How many carbs are in Joia sparkling Cosmopolitan?

Joia sparkling Cosmopolitan is a refreshing, low-calorie cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, lime juice and sparkling water. Many people enjoy the taste of a Cosmopolitan but want to limit their carb and calorie intake. For health-conscious drinkers, Joia provides a solid option with only 2g of carbs per serving.

Nutrition Facts for Joia Sparkling Cosmopolitan

Here are the nutrition facts for a 5oz (148ml) serving of Joia sparkling Cosmopolitan:

Calories 72
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 2g
Sugar 0g
Protein 0g

As you can see, a 5oz pour of Joia Cosmopolitan contains just 2g of carbohydrates. This makes it a lighter, lower-carb option compared to a regular Cosmopolitan made with sugary cranberry juice.

Ingredients in Joia Sparkling Cosmopolitan

To understand where the 2g of carbs come from, let’s look at the ingredients in Joia’s sparkling Cosmo:

  • Vodka – Vodka is a distilled spirit made from fermented grains or potatoes. It contains no carbs or sugar.
  • Triple sec – Triple sec is a orange-flavored liqueur with some residual sugar. It contains about 7g carbs per ounce.
  • Lime juice – Fresh lime juice has nearly no carbs. It adds tart citrus flavor.
  • Sparkling water – Plain seltzer or soda water has 0 calories, 0g carbs.

The small amount of carbs in Joia’s Cosmo come from the splash of triple sec. Since a typical serving uses just 0.5oz of triple sec, it contributes approximately 3.5g of the 2g of carbs. The lime juice and sparkling water provide no carbs.

Comparing Joia to a Traditional Cosmopolitan

To put the 2g carb count in perspective, let’s compare Joia’s sparkling Cosmo to a traditional Cosmo made with cranberry juice:

Joia Sparkling Cosmopolitan (5oz serving)

  • 2g carbs
  • 0g sugar
  • 72 calories

Traditional Cosmopolitan (5oz serving)

  • 14g carbs
  • 11g sugar
  • 170 calories

There is a significant difference in carb content between the two cocktails. A standard Cosmo can have over 10g more carbs and added sugar per serving compared to Joia’s sparkling version. For people monitoring their carb and sugar intake, Joia is clearly the lower-carb option.

Is Joia Cosmopolitan Keto-Friendly?

The keto diet requires limiting net carb intake to 20-50g per day. With only 2g net carbs per serving, Joia’s sparkling Cosmo can readily fit into a keto eating plan.

Here is a comparison of the carb content in Joia Cosmo compared to daily keto carb limits:

Joia Cosmo Carbs (5oz) 2g
Daily Keto Carb Limit (minimum) 20g
Daily Keto Carb Limit (maximum) 50g

With just single-digit carb counts, Joia Cosmopolitan can be an occasional low-carb treat for keto dieters when consumed in moderation. It provides the flavor of a classic Cosmo without going over your daily carbohydrate limits.

Low-Carb Cocktail Options to Try

Joia sparkling Cosmopolitan is one of several delicious low-carb cocktail options you can enjoy. Here are a few other keto-friendly drinks to try:

Vodka Soda

Vodka mixed with plain sparkling water or soda water. Choose a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon for extra flavor.

Dry Martini

Gin or vodka mixed with dry vermouth. Garnish with olives.

Bloody Mary

Vodka mixed with tomato juice, lemon juice and spices. Garnish with celery.

Tequila Seltzer

Tequila topped with seltzer and a squeeze of lime.

Wine Spritzer

Dry white wine or dry sparkling wine mixed with soda water.

Each of these low-calorie, low-carb cocktails clock in at under 5g net carbs per serving. Feel free to mix up your keto drink choices!

Tips for Ordering Low-Carb Drinks at Bars

When drinking out at a bar or restaurant, you can request low or no carb modifications to traditional cocktails. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask for soda water with alcohol instead of sugary mixers like juice or regular soda.
  • Request drinks made with sugar-free mixers, like diet soda or soda water.
  • Avoid beer and flavored liquor that may have added carbs and sugars.
  • Skip sweet garnishes like maraschino cherries.
  • Ask for extra lime or lemon wedges to add flavor without carbs.
  • Request wine or liquor on the rocks instead of frozen or blended high-carb drinks.

Most bars are accommodating of requests for low-sugar or carb-conscious substitutions. Don’t be shy about asking the bartender to adjust a cocktail to fit your dietary needs.

Should You Have More Than One Low-Carb Drink?

When it comes to low-carb cocktails, moderation is key. Just because a drink is low in carbs does not mean you should have unlimited refills.

Here are some tips for drinking low-carb cocktails responsibly:

  • Avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Eat a healthy meal before going out.
  • Drink plenty of water between cocktails to stay hydrated.
  • Set a firm limit on the number of drinks you will have.
  • Drink slowly. Sip – don’t gulp or chug.
  • Avoid “shots” which are easier to over-consume.
  • Know your personal tolerance and don’t go overboard.
  • Enjoy your drinks over a longer period of time, not all at once.
  • Always have a sober ride home planned.

While an occasional low-carb cocktail may be fine, heavy drinking can stall weight loss goals. Practice mindful, moderate drinking for best results.

The Bottom Line

Joia sparkling Cosmopolitan is a refreshing low-carb cocktail choice, with just 2g net carbs and 0g sugar per serving. Made with vodka, triple sec, lime juice and soda water, it provides the classic Cosmo flavor without all the added carbs. Joia’s sparkling Cosmo can readily fit into a keto eating plan.

When opting for low-carb cocktails, be mindful of overall calorie and alcohol intake. Sip drinks slowly, stay hydrated, and avoid overconsumption. Enjoy your keto-friendly drinks responsibly.

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