How many calories in a tall cafe mocha?

A cafe mocha is a popular coffee drink made with espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup, and often topped with whipped cream. But with all those tasty ingredients, many wonder just how many calories are in a tall cafe mocha at popular coffee chains.

Quick Answer

A tall cafe mocha typically contains between 250-400 calories depending on size, ingredients, and customize add-ons. A 12 oz tall cafe mocha at Starbucks contains 250 calories, while a 16 oz at Dunkin contains 390 calories. Customizations like whole milk, whipped cream, flavored syrups, and toppings can add 100+ extra calories.

Detailed Calories Breakdown by Coffee Chain

The number of calories in a tall cafe mocha can vary significantly depending on where you get it and what size, milk, flavors, and customizations you choose. Here is a detailed breakdown of calories by coffee chain for a tall cafe mocha:


A 12 oz tall cafe mocha with 2% milk at Starbucks contains approximately:

  • 250 calories
  • 9 grams fat
  • 33 grams carbs
  • 31 grams sugar
  • 9 grams protein

Upgrading to whole milk adds an extra 60 calories. Adding whipped cream adds an extra 80 calories. Flavor syrups like white chocolate, caramel, or pumpkin spice add an extra 60-80 calories each.


A 16 oz tall cafe mocha with skim milk at Dunkin contains approximately:

  • 390 calories
  • 8 grams fat
  • 63 grams carbs
  • 51 grams sugar
  • 15 grams protein

Changing to whole milk instead adds an extra 80 calories. Adding flavored swirls like caramel or mocha adds 60-120 extra calories.


A 16 oz tall cafe mocha with 2% milk at McCafe contains approximately:

  • 420 calories
  • 15 grams fat
  • 63 grams carbs
  • 51 grams sugar
  • 12 grams protein

Asking for it with whole milk adds around 60 more calories. Extra espresso shots, chocolate drizzle, and whipped topping can add 50-150+ more calories.

Tim Hortons

A 14 oz tall cafe mocha with 2% milk at Tim Hortons has roughly:

  • 300 calories
  • 9 grams fat
  • 51 grams carbs
  • 45 grams sugar
  • 11 grams protein

Opting for whole milk adds about 50 extra calories. Adding flavors like French vanilla or caramel adds around 80 additional calories.

Factors That Impact Total Calories

As you can see, the calorie count of a tall cafe mocha can range significantly based on where you get it and what customizations you choose. Here are some of the key factors that impact the total calories:

Coffee Chain

Each coffee chain uses slightly different recipes and default ingredients for their cafe mochas. Starbucks and Dunkin use 12 oz and 16 oz as the tall size, while McCafe and Tim Hortons use 16 oz and 14 oz. So pay attention to size and ingredients based on location.


The taller the coffee drink, the more calories it will contain. A 12 oz tall has less calories than a 16 oz tall. Upsizing to a grande or venti will add even more calories from more milk, espresso, and syrups.

Type of Milk

Most cafe mochas are made with 2% milk by default. Switching to whole milk adds around 50-80 extra calories depending on size. Non-dairy milk like almond or coconut milk tends to be lower calories.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream tops the mocha with a swirl of sweet fluff. But that fluff can cost you 80+ extra calories.

Flavored Syrups

Adding pumps of flavored syrups like white chocolate, caramel, or pumpkin spice can add 60-120+ calories from the added sugar.

Chocolate Drizzle

Some chains will let you drizzle or swirl extra chocolate syrup on top, tacking on an extra 50 or so calories.

Lowest Calorie Customizations

If you want to enjoy a cafe mocha without going overboard on calories, here are some customizations to keep in mind:

  • Choose the smallest size available
  • Opt for skim or nonfat milk
  • Skip the whipped cream topping
  • Go easy on flavored syrups or extra chocolate drizzle
  • Ask for less chocolate syrup in the mocha base
  • Request fewer or no espresso shots
  • Try a sprinkle of cinnamon instead of flavored syrups
  • Substitute a natural low-calorie sweetener if available

Highest Calorie Customizations

On the flip side, here are some ways you can customize your cafe mocha to make it extremely high in calories:

  • Size up to the largest option like a venti
  • Use whole milk or even half & half
  • Add whipped cream on top
  • Get extra pumps of flavored syrups
  • Ask for extra chocolate drizzle
  • Double up on espresso shots
  • Top with caramel or chocolate sauce
  • Add in a shot of your favorite liquor
  • Top with extra chocolate chips, caramel popcorn, or other candy toppings

Healthiest Alternative Drink Options

If you are trying to make healthier choices but still crave a coffeehouse treat, here are some lower calorie mocha and coffee alternatives to consider:

  • Caffe Americano or Caffe Latte
  • Caffe Mocha made with skim milk and no whipped cream
  • Small or tall Caffe Mocha
  • Hot chocolate with skim milk
  • Cappuccino with few or no added syrups
  • Caffe Mocha Light Frappuccino at Starbucks
  • Frozen Coffee with skim milk and light syrup at Dunkin’
  • Iced skinny mocha at Starbucks made with sugar-free syrup
  • Single shot espresso or macchiato
  • Cinnamon Dulce Latte with skim or almond milk


A tall cafe mocha can range from around 250 calories up to over 400 calories depending on the coffee chain and customizations you choose. Sticking with smaller sizes, low-fat milk, and skipping whipped cream and sugary syrups can keep the calorie count under control. But if you want to indulge, be aware that extras like flavored syrups, chocolate drizzles, and toppings can make your mocha a high calorie treat. Being mindful of your choices can help enjoy your favorite coffeehouse mocha in moderation.

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