How many ml is a BlenderBottle?

Quick Answer

BlenderBottles come in a variety of sizes, but the most common and popular size holds 20 oz or 595 ml of liquid. The typical 20 oz BlenderBottle has measurement marks on the side indicating ounces, cups, and milliliters. Specifically, the measurements are:

  • 20 oz
  • 2.5 cups
  • 591 ml

So in summary, a standard 20 oz BlenderBottle holds 591 ml or just shy of 600 ml. Other sizes like the 28 oz and 32 oz bottles hold 828 ml and 946 ml respectively.

Breaking Down BlenderBottle Sizes

BlenderBottle offers their popular shaker bottles in a range of sizes to meet different needs:

  • 20 oz – This is the original and most popular BlenderBottle size, holding 20 fluid ounces or 591 ml. It’s great for protein shakes, smoothies, and everyday use.
  • 28 oz – A larger 28 ounce bottle with a capacity of 828 ml. Good for mixing bigger shakes or for people who want more capacity.
  • 32 oz – The largest BlenderBottle size at 32 fluid ounces or 946 ml. Great for mixing large batches.
  • 12 oz – A slimmer 12 oz bottle holding 354 ml. More portable and designed for smaller serving sizes.
  • 16 oz – At 16 oz or 473 ml this is a happy medium between the small and large sizes.

So in summary the standard BlenderBottle sizes and capacities are:

BlenderBottle Size Fluid Ounces Milliliters
12 oz 12 354 ml
16 oz 16 473 ml
20 oz 20 591 ml
28 oz 28 828 ml
32 oz 32 946 ml

As you can see, the standard 20 oz BlenderBottle holds 591 ml of liquid.

Why the 20 oz BlenderBottle is So Popular

The 20 ounce or 591 ml BlenderBottle is by far the most popular size sold. Here’s why:

  • Holds enough liquid for most needs – 20 oz is great for ordinary protein shakes, smoothies, supplements, etc.
  • Fits in most car cup holders – The base is designed to fit well in standard sized cup holders.
  • Not too big or bulky – The 20 oz is a nice compact and portable size you can take anywhere.
  • Includes helpful measurement marks – Ounces, cups, and milliliters are all marked on the vessel.
  • Ideal capacity for shaker ball – The ball mixes well in a 20 oz bottle.
  • Good for sharing – 20 oz allows you to mix one shake and share between two people.

For most people mixing everyday drinks and shakes, the 20 ounce BlenderBottle hits the sweet spot. It holds a versatile amount of liquid, while remaining compact and portable. The capacity is large enough to share or mix double servings, but not so large it becomes cumbersome to carry around. It’s especially convenient that it fits right into car cup holders too.

Mixing Large Volumes

If you need to mix very large volumes, like for a big batch of protein shake for the whole family or meal replacements, then the 28 oz or 32 oz BlenderBottles are useful. Their extra large capacity means you can mix a full liter of liquid.

The downside is the larges sizes are less convenient for portable use. The 28 oz blender bottle holds nearly 2 liters and is quite bulky. The 32 oz size exceeds typical cup holder sizes. While the big volumes are nice for large batches, they aren’t ideal for taking in the car or throwing in a gym bag.

For most fitness enthusiasts making 1-2 protein shakes at a time, the standard 20 oz BlenderBottle will be sufficient. Only those mixing huge batches will benefit from the 28 or 32 oz mega bottles. Keep in mind the mixing ball may not circulate as efficiently in a bottle that’s over-filled too.

Maximizing Portability

If you want maximize portability and keep your shake blend with you at all times, the 12 oz BlenderBottle is useful. It holds just over 1.5 cups or 354 ml – enough for a hearty single serving. The downsize is it doesn’t allow for mixing bigger batches or sharing between multiple people. But if you just need a personal sized bottle, the 12 oz is extremely compact and will fit in any cup holder, bag, or purse with ease.

Finding a Middle Ground

Stuck choosing between the small 12 oz and larger 20 oz sizes? The 16 oz BlenderBottle gives you a nice middle ground. At 16 fluid ounces or 473 ml it holds over 1 and 3/4 cups – more than the 12 oz but less than the 20 oz. This allows for a bit bigger serving or some extra room for ice cubes. And it still remains super portable. The 16 oz hits a nice balance that some people prefer.

Specialized BlenderBottles

Beyond the standard round bottles, BlenderBottle also offers some specialty designs:

  • BlenderBottle Pro – A tall, slim bottle that fits in most bags water bottle sleeves.
  • BlenderBottle Sport – A wider bottle designed to fit in car door cup holders.
  • BlenderBottle Extreme – A sturdy stainless steel bottle for extra durability.

These specialty bottles come in various sizes from 12 oz up to 28 oz. So be sure to check the specific capacity if you want to know how many ml they hold. The wide range of bottle shapes and capacities means you can really customize your BlenderBottle to your needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways on BlenderBottle Capacity

To summarize the key points on BlenderBottle sizes:

– The standard 20 oz BlenderBottle holds 591 ml – just shy of 600 ml. This is the most popular size.

– Other common sizes are the 28 oz (828 ml), 32 oz (946 ml), 16 oz (473 ml), and 12 oz (354 ml).

– The 20 oz bottle is so popular because it holds a versatile amount for most needs, while remaining portable.

– Go bigger (28 or 32 oz) if you need to mix very large batches. Go smaller (12 or 16 oz) to maximize portability.

– Specialized bottles like the BlenderBottle Pro, Sport, and Extreme come in a variety of capacities.

So in the end, while the volumes vary across the different BlenderBottle models, the 20 ounce size holding around 600 ml is the standard capacity for everyday use. This meets most people’s needs while keeping the bottle easy to transport and convenient for shaking on the go. Just remember to double check the exact ml or oz a BlenderBottle holds if you need a specific volume.


BlenderBottles are a popular way to mix up protein shakes, smoothies, and supplements on the go. The standard 20 oz BlenderBottle has a capacity right around 600 ml. This size is so popular because it allows you to blend a good sized serving while remaining light and portable to take anywhere.

However BlenderBottle offers sizes ranging from the compact 12 oz up to a robust 32 oz for specialized needs. Just be aware the container capacity can vary, so check the exact ml a specific BlenderBottle holds if you need precision. With the right sized BlenderBottle you can quickly whip up your blend, snap on the lid, and have your drink conveniently ready for any time or place.

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