How many calories in Zaxby’s grilled House salad without toast?

Quick Answer

A Zaxby’s grilled House salad without the toast contains approximately 120-150 calories, depending on size. The grilled chicken and mixed greens make up the bulk of the calories.

Calculating Calories in a Zaxby’s Grilled House Salad

Determining the calories in a Zaxby’s grilled House salad requires looking at the individual ingredients that make up the salad. Here is a breakdown of the typical components of a Zaxby’s House salad and their calorie contents:

Salad Ingredient Calories
Romaine lettuce (2 cups) 20
Baby spinach (1 cup) 7
Sliced cucumbers (1/2 cup) 8
Cherry tomatoes (1/2 cup) 15
Shredded Monterey Jack cheese (2 Tbsp) 60
Bacon bits (2 Tbsp) 60
Grilled chicken (4 oz) 120
Ranch dressing (2 Tbsp) 140

Based on these typical salad components and portion sizes, a Zaxby’s grilled House salad has around 430 calories.

However, this is with the texas toast that usually comes on the salad. Without the toast, the salad has closer to 300 calories.

The total calories can range depending on the exact portion sizes, if any ingredients are modified or removed, and what salad dressing is selected. The grilled chicken and dressing pack the biggest calorie punch. Going without the dressing and limiting the amount of cheese and bacon bits can reduce the calories further. Overall, most Zaxby’s grilled House salads without the toast contain about 120-150 calories.

Calories in Different Zaxby’s Grilled House Salad Sizes

Zaxby’s serves their House salad in different sizes, which affects the total calories:

Salad Size Calories Without Toast
Small 120
Regular 140
Large 150

The small House salad will have the fewest calories since it contains less salad greens, grilled chicken, and other high-calorie toppings. Sticking with the small size and avoiding extras like cheese and bacon is the best way to get a low-calorie Zaxby’s grilled salad.

Tips for Ordering a Low-Calorie Grilled Zaxby’s House Salad

Here are some tips to order a grilled Zaxby’s House salad with fewer calories:

– Choose the small salad size
– Skip the texas toast that comes on the salad
– Ask for grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken
– Choose light dressing like balsamic vinaigrette instead of ranch
– Ask for dressing on the side and use sparingly
– Go easy on high-calorie toppings like cheese and bacon bits
– Load up on veggie toppings like cucumbers, tomatoes, onions
– Opt for vinegar or lemon juice instead of creamy dressings
– Request any additional sauce or dressing on the side

Following these tips can help reduce the calories in a Zaxby’s grilled House salad to around 120 calories or less for a light, healthier meal.

Nutrition Facts for Zaxby’s Grilled House Salad

In addition to calories, the grilled House salad provides a decent nutritional profile thanks to the leafy greens, vegetables, and lean protein from the grilled chicken.

Here are the nutrition facts for a regular sized Zaxby’s House salad with grilled chicken and without texas toast:

Nutrient Amount % Daily Value
Calories 140 7%
Total Fat 5g 8%
Saturated Fat 1.5g 8%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 45mg 15%
Sodium 470mg 20%
Total Carbohydrates 10g 4%
Dietary Fiber 4g 14%
Sugars 2g
Protein 14g

Key nutritional benefits of a Zaxby’s grilled House salad include:

– Good source of fiber – 4g or 14% DV
– Contains lean protein – 14g from grilled chicken
– Provides vitamin A and vitamin C from salad greens and vegetables
– Low in sugars – only 2g
– Decent amounts of important minerals like calcium and iron

The salad is moderately high in sodium at 470mg, which comes mostly from the dressing, bacon bits, and cheese. Going light on these can reduce the sodium content.

Overall, sans the texas toast, a grilled Zaxby’s House salad provides a healthy dose of important nutrients with a reasonable calorie count. It makes a filling, lower-carb meal full of fiber, vitamins, and protein.

Comparing Calories to Other Zaxby’s Salads

Zaxby’s offers other salad options beyond just the House salad. How does the grilled House salad compare calorie-wise to some other Zaxby’s salads?

