How to check how much money you have on a Hollister gift card?

Having a Hollister gift card can be a great way to save money on purchases at Hollister stores or online. However, it’s important to know how to check your gift card balance so you can keep track of how much you have left to spend.

Check your receipt

When you initially purchase or receive a Hollister gift card, the starting balance will be printed on the receipt. So the quickest way to know how much was loaded onto the card is to check the receipt from when it was purchased. The receipt will show the gift card’s starting value.

Check the back of the gift card

If you no longer have the original receipt, check the back of the physical Hollister gift card itself. There should be a customer service phone number listed that you can call to check your balance. There may also be a website listed where you can check your balance online.

Call the customer service number

To check your Hollister gift card balance by phone, locate the customer service phone number on the back of the card. Call this number and follow the prompts to check your balance. You will likely need to provide the 16-digit gift card number when prompted. The automated system will then tell you your current balance. This is the quickest way to check your balance if you don’t have the receipt and don’t want to go online.

Check online

Hollister allows you to check your gift card balance online as well. Go to the Hollister website and click on the “Gift Cards” link at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to the Hollister gift card portal. Click on “Check Balance” and enter your 16-digit gift card number and the security PIN. Your balance will then be displayed. Checking online allows you to see your balance anytime without having to call customer service.

Check at the store

You can also check your Hollister gift card balance at any Hollister store location. Bring your physical gift card to the cashier when making a purchase. Let the cashier know you need to check the balance first before completing your transaction. They can swipe the card at the register to pull up the current balance for you.

Keep your receipts

To make gift card balance tracking easy, always hold onto your receipt when you purchase a Hollister gift card or add funds to it. The starting or added value will be printed on each receipt, so you’ll have a running record of deposits onto the card. Retain your receipts until the card balance reaches $0.

Register your gift card online

Hollister allows you to register your gift card on their website. Registering your gift card makes it easier to access your balance. You’ll create login credentials that allow you to check the balance anytime without needing the physical card. Registering also provides protection in case your card gets lost or stolen.

Use gift card for all purchases

Get in the habit of using your Hollister gift cards for all purchases – both in-store and online. Rather than just your Hollister card for a portion of a purchase, use it to pay the entire balance due. This ensures you keep accurate track of the running balance as you spend down the card.

Avoid gift card balances under $10

Try to avoid having a balance of less than $10 left on your Hollister gift card. Some stores won’t allow you to use the card for purchases if the balance dips below $10. So the closer you get to a low balance, the sooner you should plan to use the card up entirely to avoid getting stuck with an unusable card.

Know the expiration policy

Make sure you know Hollister’s gift card expiration policy. Some retailers set an expiration timeframe during which you need to use up the card’s balance. Hollister cards expire four years from the purchase date. The money left on expired cards gets forfeited, so track expiration dates and balances to avoid losing any money.

Check balance before shopping

Get in the habit of checking your Hollister gift card balance before you shop. Knowing the balance ahead of time prevents any surprises at the checkout counter. You’ll know exactly how much you have available to spend and can determine if you need to supplement the gift card with another payment method.

Review transaction history

When checking your balance online, review your Hollister gift card transaction history. This allows you to see each deduction from the card when you make a purchase. Cross check transactions with your receipts to ensure there aren’t any discrepancies or unauthorized deductions.

Protect the card

Keep your physical Hollister gift safeguarded like you would cash or credit cards. If the number gets into the wrong hands, someone could access the balance or make unauthorized purchases. Carry the card securely in your wallet and avoid exposing the number unnecessarily.

Know the customer service number

Have Hollister’s gift card customer service number programmed into your phone and written down somewhere at home. That way, if you ever need to report your card lost or stolen, or check the balance, you can call quickly to take action before the card gets used.

Avoid public computers

When checking your balance online, use your own personal computer rather than a public device. Public computers may have security risks that expose your gift card number. Only access your account on personal devices that you know are safe and secure.

Set reminders to use

Have reminders on your calendar to periodically use your Hollister gift card for purchases. Setting reminders helps ensure you don’t forget about the card and let the balance just sit there unused. Proactively using down the balance avoids losing it to expiration dates.

Check balance at zero

Don’t assume your Hollister gift card is empty just because you think you’ve used up the entire balance. Log in and check the balance even after it seems the funds should be depleted. You may find a few dollars remaining that you can still redeem on a small purchase.

Combine cards

If you have more than one Hollister gift card, you may be able to combine the balances. Call or go online to check if you can transfer the balance from one card onto the other. Combining cards simplifies tracking since you’ll only have one card balance to check going forward.

Buy general gift cards

Consider purchasing general gift cards like Visa or Mastercard if you want maximum flexibility. These can be used anywhere, while a Hollister card locks you into purchases at their brand only. With transferable gift card balances, you can shop wherever needed.

In summary, key tips for checking your Hollister gift card balance include:

  • Hold onto the original receipt
  • Check the back of the physical card
  • Call the customer service number
  • Check online through the Hollister website
  • Ask in-store at the checkout register
  • Register your card to easily access the balance online
  • Use the card for all your Hollister purchases
  • Avoid balances under $10
  • Know the expiration policy – cards expire after 4 years
  • Check the balance before shopping trips
  • Frequently review your transaction history
  • Take security precautions to protect the card number
  • Set reminders to use your card periodically
  • Check the balance even after it seems empty
  • Consider transferring and combining multiple card balances
  • Opt for general gift cards like Visa for maximum flexibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you check your Hollister gift card balance online?

Yes, Hollister allows you to check your gift card balance on their website. Go to and click “Gift Cards” then “Check Balance”. Enter your 16-digit card number and PIN to see your balance.

How do I check my Hollister gift card balance without the card?

If you don’t have the physical card, you can check the balance by calling the customer service number listed on the Hollister website gift card page. You will need to provide your 16-digit card number. You can also check online by logging into your account.

Does Hollister gift card balance expire?

Yes, Hollister gift cards expire 4 years after the purchase date. The money left on expired cards is forfeited, so be sure to check the balance and use your card prior to that expiration timeframe.

Can I get a replacement Hollister gift card?

If your original Hollister gift card gets damaged, lost or stolen, you can request a replacement by calling customer service. You will likely need to provide the card number and your original purchase receipt. There may be a replacement card fee.

Can I register my Hollister gift card?

Yes, registering your Hollister gift card on their website is recommended for balance tracking. You’ll create login credentials to easily access your balance. Registration also provides protection in case the card gets lost or stolen.

How do I use up the balance on a Hollister gift card?

You can use your Hollister gift card balance for purchases online at or in-store at any Hollister retail location. Use it on clothes, accessories, fragrances, and any items carried at Hollister. Purchases are deducted from the gift card balance.


Hollister gift cards provide a convenient way to shop while saving money. Take a few minutes to regularly check your card’s balance so you can efficiently utilize the funds. Review your balances before shopping trips and expiration dates to avoid forfeiting any money left on the card. With proper tracking and management, your Hollister gift card will provide maximum savings and convenience whenever you shop.

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