How many slices are there in a pound of cheese?

Quick Answer

There are approximately 20-25 slices in a pound of cheese. The exact number depends on the type of cheese and thickness of each slice. Generally, harder cheeses that are sliced thinner will yield more slices per pound.

Calculating Slices per Pound of Cheese

Figuring out the number of slices in a pound of cheese requires some simple math. Here are the steps:

1. Know the Thickness of Each Slice

Cheese slices can range from thin deli slices to thick sandwich slices. Thinner slices will yield more per pound, while thicker slices will produce less. For reference:

– Deli slices are typically 1/16 inch thick
– Sandwich slices are usually 1/8 inch thick
– Burger slices tend to be 1/4 inch thick

2. Estimate the Average Area per Slice

The area of each slice depends on the size and shape. As an estimate:

– Deli slices are often 2 inches by 2 inches – or 4 square inches
– Sandwich and burger slices are commonly 4 inches by 4 inches – or 16 square inches

3. Calculate Total Slice Area per Pound

Take the total area of a pound of cheese and divide by the area per slice.

There are 16 ounces in a pound. Cheddar cheese is approximately 1.5 ounces per square inch when sliced.

So there are about 24 square inches of cheese area per ounce (16 divided by 1.5).

Multiply that by 16 ounces per pound gives 384 square inches of total cheese area in a pound.

4. Divide Total Area by Slice Area

For deli slices (4 square inches each):
– 384 square inches / 4 = 96 slices

For sandwich/burger slices (16 square inches):
– 384 square inches / 16 = 24 slices

As you can see, the thinner the slice, the more slices per pound.

Factors that Affect Slices per Pound

The actual number of slices per pound depends on a few factors:

Type of Cheese

Softer cheeses tend to be thinner when sliced. Harder cheeses are firmer and can be cut thinner without breaking. For example:

– Cheddar and Swiss have a firm texture, yielding more slices (around 20-25 per pound)

– Mozzarella and Brie have a softer, stretchier texture resulting in fewer thicker slices (around 15 per pound)

– Processed sliced cheeses are extremely uniform in thickness and can have up to 30+ slices per pound

Thickness of Each Slice

As shown in the calculations above, thinner slices lead to more per pound and thicker slices produce less. Deli slices maximizes the number, while thick burger slices minimize it.

Shape of the Cheese

Cheese in blocks versus pre-cut slices will differ in yield per pound. Block cheese allows you to cut custom thicknesses. Pre-sliced cheese has uniform, predetermined slice thickness.

Waste and Trimmings

There is usually some waste when cutting slices from a block. The scraps left over will reduce the number of full intact slices. Pre-sliced cheese has no waste.

Cheese Type Typical Slices per Pound
Cheddar 20-25
Swiss 20-25
Mozzarella 15-20
Brie 15-20
American 25-30
Provolone 20-25
Monterey Jack 20-25
Gouda 20-25
Havarti 20-25
Asiago 15-20
Feta 20-25
Blue Cheese 15-20
Goat Cheese 15-20
Parmesan 25-30

Guide for Slices per Pound of Popular Cheeses

Here is a closer look at some of the most common types of cheese and how many slices you can expect per pound:

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar is a hard, firm cheese that can sliced thin without crumbling. Pre-sliced, you can get around 30 slices per pound. Cut from a block, expect 20-25 slices per pound.

Mozzarella Cheese

Fresh mozzarella is soft with high moisture content. It yields thicker slices, around 15-20 from a pound. Low moisture mozzarella can be sliced thinner, up to 25 slices per pound.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss has a dense texture similar to cheddar. Typical slice counts are 20-25 from a pound. Aged Swiss is firmer allowing thinner slices.

Provolone Cheese

Provolone ranges from soft to very hard. Softer versions slice thicker with 15-20 per pound. Aged provolone slices thinner, up to 30 slices per pound.

American Cheese

American cheese is heavily processed which makes it easy to slice uniformly thin. Pre-packaged slices contain around 30 per pound.

Parmesan Cheese

Hard Italian cheeses like Parmesan can be grated thinly. Pre-shredded Parmesan has up to 30 flakes per pound. Cut from a block, estimate 20-25 thin slices.

Tips for Calculating Cheese Slices

Here are some useful tips when figuring out slice counts for different cheeses:

– Softer cheeses will yield fewer, thicker slices from a pound

– Harder cheeses can be sliced thinner, maximizing the slices per pound

– Pre-cut deli slices provide the most uniform thin slices

– Cutting your own slices leads to some variability and waste

– Knowing the slice thickness (deli, sandwich, etc) helps estimate better

– Allow for wiggle room in slice counts – cheese weights vary block to block

– Use a cheese slicer or mandoline to cut even slices from a block

– Try weighing some sample slices if you need an extremely accurate count

Practical Applications

Knowing approximately how many slices come from a pound of cheese has many useful applications:

Shopping for Cheese

Understanding slice yields can help purchase the right amount of cheese. If a recipe calls for 28 deli slices of cheddar, you’ll know to buy around a pound or slightly more.

Planning Meals and Recipes

For sandwiches, burgers, cheese boards and other recipes, you can determine how much cheese to buy and slice based on expected servings.

Portioning Cheese

Pre-slicing and separating cheese makes it easy to grab portions for school lunches, snacks, salads and charcuterie.

Comparing Cheese Value

Slice counts per pound allow you to compare package prices more accurately to find the better deal.

Controlling Serving Sizes

Knowing the approximate number of slices per pound makes it easier to control portion sizes and cheese consumption.

Storing Leftover Cheese

To keep leftover cheese fresh, proper storage is essential:

– Tightly rewrap all unused cheese in plastic wrap or waxed paper. Eliminate as much air as possible.

– Place wrapped cheese in a resealable freezer bag and press out any excess air.

– Store softer cheeses in the refrigerator crisper drawer, away from air flow. Harder cheeses can be kept in the main fridge area.

– Maintain a temperature of 35°F to 40°F for optimal preservation.

– Label the package with the date and cheese type. Use within 3-4 weeks for best quality.

– If extra cheese will not get used in time, freeze it. Thawed cheese may have some textural changes but will still taste good.

– When freezing, slice cheese if possible for easier individual portion use later. Separate slices with parchment paper.

– Cheese can be kept frozen for 2-3 months before quality deterioration occurs.


Determining the number of slices in a pound of cheese requires considering the cheese variety, slice thickness, shape of the cheese, and waste from cutting. On average, harder cheeses deliver 20-25 thinner slices per pound, while softer cheeses yield 15-20 thicker slices. Pre-cut deli and sandwich slices provide the most uniform thin slices at 25-30 per pound. Understanding approximate slice counts allows better planning for recipes, purchasing, portioning, and budgeting cheese.

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