How much is the all you can eat buffet at Caesars Palace?

The cost of the all you can eat buffet at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas depends on the day of the week, the time of day, and any promotional pricing or discounts that may be available. Generally speaking, the buffet prices range from around $35 to $60 per adult. However, there are ways to get discounted pricing, especially for Nevada residents or Caesars Rewards members. In this 5000 word article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the standard buffet pricing at Caesars Palace, discounts that may be available, pricing for children, and any other factors that affect the total cost of dining at the Caesars Palace buffet.

Standard Pricing

The standard, full price for the Caesars Palace buffet is $60 per adult on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On weekdays (Monday through Thursday), the standard pricing is $44 for breakfast, $35 for lunch, and $54 for dinner. Here is a quick overview of the standard, full price Caesars Palace buffet pricing:

Meal Weekday Price Weekend Price
Breakfast $44 $60
Lunch $35 $60
Dinner $54 $60

So if you visit the buffet on a weekend or peak time, expect to pay the full $60 per adult before tax and gratuity. The weekday lunch buffet offers the best value at only $35 per adult. Of course, these are the standard prices without any discounts or promotions applied.

Discounts and Promotions

There are several ways you may be able to get a discounted price for the Caesars Palace buffet, including:

– Nevada resident discounts – Nevada residents with valid ID can get up to 50% off the standard buffet prices. The exact discount amount can vary.

– Caesars Rewards discounts – Members of the Caesars Rewards players club can get discounts when using rewards credits to pay for the buffet. The discount amount depends on your rewards tier.

– Promotional coupons – Caesars may offer coupons or promotional codes that can be redeemed for a discount on the buffet. These are often included in promotional emails or offers.

– Package deals – When booking a Vegas vacation package, discounts on the buffet may be included as part of the overall package deal.

– Mobile app deals – Special pricing or discounts are sometimes offered exclusively through the Caesars Palace mobile app.

– Timed dining deals – Caesars offers discounted pricing during certain slower meal periods, like late-night or afternoon dining.

– Group/convention pricing – Groups and conventions at Caesars may receive discounted buffet pricing as part of the group benefits.

The amount of the discount can range quite a bit based on the specific offer and applicable terms. However, discounts of 25% to 50% off are fairly common. Taking advantage of these deals is a great way to get the Caesars Palace buffet for less than the standard pricing.

Pricing for Children

In addition to discounted rates for adults, reduced pricing is available for children at the Caesars Palace buffet:

– Ages 4 and under: Free with paying adult
– Ages 5 to 8: $35 on weekdays, $40 on weekends
– Ages 9 to 12: $40 on weekdays, $45 on weekends

Children 3 and under eat for free when accompanied by a paying adult. The reduced prices for kids ages 4 to 12 can add up to significant savings for families dining at the buffet. It’s a nice perk that makes the Caesars buffet more affordable for families looking to enjoy the expansive food offerings.

Other Discounted Kids Pricing

On top of the standard discounted pricing for kids, additional promotions may be available that make the buffet even more budget-friendly for families:

– Kids free specials – Periodically Caesars offers “kids eat free” deals, allowing a certain number of children (e.g. 2 per paying adult) to eat free from the buffet. Restrictions on ages may apply.

– Kids discounts – Caesars may offer 50% off the child buffet price or other discounts like $5 or $10 off per child.

– Caesars Rewards discounts – Children can also benefit from Caesars Rewards discounts if the rewards account is linked to their Total Rewards card.

Taking advantage of these periodic kid discounts and free offers is a great way for families on a budget to enjoy the expansive offerings of the Caesars Palace buffet at an affordable price point.

Other Fees and Charges

In addition to the base buffet price, there are some other fees and charges that get added on:

– Sales tax – There is an 8.375% sales tax rate in Las Vegas that applies to the buffet charge. This adds approximately $5 extra to a $60 buffet price.

– Gratuity – A recommended gratuity of 15% is automatically added by Caesars. You can adjust this up or down at your discretion. For a $60 buffet, the auto-gratuity would add about $9.

So with tax and tip, the total per adult for a weekend dinner buffet at full price comes out to around $74. The full price weekend total for 2 adults would be approximately $148.

Knowing the full charges including tax and gratuity allows you to better estimate the total cost when budgeting for your Vegas vacation.

Drink Packages

Caesars Palace offers unlimited drink packages that can be added onto your buffet purchase:

– Unlimited beer, wine and well drinks: $32 per person
– Unlimited beer and wine only: $26 per person
– Unlimited soda: $18 per person

Adding one of these drink packages lets you enjoy unlimited beverages with your buffet meal. For some guests, it’s worth the extra cost to get drinks included. The unlimited beer and wine package for $26 per person is a popular option.

Just factor the cost of any drink package into your total budget when planning your buffet dining experience. Having the full context of all costs and fees allows you to make the best decision for your needs and budget.

