Is Dunkin avocado toast real avocado?

Dunkin’ Donuts introduced avocado toast to its menu in 2018 as a trendy new breakfast item. But some customers have questioned whether the avocado spread on Dunkin’s toast is made from real avocados or just a processed substitute. Here are some key questions answered about Dunkin’s avocado toast:

Is the avocado spread on Dunkin avocado toast made from real avocados?

Yes, Dunkin has confirmed that the avocado spread used on its avocado toast is made from real Hass avocados. It is not an artificial or highly processed avocado substitute. The spread is made in-house at Dunkin’ locations daily by blending fresh avocados with seasonings and citrus juice.

What makes Dunkin’s avocado spread different from fresh avocado?

While made from real avocados, the spread at Dunkin’ differs from plain fresh avocado in a few ways:

  • It has added seasonings and citrus juice for flavor
  • It is blended into a smooth, spreadable consistency
  • Preservatives are added so it lasts for days refrigerated

So while not identical to plain fresh avocado, it retains its key ingredients and nutrition.

Why do some think Dunkin’s avocado spread is not real?

There are a few reasons why some customers doubt the authenticity of Dunkin’s avocado toast:

  • It has a brighter green color than plain avocado
  • The smooth, creamy texture is different from chunky homemade guacamole
  • It lacks the distinct avocado flavor of fresh avocado

However, the color, texture, and taste differences are due to blending, seasonings, and preservatives, not because of substitute ingredients.

Does Dunkin’s avocado spread have good nutrition like real avocado?

Yes, Dunkin’s avocado spread retains much of the nutritional benefits of real avocado:

  • Healthy fats
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins C, K, B5, B6
  • Potassium

Amounts vary slightly from an equal portion of fresh avocado due to processing and additions. But the spread still delivers the core nutritional components.

Is Dunkin’s avocado toast cheaper than other avocado toast?

Dunkin’s avocado toast is one of the most affordable options compared to avocado toast at coffee shops and restaurants. A single order of avocado toast at Dunkin’ costs around $2.50 on average. In comparison:

  • Starbucks – $4.45
  • Panera – $5.99
  • Bruegger’s Bagels – $3.99
  • Fresh cafe – $6-8

Dunkin is able to offer fresh, real avocado toast at a low price point by sourcing ingredients in bulk and making the spread in-house.

Cost Breakdown of Dunkin Avocado Toast

Item Estimated Cost
Bread $0.50
Avocado spread $0.75
Seasonings $0.10
Packaging $0.15
Labor $1.00
Total $2.50

Does Dunkin’ avocado toast taste as good as other options?

Taste is subjective, but most customer reviews rate Dunkin’ avocado toast positively for flavor. Some pros and cons of the taste according to reviews:


  • Creamy, smooth texture
  • Adds flavor variety to basic toast
  • Citrus accents brighten up the avocado


  • Lacks natural richness of plain avocado
  • Bread quality could be improved
  • Seasonings are basic

While not gourmet, it provides a quick, affordable avocado toast option with satisfying flavor for most.

Does Dunkin’ avocado toast have preservatives?

Yes, the avocado spread at Dunkin’ does contain preservatives. Specific preservatives used include:

  • Potassium sorbate
  • Sodium benzoate

These standard food preservatives allow the spread to remain safe and mold-free when refrigerated for around 7-10 days. Without them, the avocados would brown and spoil more quickly.

Is Dunkin’s avocado spread made with any artificial ingredients?

No, Dunkin has stated that its avocado spread contains no artificial colors, flavors, or other ingredients. The ingredients are:

  • Hass avocados
  • Sea salt
  • Citric acid
  • Black pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Preservatives

So while not completely “clean” due to preservatives, it does not have artificial additives.

Does Dunkin’ add anything to make the avocados cheaper or go further?

Dunkin’ has not indicated that it adds any fillers, thickeners, or substitutes to its avocado spread to reduce costs. The ingredients are simple: avocados, seasoning, citrus, and preservative. Small amounts of thickening agents like xanthan gum may be included for texture, but no major fillers.

Do they use old or low quality avocados?

Dunkin’ claims to use high-quality, fresh Hass avocados delivered regularly to each location. They do not appear to rely on old, bruised, or overripe avocados. Supply chain experts note Dunkin’s sourcing likely relies on:

  • Direct partnerships with large avocado distributors
  • Purchasing in bulk quantity for lower costs
  • Choice grade avocados (one step below premium grade)

While not the cream of the crop, their avocados are not subpar produce.

Is it easy and consistent to get avocado toast from Dunkin’?

Dunkin’ makes a point of offering avocado toast every day consistently. It is not a limited time offer. However, it is still an optional menu item, so some locations may face shortages or stop offering it. Reviews indicate availability is fairly consistent at most sites, but can vary.

Do they prepare and serve it fresh daily?

Yes, Dunkin’ follows food safety guidelines to discard and make a new batch of avocado spread each day. Employees are instructed to:

  • Make a fresh spread in the morning before opening
  • Date and label the container
  • Refrigerate below 41 F
  • Discard at end of day if any left over

Following this protocol means each batch should be newly prepared and served fresh daily.

Can you customize Dunkin’s avocado toast?

