How many pieces are in a Detroit-style pizza?

Detroit-style pizza is a rectangular pizza that is characterized by its thick, extra crispy crust and sauce layered on top of the cheese. Detroit-style pizza originated in Detroit, Michigan and has become popular across the United States. Determining how many pieces are in a Detroit-style pizza depends on the size of the pizza and how it is cut.

Typical Sizes of Detroit-Style Pizza

Detroit-style pizzas are baked in rectangular steel pans that are usually quite large in size. There are a few common sizes that Detroit-style pizzas are made in:

  • Small – Typically around 9 inches by 13 inches
  • Medium – Typically around 11 inches by 15 inches
  • Large – Typically around 13 inches by 18 inches
  • Extra Large – Can be up to 17 inches by 24 inches

So a Detroit-style pizza can range from quite small for an individual to extremely large for feeding a crowd. The size determines how many potential pieces the pizza can be cut into.

How Detroit-Style Pizzas are Traditionally Cut

The traditional way to cut a Detroit-style pizza is into squares. This method of cutting complements the pizza’s rectangular shape.

Smaller Detroit-style pizzas are often cut into 9 equal squares (3 rows of 3 squares).

Medium and large Detroit-style pizzas are commonly cut into 16 equal squares arranged in a 4×4 grid (4 rows of 4 squares).

Extra large Detroit-style pizzas can be cut into 25+ squares if needed to serve a very large party.

Number of Pieces by Pizza Size

Based on the typical cutting methods, here is an estimate of how many pieces you can expect in a Detroit-style pizza based on it’s size:

Pizza Size Number of Pieces
Small (9″ x 13″) 9
Medium (11″ x 15″) 16
Large (13″ x 18″) 16
Extra Large (17″ x 24″) 25+

As you can see, the number of pieces can range considerably from 9 in a small pizza up to 25+ pieces for an extra large pizza.

Factors That Affect Number of Pieces

There are a few factors that can affect how many pieces a Detroit-style pizza is cut into, including:

  • Personal preference – Some pizzerias may cut Detroit-style pizzas into different sized pieces based on customer requests. For example, smaller squares for picky eaters.
  • Size of the pizza – Very large Detroit-style pizzas may be cut into more than the typical 25 squares to allow easier serving of individual pieces.
  • Shape of the pizza – If the Detroit-style pizza baking pan is non-standard size, the pizza may be cut asymmetrically.

So while the traditional cutting method is to slice Detroit-style pizzas into equal square pieces, restaurants do have flexibility on how they cut the pizzas for serving.

How Many Pieces Are Typically Eaten?

On average, how many pieces of a Detroit-style pizza will a person eat in one sitting?

This depends on the individual’s appetite, but here are some general guidelines:

  • 1-2 pieces – For smaller appetites or children
  • 2-3 pieces – Average for most adults
  • 3-4 pieces – For very hungry adults or teenagers
  • 5+ pieces – For competitive eaters or those with very large appetites

The very thick, doughy crust and crispy edges of a Detroit-style pizza make it quite filling. Most people find that 2-3 squares is very satisfying. But those with heartier appetites may easily eat a whole quarter of a large Detroit-style pizza.

Strategies for Getting More Pieces

For very hungry pizza lovers, here are some useful strategies for getting more pieces out of your Detroit-style pizza:

  • Order a larger size pizza – Move up from a medium to a large, for example
  • Request additional slicing – Ask the pizzeria to cut the pizza into smaller pieces
  • Order an extra pizza – Get a second small or personal pizza for variety
  • Save leftovers – Detroit-style pizza reheats very well the next day
  • Share with friends – Bring a hungry group to help you eat more pieces
  • Enter contests – Try competitive pizza eating contests to eat the most pieces

With some creative strategies, Detroit-style pizza lovers can enjoy more of these delicious square slices.

Serving Tips for Large Groups

Detroit-style pizza is a great option for serving large gatherings, parties, or team events. Here are some tips for serving Detroit-style pizza effectively to big groups:

  • Order enough pizzas – Aim for 2-3 slices per person. Erring on too many is better than not enough.
  • Go for extra large sizes – 17″ x 24″ Detroit pies can feed about 20 people easily.
  • Cut into smaller pieces – Slice extra large pizzas into 30-40+ pieces for easier serving.
  • Keep slices together – Line up slices nicely and keep each guest’s pieces together on one plate.
  • Save a few whole pies – Don’t slice everything; leave 2-3 pizzas uncut for later or to-go boxes.
  • Provide individual plates & napkins – Help guests easily grab slices with minimal mess.
  • Have pizza cutters on hand – To recut pizzas as needed for customized slices.

With smart planning, Detroit-style pizza can be the perfect entree for your next big party or event.

Nutrition Information Per Piece

If you are watching your nutrition or calories, here are some estimates for the nutrition content in a single slice or square piece of Detroit-style pizza:

  • Calories: 250-400. Thicker crust means more calories per piece.
  • Carbohydrates: 30-50g
  • Protein: 10-20g
  • Fat: 5-15g
  • Sodium: 400-800mg. Depends on ingredients used.

