How many points before you get fired Amazon?

Amazon uses a point system to track employee performance and behavior. Accumulating a certain number of points can lead to disciplinary action, including termination. The exact number of points that trigger firing varies based on the employee’s position and tenure with the company.

Amazon’s Point System

The point system is part of Amazon’s employee management process. Points are issued for policy violations, safety incidents, unauthorized absences, and productivity or quality issues. Each type of infraction is assigned a point value based on severity.

Common reasons for accruing points include:

  • Attendance issues like unexcused absences: 1-2 points
  • Tardiness: 0.5-1 point
  • Production errors: 1-3 points
  • Safety violations: 2-4 points
  • Policy non-compliance: 1-4 points

Employees can view their points balance through Amazon’s internal employee portal. When specific point thresholds are reached, set disciplinary actions occur:

Points Accumulated Disciplinary Action
2 points Verbal warning
4 points First written warning
6 points Second written warning
8 points Final written warning
10-12 points Termination

Termination Point Thresholds

The specific number of points that trigger firing depends on the employee’s position and how long they have worked for Amazon.

Warehouse Associates

For most warehouse associates and fulfillment center workers, accumulating 10-12 points can result in termination. New hires have a 30-day grace period where the allowable point balance before firing is slightly higher.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers face strict standards and are terminated after accruing 6-8 points in a rolling 180 day period. Their point allowances are lower because of public safety and liability concerns.

White Collar Employees

White collar employees like office workers and managers typically have higher point thresholds before being fired. They may accumulate up to 14 points before termination in some cases.

Tenured Employees

Employees who have been with Amazon for extended periods are sometimes given more leeway with points. Workers with 5+ years of tenure may have firing thresholds of 14-16 points.

Getting Points Removed

In some cases, employees can dispute points and have them removed from their record. Reasons points may be removed include:

  • Incorrectly assigned points
  • Extenuating circumstances for an infraction
  • Doctor validated medical excuses
  • Successful disciplinary appeals

Employees have to proactively engage with HR and management to contest points and request their removal. The process for disputing points usually involves:

  1. Filing a written dispute with supporting documentation
  2. Attending a disciplinary hearing
  3. Providing witnesses or evidence
  4. Meeting arbitrator guidelines for removing points

Even after points are removed, they remain visible on employee records. But they are noted as “expired” or “excused” so they don’t count towards progressive discipline.

Avoiding Points Accumulation

The best way for Amazon employees to avoid termination is to minimize points by:

  • Showing up on time every shift
  • Meeting or exceeding all productivity rates and quality metrics
  • Following all safety procedures precisely
  • Adhering closely to all policies and expectations
  • Having open communication with management about any issues
  • Providing doctor notes when needing to miss work
  • Disputing any points believed to be incorrect or unfair

Proactively managing attendance, performance, and conduct makes it less likely employees will accumulate points leading to discharge.

Getting Rehired After Termination

Employees fired from Amazon for points accumulation may be eligible for rehire after a waiting period of a few months. Some factors that allow rehiring include:

  • Being terminated for points alone, without major conduct issues
  • Having an otherwise positive history before point accumulation
  • Waiting the designated rehire waiting period
  • Reapplying and going through standard hiring processes
  • Agreeing to start back without prior points or disciplinary status

Rehired former employees essentially reset with a clean slate. But significant accumulated points leading to termination previously could make Amazon hesitant to rehire depending on circumstances.


Amazon uses a precise point system to address performance and conduct issues before termination. While thresholds vary based on role and tenure, most employees fall into the range of 10-14 points accumulated before being fired. Points are issued for policy violations, safety breaches, unauthorized absences, and productivity shortfalls. By managing their discipline and attendance, being aware of how points work, and disputing ones believed to be inaccurate, Amazon workers can aim to avoid crossing the firing point threshold.

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