Dunkin’ offers some customization options for their avocado toast to suit different tastes:

  • Bread choice – white, wheat, or multigrain
  • Add tomato – grated tomato garnish
  • Add bacon -sliced applewood smoked bacon
  • Sub egg – fried or poached egg instead of avocado spread

Options are intentionally limited for simplicity, but key customizations exist.

Does Dunkin’ avocado toast come as a sandwich or open-faced?

Dunkin’ serves their avocado toast open-faced on a single slice of bread. It does not come as a closed sandwich. The open design allows you to see and taste the fresh avocado spread front and center.

How long has Dunkin’ offered avocado toast?

The timeline of avocado toast at Dunkin’:

  • January 2018 – First launched in Dallas/Fort Worth area restaurants
  • March 2018 – Expanded to restaurants nationwide
  • Now offered – Available daily on regular menu

It debuted as a trendy new menu item in 2018 and quickly became popular enough to expand nationally and permanantly.

Why did Dunkin’ add avocado toast to their menu?

Dunkin’ added avocado toast for several strategic reasons:

  • Capitalize on the rising popularity of avocado toast
  • Attract millennial and Gen Z consumers
  • Increase variety on their breakfast menu
  • Provide a fresher, healthier alternative to sandwiches
  • Stand out from competitors like Starbucks and Panera

Premium toast offerings allowed Dunkin’ to competitively differentiate their menu.

How did customers respond when Dunkin’ launched avocado toast?

The initial response was very positive. When it launched in Dallas in 2018, customers responded with:

  • Praise on social media
  • High demand with long lines
  • Positive reviews of fresh taste

The excitement and customer interest is what prompted Dunkin’ to expand it nationally. Reviews have remained mostly positive since the national launch.

How much does Dunkin’ charge for avocado toast?

Dunkin’s current suggested retail price for avocado toast is $2.59. Specific locations can set their own pricing, so exact cost may vary slightly. In general, expect to pay between $2.50-$3 nationwide.

Here’s how Dunkin’s avocado toast price compares:

Restaurant Price
Dunkin’ $2.50-$3.00
Starbucks $4-$5
Panera $6-$7
Local cafe $5-$8

Dunkin’ is one of the most budget-friendly options for fresh avocado toast.

Is Dunkin’ avocado toast part of a larger menu trend?

Yes, Dunkin’s addition of avocado toast reflects larger menu developments:

  • More fresh, customizable choices like sandwiches and bowls
  • New premium ingredients like avocado, hummus, spinach
  • On-trend offerings beyond donuts like toast, sandwiches, and espresso
  • Limited-time specials like avocado toast before permanent menu

The avocado toast launch represents Dunkin’s shifting menu to stay modern and competitive.

Does Dunkin’ offer any deals or discounts on avocado toast?

Dunkin’ periodically offers promotions on avocado toast and other items:

  • Free avocado toast add-on with purchase through app
  • BOGO deal on all sandwiches including avocado toast
  • Reduced price avocado toast happy hour from 2pm-6pm
  • Free avocado toast sample with beverage purchase

Limited deals like these make avocado toast more affordable for customers wanting to try it.

How do you order Dunkin’ avocado toast for delivery?

Dunkin’ offers several delivery options to order avocado toast and other menu items on demand:

  • Uber Eats – Partners with Uber Eats app and delivery drivers
  • Grubhub – Can order for delivery through Grubhub website or app
  • DoorDash – Delivery via DoorDash website or app
  • Postmates – Availble for delivery with Postmates in select regions

Delivery availability and timeline varies by location. Expect $2-$5 delivery fee depending on distance.

Does Dunkin’ avocado toast come with chips or fruit?

No, Dunkin’s standard avocado toast order just includes the toast. It does not come paired with any side dishes or extras. However, customers can add on items separately:

  • Side of hash browns
  • Bag of chips
  • Fresh fruit cup
  • Yogurt parfait

Pairing it with something crunchy or sweet makes it more of a complete meal.

Can you get Dunkin’s avocado spread on something besides toast?

No, Dunkin’ only serves their housemade avocado spread on toast currently. However, some customers have suggested creative ideas, like using it on:

  • Sandwiches
  • Breakfast wraps
  • Biscuits or english muffins
  • Bagels
  • As a dip with pretzels or crackers

Using the spread in more menu items could expand its versatility.

Does Dunkin’ offer vegan or gluten-free avocado toast options?

Unfortunately no, Dunkin’s standard avocado toast is not currently vegan or gluten-free. However, customers could modify or substitute to make it more dietary restriction-friendly:

  • Vegan – Ask for no butter on toast, or sub hummus for avocado spread
  • Gluten-free – Order on a gluten-free English muffin instead of bread

More paleo, keto, dairy-free options could attract health-focused customers too.

Can you order avocado toast from Dunkin’ all day or just breakfast?

Dunkin’ serves avocado toast and their full breakfast menu all day long during opening hours. Some locations are even open 24/7. So while it’s a popular morning choice, you can order avocado toast anytime.


Dunkin’ avocado toast delivers simple, affordable freshness using real avocados and basic ingredients. While not as premium as trendier coffee shops, it provides a satisfying twist on classic toast. Smart menu moves like this allow Dunkin’ to keep up with modern tastes while staying true to its familiar convenience store roots.

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