Is Daisy pregnant from Below Deck?

Daisy Kelliher has been a fan favorite on Below Deck Sailing Yacht since joining in Season 3. As chief stewardess, she brings a fun-loving yet professional approach to the yacht. Recently, fans have been speculating about whether Daisy got pregnant while filming Season 4 of the show. Rumors started swirling after she was spotted with what looks like a baby bump in preview photos for the new season. However, Daisy has not made any official announcement about her being pregnant. In this article, we’ll explore the clues and rumors about whether Daisy is actually expecting a child soon.

Background on Daisy’s Time on Below Deck

Daisy Kelliher is an Irish chief stewardess who first joined the cast of Below Deck Sailing Yacht in 2021 for Season 3. She quickly became a fan favorite due to her upbeat, humorous personality and strong work ethic. Daisy returned as chief stew for Season 4 which finished filming in late 2022 and is set to premiere in early 2023.

Between seasons, some fans noticed that Daisy spent a lot of time with her boyfriend who she met while working on the yacht. This led to speculation about whether they might have taken their relationship to the next level and gotten pregnant.

Daisy’s Relationship with Her Boyfriend

While filming Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy met her current boyfriend who worked as a deckhand on the boat. They kept their romance private during filming but went public with their relationship after the season aired.

According to Daisy, they maintained a long-distance relationship for a while as they were living in different countries. She spent time visiting him in his home country whenever she could. Fans have wondered if during this time they may have taken steps to start a family together.

Clues That Suggest Daisy May Be Pregnant

Here are some of the key clues that have fueled rumors about Daisy being pregnant:

Daisy Was Spotted with a Possible Baby Bump

In preview photos released for Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, some fans noticed what looks like a small baby bump protruding from Daisy’s bikini. The bump is visible in shots of Daisy relaxing on the yacht in a two-piece swimsuit. However, the photos are inconclusive as the bump is fairly small and could be the result of bloating or Daisy’s pose.

Daisy Wore Loose-Fitting Clothes

Aside from swimsuit shots, other photos from filming show Daisy wearing baggy shirts and loose-fitting pants. Some viewers felt this was a deliberate styling choice intended to hide a pregnancy. However, loose comfortable clothes are also typical yachting attire.

Daisy Took Time Off Before Season 4

According to Daisy, she took significant time away from yachting between the filming of Season 3 and 4. Fans speculated this may have been to focus on a pregnancy. However, Daisy never cited pregnancy or motherhood as the reason for her time off.

Daisy Displayed Possible Pregnancy Symptoms

During certain moments caught on camera while filming Season 4, fans observed Daisy displaying potential pregnancy symptoms. Some examples were fatigue, nausea, and moodiness. However, these symptoms can also be attributed to long days working on the yacht and seasickness.

Reasons Why Daisy May Not Be Pregnant

Despite the circumstantial evidence, there are also good reasons to doubt the claims that Daisy is expecting:

No Official Announcement from Daisy

Daisy herself has not made any statement confirming she is pregnant. Generally, celebrities announce their pregnancies when they are ready to share the news publicly. If Daisy was pregnant while filming, she may be waiting until after the season airs to announce it.

Could Be Deceptive Editing

Reality shows are known to use editing to build excitement and intrigue around a new season. The show may be editing scenes and photos of Daisy to hint at a pregnancy even if she’s not actually expecting.

Alcohol Use on the Show

Viewers have noticed Daisy drinking alcohol with the crew at various points during Season 4 filming. While it’s possible to have occasional drinks during some pregnancies, she likely would not be drinking regularly if she knew she was pregnant.

Physical Demands of the Job

Working as chief stew on a yacht is physically strenuous. Daisy is on her feet for long hours and has to haul heavy gear up and down the boat. It would be very challenging to do this kind of labor while pregnant.

Lack of Concrete Evidence

Aside from gossip and speculation, there is no definitive evidence that Daisy is pregnant. No one associated with the show has confirmed anything except the rumors based on preview photos and clips.

Expert Opinions on Whether Daisy is Pregnant

Here are the thoughts of some experts who have weighed in on the claims that Daisy is expecting:

Reality TV Bloggers

Popular reality TV bloggers who cover Below Deck closely agree there’s no concrete proof Daisy is pregnant. However, they point out that preview photos seem intentionally vague to fuel viewer speculation. Many predict Daisy will announce a pregnancy right after the season ends.


When asked to examine photos of Daisy’s possible baby bump, most OBGYN doctors felt they were inconclusive. They pointed out many things can cause a slight protruding belly like bloating or the way she is posing. Without an ultrasound or pregnancy test, it’s impossible to definitively diagnose a pregnancy from a photo.

Former Yachties

Those who have worked on yachts point out that Daisy’s symptoms like nausea and fatigue are extremely common due to seasickness and long workdays. They feel a pregnancy would be extremely difficult to hide on a small yacht. Most former yachties are highly skeptical of the claims unless Daisy confirms she is pregnant herself.

Speculation from Viewers on Social Media

Fans have plenty to say about the pregnancy rumors on social media:

Comments Supporting the Pregnancy Speculation

– “That’s definitely a baby bump!”
– “She’s glowing and looks pregnant to me.”
– “She’s constantly touching her belly. It’s obvious she’s pregnant.”
– “Why else would she wear such baggy clothes?”

Comments Expressing Doubt

– “It’s just gossip until Daisy herself confirms she’s pregnant.”
– “The bump pics could easily be explained by bloating or weight gain.”
– “She doesn’t look pregnant at all to me.”
– “The show is messing with fans to get attention.”

Requesting More Information

– “Did she drink alcohol at all while filming?”
– “Does she have any kids already?”
– “Is the father her boyfriend from the show?”
– “When is she due?”


In the end, it’s impossible to say with certainty whether Daisy is pregnant without an official announcement from her or Bravo. The available evidence is circumstantial and inconclusive. While many fans are convinced she is expecting due to rumors and preview photos, others remain skeptical. Daisy herself has not addressed the speculation directly besides jokingly telling fans they will have to tune in to the new season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht to find out. For now, viewers will have to continue speculating untilEither Daisy decides to share more about her personal life or the new season premieres, finally revealing whether she has a baby on board the yacht or not.

Evidence For Pregnancy Evidence Against Pregnancy
– Possible baby bump in photos – No official announcement
– Wearing loose clothes – Could be deceptive editing
– Time off between seasons – Alcohol use during filming
– Pregnancy symptoms – Physically demanding job
– Lack of concrete evidence

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