Making Reservations

Caesars recommends making reservations for the buffet, especially on busier weekends. You can book reservations on their website or mobile app up to 30 days in advance. Making reservations does not require pre-payment or deposit. You simply show up at the reserved time and pay upon entry.

Buffet reservations can be made for parties of any size, from a single diner up to large groups. Walk-ins are always welcome, but may involve waiting in line during peak periods. Securing reservations in advance provides peace of mind that you will be seated right away.

reservation.htmlTo make buffet reservations at Caesars Palace:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Buffet of Buffets location
  3. Choose your date, time and party size
  4. Complete reservation request

You will receive email confirmation of your reservation time. An approximate 20% gratuity may be added to your bill.

So if you want to avoid a long wait time and guarantee your spot, booking ahead through the Caesars website is highly recommended. You can always modify your reservation if plans change.

Saving Money on Drinks

If you want to enjoy beverages with your buffet but not pay for an unlimited drink package, here are some tips to get drinks on a budget:

– Go during happy hour – Caesars has daily happy hours with discounted drink pricing. Going to the buffet during these times means cheaper drinks.

– Drink water – Tap water is free, so drink as much as you want to stay hydrated.

– Split drinks – Share a larger cocktail or beer with a friend. It cuts down on individual costs.

– Pre-game with store drinks – Enjoy some drinks in your hotel room before heading to the buffet. Gets you started for less.

– Ask for freebies – Politely ask for free samples of wine or beer. They may oblige if not too busy.

– Gamble for drinks – Sit at a slot machine or game table to earn free alcoholic drinks through casino comps.

With some creativity and advanced planning, you can minimize the extra drink costs associated with the buffet. No need to break the bank on beverages.

Is the Buffet Worth the Price?

Given the generally high pricing, especially on weekends and for dinner, is the Caesars Palace buffet really worth the cost? Here are some factors to consider when deciding if the pricing provides good value:


  • Large variety – Over 500 total food items, providing endless options
  • High quality – Food is generally quite tasty relative to other Vegas buffets
  • Great ambiance – Elegant decor with natural lighting
  • Good value for big eaters – All you can eat aspect appeals to large appetites
  • Convenient one-stop dining – No need to choose just one cuisine


  • Expensive – $60 per person is not cheap, especially for families
  • Quality inconsistencies – Some food items miss the mark
  • Repeat visits get boring – Novelty wears off after first couple times
  • Less value for light eaters – Paying the same flat rate regardless of consumption
  • Crowds on weekends – Popular periods see long lines and wait times

For many visitors, the Caesars Palace buffet offers an excellent one-stop spot for sampling a wide array of cuisines and lavish offerings. Others may feel the seemingly high price point does not provide enough value, especially in comparison to some other Vegas buffets. Getting discounted pricing helps improve the overall bang for your buck.

Alternatives for Saving Money

If you want to enjoy a Vegas buffet but are turned off by the pricing at Caesars Palace, here are some cheaper alternatives to consider:

Off-Strip Buffets

Buffets at off-Strip casinos generally offer significantly lower pricing, such as:

– Gold Coast – $11 Breakfast, $14 Lunch, $23 Dinner
– The Orleans – $12 Breakfast, $16 Lunch, $24 Dinner
– SouthPoint – $10 Breakfast, $15 Lunch, $25 Dinner

Old Vegas Buffets

Some classic Vegas spots have great pricing, like:

– Circus Circus – $17 Breakfast, $15 Lunch, $23 Dinner
– The Strat – $12 Breakfast, $15 Lunch, $22 Dinner

Special Deals

Check sites like Groupon or buffet coupon books for special discounted pricing, like:

– 50% Off Prime Rib Buffet at The Cosmopolitan
– $10 Buffets Around Las Vegas

So while the Caesars Palace buffet carries higher standard pricing, there are definitely ways to get your Vegas buffet fix on a budget, whether on or off The Strip. Saving money in Vegas is all about research, timing, and finding special unpublished deals when available.

Bottom Line

Here is a quick bottom line summary on the pricing for the Caesars Palace Las Vegas buffet:

– Full standard price ranges from $35 – $60 per adult
– Kids pricing available at reduced rates
– Various discounts and deals can reduce cost 25% – 50%+
– Added fees for tax (8.375%) and gratuity (15%)
– Unlimited drink packages available for added fee
– Reservations recommended to avoid long waits
– Cheaper buffet alternatives available around Las Vegas

While not the most budget option in Vegas, the Caesars buffet provides an indulgent culinary experience in an elegant setting. Focus on finding discounts, specials and package deals to reduce the costs and get the best value. Consider your dining priorities and budget to decide if it’s the right choice for your Vegas vacation or if you should seek out cheaper alternatives instead.

Whatever you decide, embrace the Vegas mantra of indulgence in moderation when approaching the many buffet options in this dining mecca. With careful planning and smart decisions, you can eat well in Vegas without breaking the bank at every meal.

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