How many days are sufficient for London?

When visiting a major international city like London, one of the most common questions travelers ask is “How many days should I spend here?” While the answer depends on your personal interests and travel style, most experts recommend spending at least 4-6 days in London to have an optimal experience.

Quick Answer

For a first-time visitor looking to hit the top attractions, 4 full days is usually sufficient to see the highlights of London. This allows you to see the major sights like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the British Museum and more, with time left over for exploring local neighborhoods, markets, parks and some of London’s famous pubs. With 6 days you can take a more relaxed pace with time for day trips out of the city.

How Many Days for London – Detailed Overview

Here is a more detailed look at how many days you need in London based on your interests and travel style:

2 Days in London

While it’s possible to see some of the major highlights in 2 days, this is a very rushed visit. You may be able to visit Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum and walk through central neighborhoods like Soho, Covent Garden and Mayfair. However, you will miss out on the great museums like the National Gallery and Tate Modern, boroughs like Camden Town and Shoreditch, day trips outside the city and the fun of relaxing at a pub or cafe people-watching. Better to add more time if possible.

3 Days in London

Three days allows a slightly more comfortable pace, giving you time to visit the major landmarks, see one or two museums and explore some central neighborhoods. You could spend one day focused on Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the West End. On another day you could visit the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral, followed by an afternoon in East London neighborhoods like Shoreditch. And you may have time to visit Greenwich, Kensington or Camden. While doable, 3 days goes by quickly in a city as large as London.

4 Days in London

Four days in London provides enough time to see all the major highlights at a comfortable pace, with time left over for relaxing or seeing more neighborhoods. You’ll have time for all the top attractions like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, British Museum, National Gallery, Buckingham Palace and more. You can also take an afternoon tea, enjoy dinner and a show in the West End, explore markets like Camden Lock and Borough Market, visit trendy East London, and take in the views from the Shard or London Eye. Four days allows you to experience the top sights along with the local London vibe.

5 Days in London

Five days allows you to see all of London’s top attractions, while also having time for day trips out of the city. Along with experiencing all the major landmarks and museums, you could visit Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath, Cambridge or other destinations nearby. Five days also gives you time for fun “off-the-beaten-path” activities like seeing Shakespeare at the Globe Theater, taking a day trip to Brighton, or having a leisurely afternoon tea. This amount of time lets you balance the “must-sees” with some flexibility.

6-7 Days in London

Six to seven days gives you the flexibility to see all of London’s highlights while also having time to dive into specific interests like art, history, or shopping. With this amount of time you can cover all the iconic sights, take day trips out of the city, visit more museums and immerse yourself in the London culture at your own pace. Six days also allows you to add fun extras like seeing live music or theatre in the West End, taking a street art tour, browsing Portobello Market on a Saturday, or joining a walking tour. A full week gives you time to discover hidden gems most tourists miss.

When Determining Length of Stay

When deciding how long to spend in London, here are some factors to consider:

  • Is this your first time in London? If so, plan for more time to see the top sights.
  • How much do you want to focus on museums and historical sites versus local culture and neighborhoods?
  • Do you plan to take day trips out of London? These add to your total itinerary.
  • Will you see shows or performances in the evening that take time?
  • Do you like a fast-paced trip or a more relaxed one with free time?
  • Will you use London as a base to see other parts of England like Oxford or Stonehenge?
  • How many days can you realistically budget for the trip?

Top Attractions & How Long They Take

To help plan your days, here is an estimate of how long some of London’s top attractions take to experience:

Attraction Time Needed
British Museum 3-5 hours
Tower of London 3-4 hours
Westminster Abbey 1-2 hours
Natural History Museum 2-3 hours
Windsor Castle 3-4 hours plus travel time
Buckingham Palace 2-3 hours
St Paul’s Cathedral 2-3 hours
Day trip to Stonehenge & Bath Full day with travel time
National Gallery 2-3 hours
West End musical or show 3+ hours in evening

Recommended Itineraries

Based on the time needed for attractions and accounting for transportation, meals, etc., here are some recommended itineraries for London based on length of stay:

4 Days in London

Day 1: Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, West End

Day 2: British Museum, Covent Garden, Soho, East London

Day 3: Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Southbank, Borough Market

Day 4: National Gallery, Hyde Park, Shopping in Mayfair/Knightsbridge

5 Days in London

Day 1: Westminster, Buckingham Palace, National Gallery

Day 2: British Museum, Camden Market

Day 3: Tower of London, Southbank, Tate Modern

Day 4: Day Trip to Windsor Castle & Eton

Day 5: Greenwich, Up the Shard, West End Show

7 Days in London

Day 1: Westminster, West End

Day 2: Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral

Day 3: British Museum, Soho, Covent Garden

Day 4: Day Trip to Stonehenge & Bath

Day 5: Kew Gardens, Richmond

Day 6: Greenwich, London Eye, Southbank

Day 7: Hyde Park, Shopping, Neighborhood Strolling


In summary, 4 days allows you to see the highlights, 5 days lets you add in day trips, while 6-7 days gives you time to fully immerse in London at an easier pace. Consider your must-see sights, interests and travel style when deciding. Regardless of length, London is sure to enchant with its iconic landmarks, world-class museums, historic streets and vibrant culture. Proper planning ensures you can make the most of your visit.

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