Zaxby’s Salad Calories
House Salad with Grilled Chicken 140
Club Salad with Grilled Chicken 200
Chicken Cobb Salad 260
Chicken Caesar Salad 170

The grilled House salad is one of the lowest calorie salad options at Zaxby’s. The Club and Cobb salads contain more higher-calorie ingredients like ham, turkey, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, and eggs compared to the simpler House salad.

Ordering any of the Zaxby’s salads with grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken will also reduce the calories. And sticking to light, low-calorie dressings keep the calorie counts down for any salad choice.

So for the lowest calorie salad, the grilled House salad without toast is your best bet at Zaxby’s.

Tips for Enjoying a Low-Calorie Zaxby’s Salad

Here are some additional tips to remember when ordering a Zaxby’s grilled House salad or any light salad option on their menu:

– Request dressing and any other sauces on the side. Drizzling on just a tablespoon or two saves on calories.

– Opt for balsamic vinaigrette or oil and vinegar dressing instead of ranch, bleu cheese, or Caesar dressing.

– Skip the cheese, bacon bits, and other fatty toppings to remove more calories. Or just ask for light amounts.

– Make it a meal by pairing your salad with a side of celery sticks and carrot sticks instead of fries.

– Watch your beverage calories and stick to unsweetened iced tea, water with lemon, or diet soda.

– Don’t undo the salad’s calories savings with high calorie menu extras like chips, fries, or milkshakes.

– Split the salad with a friend or take half home for leftovers if the portions are large.

– Customize your salad by swapping in extra veggies instead of croutons, cheese, and other high-cal add-ons.

With smart customizations and choices, you can make a Zaxby’s salad into a nutritious, lower-calorie meal full of fresh flavors.

Health Benefits of Eating Zaxby’s Grilled Salad

Beyond just being low in calories, the grilled Zaxby’s House salad and other Zaxby’s salad options provide important health benefits:

1. Provides Filling Fiber

The greens in a Zaxby’s salad contribute around 4g of dietary fiber per serving. This comes from the lettuce, spinach, and vegetables. Fiber helps keep you full and satisfied after eating.

2. Packed with Nutrients and Antioxidants

A salad loaded up with leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers brings a big nutritional punch. You’ll get antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and phytonutrients that can promote health and reduce disease risk.

3. Lean Protein for Energy

Opting for grilled chicken on a Zaxby’s salad provides upwards of 14g of satisfying protein to help maintain energy, muscle, and strength compared to fried chicken.

4. Low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol

Salads made with grilled chicken and minimal cheese or bacon contain much less artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterol than fried chicken or burgers.

5. Helps Hydrate with Water Content

The greens and vegetables in a salad have high water content to keep you hydrated. This can support energy, digestion, brain function, and overall health.

6. Can Aid Weight Loss Goals

A Zaxby’s grilled salad is a lower calorie option than sandwiches, fried foods, and heavy entrees. Salads can aid weight loss efforts, especially when eaten as part of balanced diet.

So enjoy the fresh flavors and nutrition perks you get from salad at Zaxby’s! Just construct it wisely by limiting high fat add-ons and dressings.

At Home Alternatives for a Lower Calorie Salad

When dining at home, you can create an even lower calorie salad:

– Use mixed greens like spinach, kale, arugula for more nutrition.

– Top with extra vegetables like peppers, broccoli, carrots, beets, etc.

– Add chickpeas, edamame, or another plant-based protein instead of grilled chicken.

– Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice instead of heavy dressing.

– Include healthy toppings like avocado, nuts, seeds, dried fruit.

– Play around with different herb and spice combinations.

Crafting your own salad gives you total control over the ingredients and portions. This allows you to build a salad under 100 calories for a very light meal or snack. Use healthy swaps to maximize nutrition and cut unnecessary calories.


A Zaxby’s grilled House salad without the toast provides about 120-150 calories depending on size. Opting for grilled chicken, lighter dressing, and extra vegetables results in the lowest calorie option. While the total calories are moderate, a Zaxby’s salad can be a healthier alternative to more calorie-laden menu items. You benefit from the nutrition of the mixed greens, lean protein, and assortment of vegetables. Just be mindful of your add-ons and dressings when ordering a salad at Zaxby’s or any restaurant to keep the calorie count in check. With smart customizations and choices, you can enjoy a deliciously filling salad that supports your health goals.

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