How many calories in a typical turkey club sandwich?

A turkey club sandwich is a classic sandwich that usually consists of sliced turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toasted bread. It’s a filling and flavorful sandwich that can make a good lunch or light dinner. But how many calories are actually in a typical turkey club sandwich?

Quick Answer

The total calories in a typical turkey club sandwich range from 300 to 700 calories. This estimate depends on the exact ingredients and portion sizes used. A sandwich made with 2-3 ounces of turkey, 2-3 slices of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and 2 slices of bread can have 300 to 500 calories. Larger portions, bread with higher calories, cheese, mayonnaise, and other ingredients can bring the calorie count closer to 700 calories or more.

Calories in Common Turkey Club Sandwich Ingredients

To estimate the calories for a whole turkey club sandwich, it helps to know the calorie count for each of the major ingredients:

  • 2 slices of white bread: 140 calories
  • 2 slices of wheat bread: 160 calories
  • 3 ounces sliced turkey breast: 90 calories
  • 2 slices bacon: 80 calories
  • 1 leaf lettuce: 5 calories
  • 2 slices tomato: 10 calories
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise: 90 calories

Using these common calorie counts, a basic turkey club made with 2 slices of bread, 3 ounces turkey, 2 bacon slices, lettuce, and tomato with no mayo would be around 325 calories. If made with wheat bread instead of white, it would be 345 calories.

Calorie Range for Different Versions

There are many variations of the turkey club sandwich. Ingredients can be added or portion sizes increased to significantly increase the calorie count. Here is an approximate calorie range for different common versions:

  • Basic small turkey club (white bread): 300-400 calories
  • Basic medium turkey club (wheat bread): 375-475 calories
  • Turkey club with cheese: 400-500 calories
  • Turkey club with mayo or sauce: 475-575 calories
  • Large turkey club (extra meat and cheese): 550-700+ calories

As you can see, the calorie count scales up as you add ingredients like cheese and mayonnaise or increase the portion sizes of the meats and bread. A large triple-decker turkey club with extra ingredients can contain 700 or more calories.

Calories Based on Individual Restaurant Versions

To get specific, here are the typical calorie counts for turkey club sandwiches from some popular restaurants:

Restaurant Turkey Club Calories
Arby’s 740
Panera Bread 550
Subway 320-520
Quiznos 440
McAlister’s Deli 630

As you can see, calories vary widely depending on the restaurant. Fast food turkey clubs tend to have the most calories, ranging from over 700 calories at Arby’s to around 500 calories at Panera. Subway’s turkey club calorie count starts lower at 320 but can go up to 520 with added ingredients. Deli turkey clubs from chains like Quiznos and McAlister’s have 440-630 calories.

Factors That Impact the Calorie Count

Several factors account for the wide calorie counts among different turkey club sandwiches:

  • Bread type: White bread has slightly fewer calories than multi-grain wheat bread. Brioche and other artisan breads often have higher calorie counts.
  • Portion sizes: More meat, extra bacon, and larger bread portions add more calories.
  • Ingredients: Mayo, cheese, avocado, dressing, and other additions all increase the calorie count.
  • Cooking method: Bacon or bread cooked in butter or oil adds more calories than plain.

You can estimate the calories based on the specific details of the sandwich you are ordering or making. In general, opting for wheat bread over white, easy on the mayo, and reasonable portion sizes can keep the calories on the lower end of the range.

Tips for a Lower Calorie Turkey Club

Here are some tips for making a tasty turkey club sandwich with a bit less calories:

  • Use lighter bread like whole wheat instead of white, brioche, or artisan breads
  • Ask for extra vegetables like lettuce, tomato, onion, spinach
  • Get the sandwich with light mayo or mustard instead of regular mayo
  • Opt for a half sandwich or small/junior size
  • Skip the cheese and bacon or only get one slice of each
  • Order it as a salad wrap instead of normal bread
  • Ask for easy or light oil or butter when the bread is toasted

With some simple modifications, you can shave off calories from a turkey club while still enjoying the classic flavors. Building your sandwich with more fresh veggies and lighter sauces and condiments makes a difference.

Healthier Homemade Turkey Club

Making your own turkey club at home is a great way to control calories. Here is a recipe for a healthier homemade version:


  • 2 slices whole wheat bread
  • 3 oz sliced turkey breast
  • 2 slices center-cut bacon
  • 1 tbsp light mayo
  • Lettuce, tomato, onion


  1. Toast the whole wheat bread lightly
  2. Cook the bacon in a skillet until crispy
  3. Spread light mayo on one slice of toasted bread
  4. Layer the turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion on top
  5. Top with the other slice of toasted bread
  6. Cut diagonally and serve

This homemade version uses lighter ingredients and smaller portions to keep the calorie count around 385 calories total. Make it your own by adding mustard, pickles, or other veggies you enjoy!

Nutritional Benefits of Turkey Club Sandwiches

Turkey clubs make a filling and nutritious light meal when made with lean turkey, whole grain bread, and ample veggies. Here are some of the benefits of the typical ingredients:

  • Turkey: High in protein, low in fat, source of vitamins B6 and B12
  • Whole grain bread: Good source of fiber, minerals like iron and magnesium
  • Bacon: Source of protein, good fats, and antioxidants
  • Lettuce/tomatoes: Provide fiber, vitamin C, potassium

Going easy on high-calorie condiments like mayo or bacon can help keep the nutritional profile strong. Overall, turkey sandwiches make a tasty and balanced meal when you opt for quality ingredients.


A turkey club sandwich typically contains between 300-700 calories depending on the size and ingredients used. Choosing whole wheat bread, lots of veggies, and lighter condiments and cooking methods can help keep calories on the lower end. Making your own turkey club at home makes it easy to control the calories and nutritional quality. While the exact calorie count varies, turkey club sandwiches make a flavorful meal that can be modified to fit different dietary needs.

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