How many ounces is Dunkin iced medium coffee?

Dunkin’ Donuts is known for its wide variety of coffee options, including hot, iced, and frozen coffee drinks in multiple sizes. One of their most popular iced coffee offerings is the medium iced coffee, which customers can customize to their liking with flavors, milk, sweeteners, and more. But exactly how big is a Dunkin’ medium iced coffee in terms of ounces? Let’s take a closer look at the size and volume of this coffee drink to get a definitive answer.

What Size is Dunkin’s Medium Iced Coffee?

At Dunkin’, a medium iced coffee is 16 fluid ounces. This places it right between Dunkin’s small iced coffee, which is 12 ounces, and the large iced coffee, which is 20 ounces.

So when ordering a medium iced coffee at Dunkin’, you can expect to get a 16 ounce cup filled with chilled coffee and any customizations like milk, sweetener, or flavor swirls. This provides a solid amount of iced coffee to enjoy without going overboard on size or price compared to the large option.

Volume and Dimensions of 16 Ounce Cup

Since Dunkin’s medium iced coffee is served in a 16 ounce cup, what are the actual dimensions and volume of a cup this size?

A standard 16 ounce paper cup holds about 473 milliliters or just over 15 fluid ounces. Here are some more key measurements:

– Height: About 6.5 inches
– Rim diameter: Around 3.2 inches
– Bottom diameter: Roughly 2.5 inches

The cup is wide at the top for easy sipping through a domed lid with a sipping hole. It then tapers down to a narrower base. The capacity sits at 16 fluid ounces right to the brim.

So in terms of volume, you can expect nearly a pint and a half of refreshing iced coffee when you order a Dunkin’ medium.

How Much Caffeine is in 16 Ounces of Dunkin Iced Coffee?

Now that we know the size of Dunkin’s medium iced coffee, a common follow up question is: how much caffeine comes in that 16 ounce serving?

This depends on a few factors:

– Type of coffee blend: Dunkin’ uses a custom medium roast blend in its iced coffee that contains arabica beans mixed with some robusta beans. Robusta beans contain nearly twice as much caffeine as arabica.

– Strength of the brew: Dunkin’ iced coffee is brewed at double strength using twice as many coffee grounds. It’s then diluted with ice at the time of serving. This makes it extra concentrated.

– Customizations: Adding flavor swirls, milk, sweeteners, and other mix-ins will slightly dilute the coffee and the caffeine content.

Taking these into account, a medium 16 ounce Dunkin’ iced coffee made with their standard brewing process contains roughly:

– 170-200mg caffeine on average

That’s a significant jolt of caffeine, though less than their 20 ounce large size which packs about 200-230mg.

For reference, an average 8 ounce cup of coffee has around 95mg caffeine. So Dunkin’s medium has nearly double the caffeine kick.

Price of a Dunkin Medium Iced Coffee

So what’s the damage on your wallet for a medium iced coffee from Dunkin’?

The base price for a plain medium iced coffee as of November 2023 is:

– $2.49 – $2.69 depending on location

However, Dunkin’ is known for its extensive customization options. Some popular additions and their upcharges include:

– Flavored swirls like caramel, hazelnut, or vanilla: +$0.50 – $1.00
– Milk alternatives like almond or oat milk: +$0.50
– Sweeteners like liquid sugar or flavored syrups: +$0.50
– Extra espresso shot: +$0.50 – $1.50
– Foam topping: +$0.50

With specialty customizations and location based variability, expect to pay around $3.50 – $5.00 for a medium iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Nutrition Facts for 16 Ounce Dunkin Iced Coffee

When choosing between different coffee drinks, it’s helpful to compare their nutrition facts. Here are the base nutrition facts for a medium 16 ounce Dunkin’ iced coffee made with skim milk:

Calories 70
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 75mg
Total Carbohydrates 14g
— Sugars 14g
Protein 6g

A few things stand out:

– It’s low calorie for the size, with just 70 calories in 16 ounces
– Since it’s black coffee plus skim milk, the fat and sodium content are minimal
– The majority of carbs and calories come from the naturally occurring sugars in milk
– You get a good amount of protein from the milk

Keep in mind this can change significantly if you add sugar, flavored swirls, creamers, etc. But overall, a Dunkin’ medium iced coffee is relatively low in calories and macros for the amount of coffee you get.

How Dunkin’s Iced Coffee is Prepared

Understanding how Dunkin’ makes its iced coffee can help explain why the medium size packs so much caffeine and flavor.

Here’s an overview of how Dunkin’ prepares its iced coffee:

– They start with a special cold-brewed coffee concentrate using a blend of arabica beans and higher-caffeine robusta beans
– This concentrate is brewed at double strength, using twice the amount of ground coffee beans compared to hot coffee
– It cold brews for 16 hours in refrigerated vats to extract maximum flavor and caffeine
– The concentrated coffee is then mixed with water and chilled to dilution it to regular strength before serving over ice
– For medium size, drink makers fill a 16 ounce cup with ice and add 16 ounces of chilled coffee concentrate resulting in a double strength, smooth, and highly caffeinated beverage

So compared to brewing hot coffee and pouring it over ice which dilutes flavor, Dunkin’ cold brew method allows the medium iced coffee to pack all the signature taste and caffeine you expect.

