Until Smoothie gets more of a chance to showcase the full extent of her capabilities, speculation will continue amongst One Piece fans regarding where she truly ranks amongst the strongest characters. But given what has been shown already, there is no doubt that Smoothie is indeed one of the mightiest characters alive in the world of One Piece.

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