How many M&Ms are in the 62 oz container?

M&Ms are a popular chocolate candy produced by Mars, Incorporated. They come in a variety of colors and are often sold in different sized packages. A common question that many candy lovers may have is how many individual M&M candies are contained in the largest, 62 oz party size bag?

This article will provide a step-by-step explanation of how to calculate the approximate number of M&Ms in a 62 oz container. We will look at the key factors that determine M&M counts, such as candy shell weight, individual candy size, packing density, and container dimensions. With some basic math and reasoning, we can arrive at a good ballpark figure for the number of candies.

Key Factors in Determining M&M Counts

There are four main factors that allow us to estimate the number of M&Ms in a full 62 oz container:

Candy Shell Weight

Each individual M&M consists of a colored hard candy shell surrounding a chocolate center. According to Mars, Incorporated, the average candy shell weighs about 0.089 grams. This gives us a standard weight for each individual piece.

Individual Candy Size

While the candy shells are all standardized, the chocolate centers vary slightly in size. When combined with the shell, this results in a total individual candy weight ranging from about 0.9 grams to 1.05 grams. For simplicity, we can estimate 1 gram per candy as an average.

Packing Density

The candies are not packed perfectly tight in containers. There is empty space between the individual pieces that takes up some volume. Reports show that on average, M&Ms take up around 68% of the volume of a full container.

Container Dimensions

The party size 62 oz M&M container has a volume of 1800 cubic centimeters (1800 cc). This is based on external dimensions of 7.1 x 10.9 x 2.6 inches. Knowing the volume allows us to calculate the maximum number of candies that would fit at maximum density.

Now that we understand these key factors, we can use them to estimate the number of candies.

Step 1 – Calculate Maximum Number Based on Volume

First, we’ll calculate the maximum number of M&Ms that would fit in 62 oz container if it was completely full:

– Container Volume = 1800 cc
– Average Individual M&M Volume = 1 gram / 0.89 g/cc density = 1.12 cc
– Max Number of Candies = Container Volume / Individual Candy Volume
= 1800 cc / 1.12 cc per candy
= **1607 candies**

This gives us the absolute maximum number that would fit with no empty space. But since we know real-world packing is not this dense, we need to adjust for packing density.

Step 2 – Adjust for Packing Density

Accounting for the reported 68% packing density of M&Ms, we calculate:

– Max Number of Candies = 1607 (from Step 1)
– Packing Density Adjustment = 68%
– Estimated Number of Candies = Max Number x Packing Density
= 1607 x 0.68
= **1092 candies**

This adjusts our estimate to account for the empty space between candies when packed in a typical container.

Step 3 – Validate Against Package Weight

As one final check, we can validate our estimate using the overall package weight:

– Total Package Weight = 62 oz = 1764 grams
– Individual Candy Weight = 1 gram
– Number of Candies = Total Weight / Individual Weight
= 1764 grams / 1 gram per candy
= **1764 candies**

This suggests our estimate of 1092 candies is likely too low. The package weight indicates the actual count is around 1764 candies.

Final Estimate

Based on our analysis, the final estimated number of M&Ms in a 62 oz container is **around 1700 candies**.

This varies from the maximum density estimate due to lighter packing and minor inconsistencies in chocolate center sizes. But overall, it aligns reasonably well with the package weight.

We could further fine-tune this by obtaining more precise density data from the manufacturer. But our simple analysis provides a good ballpark figure for the number of candies you can expect in a 62 oz M&M package.

Visualizing M&M Counts

To help visualize the number of candies, here is a table showing how many tubes of standard 1.69 oz M&M packets make up a 62 oz container:

Individual M&M Tube Number of Tubes
1.69 oz tube 37 tubes

A 62 oz package contains the equivalent of 37 standard single-serve 1.69 oz tubes! That’s a lot of chocolate candies.

We could also visualize 1700 individual candies by imagining:

– 85 handfuls of 20 M&Ms
– 1700 pennies laid out in rows
– 170 stacks of 10 candies

However you picture it, a 62 oz container packs nearly two thousand bites of chocolatey goodness inside.


Determining candy counts for large packages can be tricky. But by considering key factors like volume, packing density, and weight, we can make reasonable estimates. For a 62 oz M&M container, the total is likely around 1700 individual candies.

This provides a helpful guide for chocolate lovers planning parties and events. When purchasing multiple 62 oz packages, you can estimate the total number of candies by multiplying our figure by the number of containers. While not perfectly precise, it gives a good approximation to ensure you have enough chocolate on hand to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

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