How many times did Kim Kardashian take the baby bar exam?

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Kim Kardashian took the First-Year Law Students’ Examination, known as the “baby bar exam,” a total of 3 times before passing it on her third attempt in December 2021. She first took the exam in June 2020 and failed. She then took it again in November 2020 and failed a second time. On her third try in December 2021, Kardashian finally passed the baby bar.

Kim Kardashian is best known as a reality TV star, model, businesswoman and influencer. However, in recent years, she has made headlines for embarking on a new venture – studying law. In 2019, it was revealed that Kardashian was apprenticing with a law firm in San Francisco with the goal of eventually taking the bar exam and becoming a lawyer.

As someone without an undergraduate degree, the California state bar requires that Kardashian complete a 4-year apprenticeship program under the supervision of practicing lawyers. She also has to pass the First-Year Law Students’ Exam, nicknamed the “baby bar,” before being allowed to continue her studies. This exam is notorious for its difficulty and high failure rate.

So how many times did Kim have to take the baby bar before she could move forward in her law studies? Let’s take a look at Kardashian’s journey with the exam.

The First Attempt – June 2020

In June 2020, Kardashian sat for the baby bar exam for the first time. She shared on Instagram that she had “been studying law for the last two years” and was “preparing for the bar.” Fans were excited to see her pursue this new career path outside of her usual fame and success.

However, in January 2021, Kardashian revealed that she did not pass her first attempt at the exam. On Instagram, she wrote “I failed this exam!!! It is extremely difficult & unfortunately I don’t know if I will pass on my 3 try.”

While undoubtedly disappointed, Kardashian remained determined to keep studying and sit for the exam again. Her lawyers expressed that they still had full confidence in her ability to pass the bar eventually.

The Second Attempt – November 2020

Not letting failure stop her, Kardashian continued her studies and signed up to take the baby bar again in November 2020. She even shared some of her study techniques on Instagram, showing her notes with handwritten flashcards.

Leading up to the exam date, she said “I’m so anxious. I’m tired of f***** studying.” But she powered through and completed her second attempt at the baby bar that fall.

In May 2021, Kardashian revealed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she did not pass the November 2020 exam either. She was quite upset but still aimed to continue her legal education, stating “I am a failure. But it is what it is and I just have to not stress about it.”

While many questioned whether she would be able to pass the notoriously difficult exam without a traditional law school education, Kim remained committed to keep trying.

The Third Attempt – December 2021

After failing twice, Kardashian decided to change up her study habits and preparation methods before sitting for the baby bar a third time in December 2021.

She took two months off filming her reality shows to really focus on studying every day. She also worked with private tutors, practiced past exams and listened to audio study aids while working out.

Finally, on December 13, 2021, Kardashian learned that she PASSED the baby bar on her third attempt! She shared the exciting news on social media, saying “Looking in the mirror, I am really proud of the woman looking back today in the reflection.”

Kardashian had worked for years and tried multiple times to pass this challenging exam required for her law apprenticeship in California. Fans and critics alike were impressed at her tenacity and commitment to her new career.

Study Habits and Preparation

So what study tactics finally helped Kardashian pass the baby bar after failing twice? Here are some of the things she changed in her preparation for the third attempt:

– She took 2 months off from filming reality TV to focus on studying every day

– She worked extensively with private tutors and legal experts

– She took and reviewed multiple past exams to practice

– She made handwritten notecards with key details to memorize

– She listened to audio study resources while working out for extra prep time

– She took the exam in a different location for a fresh environment

– She avoided social media around exam time to minimize distractions

Kardashian also said that her earlier failures helped her learn where she needed to improve and how to better prepare the third time around. The hands-on experience of taking the actual exam twice exposed gaps in her knowledge that she could address before the next attempt.

Why is the Baby Bar so Difficult to Pass?

The First-Year Law Students’ Exam, or baby bar, has a notoriously high failure rate – as Kardashian learned firsthand. In 2021, only 20.5% of test takers passed the exam. So why is it so hard? Here are some of the reasons this 4-hour exam trips up many students:

– Covers broad range of legal topics – 4 main areas plus more obscure nuances

– Requires memorizing minute details and specific standards

– Tests issue spotting skills with complex hypotheticals

– Standards for passing are higher than a typical law school exam

– No legal analysis required, only memorization of black letter law

– Often taken early in legal studies before full preparation

– Time pressure makes recalling all details under stress challenging

– No opportunity to argue legal analysis or interpretations

– Results not released for 2-3 months, cannot re-take quickly

The baby bar covers a broad spectrum of precise laws and standards that must be memorized in detail. Excellent recall under time pressure is critical for passing. It differs significantly from traditional law school exams and requires different preparation skills. Even lawyers find the format challenging compared to writing legal arguments and analysis. With high passing standards and delayed results, it can take many tries before being able to move forward.

Reaction to Passing the Exam

Kardashian’s social media post announcing that she passed the baby bar quickly went viral, receiving over 1 million likes on Instagram. Her family, friends and fans shared an outpouring of praise and congratulations.

Many were pleasantly surprised that she was able to pass the notoriously difficult exam on her third try. Critics who didn’t think she would be able to do it without a traditional law degree were proved wrong.

Here’s what some people had to say about Kim passing the baby bar:

Kris Jenner (mother): “Congratulations Kim!!! What an amazing accomplishment!!!! I am beyond proud of you!!! I love you!!!”

Khloe Kardashian (sister): “My baby f***ing passed the BAR!!!! YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS I am screaming!!!!”

Passing the baby bar was a major milestone on Kardashian’s unique path to becoming a lawyer. While she still has years of apprenticeship and education ahead, this first big hurdle will give her the confidence and motivation to keep pursuing this goal.

What’s Next in Kim’s Law Journey?

Now that Kardashian has passed the First-Year Law Students’ Exam on her third try, what’s next for her on the journey to becoming a lawyer?

Here are the next steps Kim still needs to complete:

– Finish her 4-year apprenticeship with a law firm – she’s about halfway done

– Complete any remaining requisites for her studies

– Continue gaining practical legal experience

– Eventually take and pass the full California bar exam

– Complete ethics and character evaluations for the state bar admission

– Fulfill any other licensing requirements in California

– Become a member of the state bar and licensed to legally practice

While Kim is closer than ever to her end goal of being able to fully practice law, she still has a ways to go in her legal education and training. Now that she has crossed the major hurdle of passing the First-Year Law Students’ Exam or “baby bar,” her next challenge will be conquering the full bar exam.

But there’s no doubt that passing the baby bar on her third attempt after initially failing has given Kardashian a big confidence boost to keep working towards officially becoming a lawyer. She has proven her commitment and abilities to take on this new career.


In summary, reality TV personality Kim Kardashian took California’s First-Year Law Students’ Exam, known as the baby bar, a total of 3 times before finally passing on her third try in December 2021. She failed her first attempt in June 2020 and her second try in November 2020 before changing up her study methods and succeeding on the third exam.

Passing this challenging test on the unique path to becoming a lawyer without a traditional degree shows Kardashian’s determination and work ethic. While she still has several years of apprenticeship and education ahead, clearing the major hurdle of the baby bar bodes well for her future as she continues the journey to become an attorney. Kardashian’s story serves as an inspiration that perseverance and believing in yourself can help you achieve big goals.

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