Of course, nutrition numbers can vary widely depending on the toppings, cooking methods, and portion sizes. But a single serving of Detroit pizza generally ranges from 250-400 calories.

Strategies for Healthier Eating

Here are some tips for enjoying Detroit pizza more healthfully:

  • Load up on veggie toppings – Peppers, mushrooms, onions, etc add nutrients.
  • Opt for lean meats – Chicken, shrimp, or turkey pepperoni.
  • Ask for light sauce – Less oil and sodium.
  • Avoid thick, buttery crusts – Thin or medium crust options are lower calorie.
  • Only eat 1-2 pieces – Be mindful of portion size.
  • Balance with salad – Get some greens on the side.

With mindful choices, you can still enjoy the delicious taste of Detroit pizza without overdoing the calories, carbs, or fat.

Price Per Piece

How much does each square slice of Detroit pizza cost? Here are some average price estimates:

  • From a pizza chain or restaurant – $2-$4 per piece
  • From a pizza shop selling whole pies – $1.50-$3 per piece
  • Frozen Detroit-style pizza – $1-$2 per piece
  • Homemade – As low as $0.50 per piece

Of course, prices vary widely based on the restaurant, geographic area, ingredients, and ordering individual slices vs a whole pie. But per piece, expect to pay $1.50-$4 at most pizza places.

Finding Deals

To save money on Detroit pizza, watch for deals like:

  • Weekly specials – Many pizzerias do Detroit pizza discounts on certain days.
  • Lunch specials – Lower prices in the middle of the day.
  • Bulk ordering – Order 3+ pizzas for discounted prices.
  • Coupons & loyalty programs – Sign up for savings from major pizza chains.
  • Off-peak times – Order right when they open or late night.

With some creative strategies, you can enjoy Detroit’s famous pizza on a budget.

World Records

Some people love Detroit pizza so much, they try and eat as many pieces as possible to set world records. Here are some of the notable competitive eating records involving Detroit-style pizza:

  • Most Detroit pizza slices eaten in 1 minute – 14 slices (John Rains)
  • Most Detroit pizza slices eaten in 12 minutes – 103 slices (Julia Rodriguez)
  • Most Detroit pizza eaten in 8 minutes – 82 ounces (Miki Sudo)
  • Fastest time to eat a 30″ Detroit pizza – 5 minutes, 24 seconds (Joey Chestnut)

The current overall world record for eating the most Detroit-style pizza belongs to Miki Sudo, who ate 82 ounces (nearly 5.5 pounds!) of the pizza in just 8 minutes during a 2015 contest.

These competitive eaters have stretched the limits of how much Detroit pizza a person can consume in a single sitting! It requires intense training and skill to eat so many slices in such a short timeframe.

Popularity Relative to Other Styles

While not as ubiquitous as New York-style or Chicago deep dish pizza, Detroit-style pizza has steadily grown in popularity and availability across the United States. Here’s how it compares to some other major pizza styles in terms of popularity:

  • New York-style – Still the most popular and widely available American pizza style
  • Chicago deep dish – Iconic style, popularity centered in the Midwest
  • Neapolitan – Traditional Italian style, growing trend across upscale pizzerias
  • California/Gourmet – Unique artisanal pizzas on the rise
  • Sicilian – Thick square slices like Detroit, but origins in Sicily
  • Detroit-style – Gaining recognition nationwide, but still trailing in availability

While not the biggest pizza style, Detroit pizza’s fame has expanded from its Midwest origins and continues to win over pizza lovers across America.

Global Variations

Detroit-style pizza is a distinctive regional American type of pizza originally from Detroit, Michigan. But pizza is enjoyed all over the world in many cultural varieties. Here are a few examples of pizzas from different global regions and their unique traits:

  • Neapolitan (Italy) – Thin crust baked in extremely hot ovens for 90 seconds.
  • Chicago Deep Dish (United States) – Layered deep dish pies overloaded with cheese.
  • Greek Pizza – Fluffy crust and sauce mixed with Mediterranean spices.
  • California Pizza (United States) – Lots of creative, non-traditional toppings and flavors.
  • St. Louis Pizza (United States) – Thin crust with Provel cheese instead of mozzarella.
  • Brazilian Pizza – Tend to feature more veggies and less cheese than American pizzas.

Pizza provides a tasty window into culture and cuisine around the world! Detroit offers its unique take using automotive pans and focaccia-like crust.


Detroit-style pizza is a beloved regional pizza variety characterized by its rectangular shape, thick crispy crust, abundant cheese, and sauce drizzled over the top. The number of pieces in a Detroit pizza can range from 9 in a small pie up to 25+ slices for an extra large pizza. Several factors like pizza size, slicing preferences, and unusual shapes can affect the total piece count. Individual serving sizes also vary based on appetites and personal tastes. With creative strategies and smart ordering, Detroit pizza fans can get their perfect slice counts. And thanks to this pizza’s growing fame, Detroit-style pizza’s delicious square slices are becoming easier to find for pizza lovers everywhere.

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