Dunkin Iced Coffee vs. Hot Coffee Caffeine

Since Dunkin’ uses a cold brewing process for its iced coffee rather than just pouring hot coffee over ice, how does it compare against Dunkin’ hot coffee in terms of caffeine content?

For reference, here are the average caffeine amounts in Dunkin’ hot coffee and iced coffee by size:

Dunkin’ Coffee Small Medium Large
Hot coffee (8oz) 215mg 308mg 386mg
Iced coffee (12oz/16oz/20oz) 125mg 175mg 225mg

Key takeaways:

– Hot coffee generally has more caffeine than iced per ounce due to direct hot water extraction
– However, thanks to cold brewing method, Dunkin’s iced coffee has nearly as much caffeine as hot ounce for ounce
– Medium hot has about 30mg more caffeine than medium iced

So while hot coffee packs a bit more of a jolt, Dunkin’s iced coffee made with a smooth cold brew concentrate still provides a significant caffeine boost in its medium 16oz size.

Tips for Customizing Your Medium Dunkin Iced Coffee

One of the best parts about Dunkin’s iced coffee is customizing it to your preferences. Here are some tips for making your medium iced coffee perfect:

– Add a flavored swirl like caramel or hazelnut to layer sweetness
– Use an alternative milk like oat or almond milk to add creaminess without heaviness
– Mix and match creamers like liquid sugar and French vanilla to create flavor combinations
– Top with a light cold foam for an extra creamy texture
– Ask for an extra espresso shot if you want an extra caffeine kick
– Request less ice or light ice if you don’t want dilution as the ice melts
– For sweeter coffee, use liquid cane sugar or honey instead of granulated sugar that doesn’t blend as well

The great thing about a medium iced coffee from Dunkin’ is you get the ideal amount of coffee to work with to customize it to your liking without overdoing it on caffeine or price. A medium provides room to add your favorite flavors compared to a small, while avoiding being overpowered by coffee like some Larges.

Should You Size Up or Down with Dunkin’s Iced Coffee?

Should you order a Small, Medium or Large when getting iced coffee from Dunkin’? Here’s a quick breakdown of how to decide:

**Order a Small if:**

– You want great flavor without excessive caffeine
– You prefer lighter, less sweet coffee
– You are sensitive to caffeine
– You want a good value

**Order a Medium if:**

– You want an energizing caffeine boost but not an extreme jolt
– You like to customize your coffee with flavors, milk, sugar etc.
– You need 16oz to quench your thirst on a hot day
– You want a happy medium size and caffeine dose

**Order a Large if:**

– You need tons of iced coffee to function in the morning
– You prefer bolder, sweeter coffee and can handle more caffeine
– You won’t have a chance to refill for many hours
– You want extra room for cream, milk, syrups etc.

Overall the medium 16 ounce size is the sweet spot for most iced coffee drinkers. But choosing small, medium or large depends on your preferences and caffeine needs. The medium allows flexibility to get the perfect drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Dunkin’ Donuts medium iced coffee:

Is a medium iced coffee from Dunkin 16 ounces?

Yes, a Dunkin medium iced coffee is 16 fluid ounces. It comes in a standard 16 ounce disposable paper cup.

What’s the difference between small, medium and large iced coffee at Dunkin?

– Small = 12 ounces
– Medium = 16 ounces
– Large = 20 ounces

So the medium is smack between the small and large size. The medium offers a nice balance for most people without excessive caffeine or dilution from ice.

Do all Dunkin locations use the same brewing method for iced coffee?

Yes, all Dunkin stores use the same cold-brewed coffee concentrate and brewing method for their iced coffee. This ensures consistency in the flavor, caffeine content, and preparation across all locations.

Can you order a medium iced coffee with extra caffeine at Dunkin?

Absolutely! Simply request an extra espresso shot in your medium iced coffee to add an extra jolt of caffeine. Dunkin baristas can also use less ice or stronger coffee concentrate to make it extra strong.

Which has more caffeine, hot or iced coffee at Dunkin?

Hot coffee generally has a bit more caffeine content per ounce. However, thanks to the cold brewing process, Dunkin’s iced coffee comes relatively close in caffeine to the hot coffee when comparing similar sizes.

Does a medium iced coffee always cost the same at every Dunkin?

The base price is usually consistent, but pricing can vary a little by location. Expect to pay between $2.49-$2.69 for a plain medium iced coffee. Add-ons like flavor swirls and milk alternatives will raise the price further.

The Bottom Line

So in summary, a medium iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts contains 16 fluid ounces. This gives you a solid amount of cold, delicious coffee to help energize your day, without going overboard on size or caffeine. It’s also reasonably priced and highly customizable to your preferences. Sipping a chilled, creamy medium iced coffee from Dunkin is a tasty way to beat the heat and get the cold brew coffee fix you crave.

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