How should you store a broom?

Properly storing your broom is important to keep it clean, undamaged, and easily accessible when you need to use it. An organized broom storage system will also help keep your janitorial closet or storage area tidy. There are a few key things to consider when deciding how to store a broom:

Broom Type

The type of broom you have should factor into your storage method. Common broom types include:

  • Upright brooms – The most common type, used for general sweeping. Have long handles and bristles on the bottom.
  • Push brooms – Have a wide bristle head and short/no handles, used for sweeping large flat surfaces.
  • Corn brooms – Made of natural materials like corn and broom corn, used for light outdoor sweeping.
  • Whisk brooms – Mini brooms with short bristles, good for small jobs.

Upright brooms with long handles will need vertical storage solutions, while push brooms and whisk brooms can be stored horizontally.

Storage Location

Popular broom storage spots include:

  • Janitorial or utility closets – Ideal for upright brooms.
  • Garages and mudrooms – Allow easy access to use the broom.
  • Pantries and laundry rooms – Good for smaller whisk brooms.
  • Outdoor sheds – Provide covered storage for outdoor brooms.

Choose a storage place that is easily accessible when you need the broom but out of the way of high traffic areas.

Cleaning Before Storage

Always give the broom a quick cleaning before putting it away:

  • Remove dirt, hair, and debris – This prevents spread of dirt into your storage area.
  • Rinse bristles if very dirty – Use a hose or faucet.
  • Allow to air dry completely – Reduces odor and mold growth.
  • Check for damage – Repair or replace damaged brooms.

A clean broom will last longer and be more sanitary when you need it again.

Upright Broom Storage

Upright brooms have long handles that require vertical storage solutions. Here are some options:

Broom Closet Holder

Broom closet holders offer convenient storage right inside your closet:

  • Mount holder to wall at chest height for best access.
  • Look for spring-loaded holders that grip broom tightly.
  • Can fit 1-3 brooms depending on holder size.
  • Allows bristles to air dry.
Pros Cons
Convenient access inside closet Only fits 1-3 brooms
Bristles dry out well Not as secure as other options

Freestanding Rack

Freestanding racks provide vertical storage for multiple brooms:

  • Typically hold 3-5 brooms.
  • Have hooks or slots to neatly organize handles.
  • Can be placed inside closet or utility room.
  • Offer more storage than closet holders.
Pros Cons
Holds multiple brooms Takes up floor space
Easy to access brooms Not as secure as other options

Wall Mounted Rack

Wall mounted racks keep brooms up and out of the way:

  • Mount securely to wall studs using screws.
  • Use spring-loaded holders or hooks to grip broom.
  • Position out of walking path if possible.
  • Holds 2-4 brooms depending on rack size.
Pros Cons
Holds multiple brooms securely Need to drill into wall
Gets brooms off floor Can be hard to reach if mounted too high

PVC Pipe Holder

An easy DIY broom holder uses PVC pipe:

  • Cut two pieces of 3-4″ PVC pipe several inches long.
  • Mount pipes horizontally to wall, spaced for broom width.
  • Rest broom handle in pipes.
  • Low cost option, but doesn’t grip broom securely.
Pros Cons
Cheap DIY version Doesn’t hold broom tightly
Allows bristles to dry Broom can slide out

Push Broom Storage

Push brooms have bristles but no long handles, so they require different storage than upright brooms:

Wall Mounted Shelf

Wall mounted shelves provide organized storage:

  • Mount sturdy bracket or board to wall studs.
  • Place push broom bristles down on shelf.
  • Can mount low for easy access.
  • Shelf should be deep enough for push broom head.
Pros Cons
Keeps broom bristles off floor Need to drill into wall
Allows broom to dry out Broom can slide off if bumped

Storage Hooks

Specialized storage hooks allow mounting a push broom to wall or door:

  • Hooks grip bottom of broom head securely.
  • Mount hooks in easy to access areas.
  • Can hold 1-2 push brooms depending on size.
  • Keeps bristles off floor and visible.
Pros Cons
Holds broom securely Only fits 1-2 brooms
Easy to access Need to screw hooks into wall

Freestanding Storage Rack

Freestanding racks can be used to store push brooms upright:

  • Look for racks with slots or hooks to hold broom.
  • Stores multiple brooms together.
  • Takes up floor space in closet or utility room.
  • Allows bristles to dry out.
Pros Cons
Holds multiple brooms Takes up floor space
Bristles dry out Brooms can fall over if bumped

Small Broom Storage

Smaller brooms like whisk brooms can be stored in different ways than full size upright brooms:

Mounted Shelf or Hook

  • Mount shelves or hooks to wall near entryway or pantry.
  • Rest whisk broom bristles down on shelf.
  • Hang broom handle on hook.
  • Keep broom visible and accessible.

Freestanding Caddy

  • Use a freestanding caddy or bucket.
  • Hang or stand whisk brooms up inside caddy.
  • Can hold other small cleaning tools.
  • Move caddy around as needed.

Inside Pantry

  • Store whisk brooms alongside other pantry tools.
  • Hook broom over a shelf or rod.
  • Keep near sink and trash can for food clean up.
  • Out of sight but handy when needed.

Outdoor Broom Storage

Outdoor brooms require storage solutions that protect them from the elements:

Garage or Shed

  • Store brooms in garage or outdoor shed to keep dry.
  • Hang brooms on wall hooks or racks.
  • Keep corncob brooms off concrete floor.
  • Allow space for air circulation.

Covered Deck Box

  • Keep brooms protected in a deck box with a tight fitting lid.
  • Find box rated for outdoor use.
  • Can store other tools with brooms.
  • Keeps brooms hidden but accessible.

Exterior Wall Mounts

  • Mount an exterior broom holder to an overhang or covered wall.
  • Choose water-resistant mount.
  • Allows access to broom while keeping dry.
  • May need to bring brooms inside during extreme weather.

Broom Storage Tips

Follow these tips for proper broom storage and maintenance:

  • Clean brooms before storing to prevent dirt buildup.
  • Let bristles fully dry out before putting away.
  • Avoid hanging brooms directly on concrete or damp floors.
  • Store brooms standing up or bristles down to maintain shape.
  • Protect broom bristles with plastic covers or bags.
  • Avoid tightly cramming bristles which can damage them.
  • Replace worn out or damaged brooms for best sweeping.


Proper broom storage keeps your cleaning tools organized, protected, and ready to use when needed. The best storage solutions will vary based on your broom type and size, storage space available, and frequency of use. Storing brooms correctly helps extend their lifespan so your floors stay cleaner longer. Consider mounting racks or hooks to keep upright brooms off the ground and push brooms easily accessible. Smaller whisk brooms can be stored in closets, pantries or portable caddies. Outdoor brooms need covered storage to protect them from the elements. With the right storage, your brooms will always be on hand when messes arise.

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