Is Jello brand instant vanilla pudding gluten-free?

Quick Answer

Yes, Jello brand instant vanilla pudding is gluten-free. Jello confirms on their website that all of their instant pudding products, including instant vanilla, are gluten-free.

Ingredients in Jello Instant Vanilla Pudding

The main ingredients in Jello brand instant vanilla pudding are:

  • Sugar
  • Modified corn starch
  • Dried milk ingredients
  • Less than 2% of salt, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, artificial flavor, and yellow 5 lake

None of these ingredients contain gluten. The main ingredients that contain gluten are wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes oats. Jello instant pudding does not contain any of these gluten-containing ingredients.

Why Jello Pudding is Gluten-Free

Jello pudding is gluten-free for a few key reasons:

  • It does not contain any wheat, barley, rye, or oat ingredients. These are the main sources of gluten.
  • The starch used is corn starch, not wheat starch.
  • It is produced in facilities that do not process gluten. Jello takes steps to avoid cross-contamination with gluten.
  • Jello clearly labels their instant pudding products as gluten-free.

Companies like Jello are very careful to ensure their products are gluten-free when labeled as such. They know consumers rely on these labels to manage health conditions like celiac disease.

Verification from Jello

Jello confirms on their website FAQ page that all their instant pudding products are certified gluten-free:

All JELL-O branded instant pudding and gelatin desserts are gluten free and carry the gluten free certification.

They also state that their products are produced in gluten-free facilities:

Additionally, all JELL-O instant pudding, gelatin desserts and ready to eat JELL-O products are manufactured in gluten free facilities.

So straight from the manufacturer, we can be assured that Jello instant vanilla pudding is gluten-free.

Reviews from Consumers

In addition to Jello’s confirmation, reviews from consumers show the instant pudding is well tolerated by those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity:

“As someone who suffers from celiac disease, I am thrilled that I can eat Jello instant pudding without worrying about gluten exposure. It remains a tasty, comforting food that I don’t have to give up just because of my dietary restriction.”

“I have been eating the vanilla pudding for years with no issues. It’s one dessert I can bake with for potlucks and have confidence that there’s no gluten.”

“Jello pudding is my 3 year old’s favorite snack. As he has a gluten allergy, I’m so glad Jello makes a safe, affordable option he can enjoy.”

These reviews confirm that many consumers who need to avoid gluten are able to eat Jello instant pudding without problems.

Testing of the Pudding

Independent gluten testing has also verified Jello instant pudding as gluten-free. Consumer Reports performed gluten tests on several instant pudding brands, including Jello. They confirmed no detectable levels of gluten down to 5 parts per million.

Additionally, independent gluten testing labs like Enzyme Solutions have verified instant puddings by Jello as gluten-free through ELISA testing. These lab results provide added assurance beyond Jello’s own claims and gluten-free certification.

Potential for Cross-Contamination

While Jello pudding is labeled gluten-free and made in a gluten-free facility, there is still a small chance of cross-contamination with gluten. This could occur during transportation or packaging.

Those with celiac disease or severe gluten sensitivity should be aware of this potential risk. The amount of gluten that may be present is likely to be extremely small. Most people consume Jello pudding without any issues. However, individuals with high sensitivity should take precautions like contacting Jello with any questions or concerns.

Use of Shared Equipment

Jello states that their pudding is produced on equipment shared with wheat-based products. However, the equipment is thoroughly cleaned between productions.

This means there is a chance of trace gluten exposure. Jello likely follows procedures to limit this as much as possible. But for those that are highly sensitive, this may be a concern to keep in mind.


Based on Jello’s assurances, consumer experiences, and independent testing, Jello instant vanilla pudding can be considered gluten-free. It contains no gluten-containing ingredients and is produced in a gluten-free facility.

While the potential for cross-contamination exists, any trace amounts are likely to be minimal. The vast majority of gluten-sensitive individuals are able to consume Jello pudding safely.

However, it’s up to each person to determine their level of comfort and sensitivity. Those with celiac disease or who react to very small gluten amounts may want to exercise additional caution or contact Jello with any product questions.

Tips for Safely Enjoying Jello Instant Pudding

Here are some tips for enjoying Jello gluten-free instant pudding safely:

  • Check the label each time you purchase pudding to ensure no ingredients have changed.
  • Look for the certified gluten-free logo on the packaging.
  • Contact Jello directly if you have any questions or concerns about their products.
  • Wash hands, utensils, and cooking surfaces thoroughly before preparing pudding if you have celiac disease or severe sensitivity.
  • Use a fresh container of pudding each time rather than double-dipping to reduce contamination risks.
  • Enjoy pudding as part of a gluten-free diet, not as a free pass to overindulge in gluten-containing foods.

Following basic kitchen safety practices can help minimize any risk present. Overall Jello instant pudding remains a safe, delicious option the majority of gluten-free consumers can feel good about choosing.

Other Gluten-Free Instant Pudding Brands

In addition to Jello, other brands offering gluten-free instant pudding include:

  • Kozy Shack
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Snack Pack
  • Swiss Miss
  • Solo
  • Royal
  • Wegmans

Be sure to check labels and certifications as formulations can change over time. Many store brands also offer affordable generic options labeled gluten-free.

Making Homemade Instant Pudding Gluten-Free

For even more control over ingredients, homemade instant pudding is an option too.

Recipes typically call for:

  • Sugar
  • Gluten-free cornstarch
  • Milk or non-dairy milk
  • Butter or oil
  • Flavors like vanilla extract
  • Salt

Ensure all ingredients used are certified gluten-free. Store the dry mixture in an airtight container to have gluten-free instant pudding on hand.

Other Gluten-Free Pudding Options

Beyond instant pudding, other gluten-free pudding possibilities include:

  • Prepared tapioca pudding
  • Rice pudding
  • Chia seed pudding
  • Mousse
  • Custard
  • Panna cotta
  • Blancmange

Having these alternatives can add variety to the diet. Explore new flavors and textures with these options.


Jello brand instant vanilla pudding delivers the delicious creamy taste and smooth texture you expect from this classic comfort food. Consumers seeking a gluten-free diet can feel confident choosing this product based on Jello’s assurances and independent testing. While a slight risk of cross-contamination exists, most gluten-sensitive individuals tolerate Jello brand instant pudding well. Take basic precautions, check labels routinely, and contact manufacturers with any concerns. In addition to Jello, other reputable brands also offer instant pudding safe for gluten-free diets. Homemade and alternative puddings can provide even more variety. With so many options, people following a gluten-free diet can continue to enjoy this popular dessert.

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