How many calories in a strawberry Extreme Smoothie King?

Smoothie King is a popular smoothie franchise with over 900 locations across the United States. They offer a wide variety of fruit and vegetable smoothie options, including low-calorie, high-protein, and meal replacement smoothies. One of their most popular smoothies is the Strawberry Extreme. This smoothie contains strawberries, banana, fat-free yogurt, and Smoothie King’s Gladiator protein blend.

Many Smoothie King customers wonder, “How many calories are in a Strawberry Extreme smoothie?” Knowing the calorie count can help you make an informed decision when ordering and fit the smoothie into your daily calorie goals. In this article, we will break down the complete nutrition facts and calories for a Strawberry Extreme from Smoothie King.

Smoothie King Strawberry Extreme Smoothie Nutrition Facts

The nutrition information provided below is for a 20 ounce Strawberry Extreme smoothie made with fat-free yogurt from Smoothie King.[1]

Smoothie King Strawberry Extreme Smoothie Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts 20 oz Strawberry Extreme Smoothie
Calories 260
Total Fat 0.5 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 5 mg
Sodium 140 mg
Total Carbohydrates 53 g
Dietary Fiber 4 g
Sugars 44 g
Protein 11 g

As you can see, a 20 oz Strawberry Extreme smoothie from Smoothie King contains around 260 calories. It is relatively low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. It provides 53 g of carbohydrates, 4 g of fiber, 44 g of sugar, and 11 g of protein.

Calorie and Macronutrient Breakdown

Now let’s take a closer look at the calorie and macronutrient breakdown:


The Strawberry Extreme smoothie contains 260 calories in a standard 20 oz size. This provides a significant amount of calories in one drink, meeting about 13% of calorie needs for an average 2,000 calorie diet.

The calorie count comes mainly from the fruit, yogurt, and protein powder in the smoothie. Strawberries, banana, and yogurt all contribute calories from carbohydrates, protein, and a small amount of fat. The Gladiator protein adds calories from protein sources like whey and soy.


With 53 grams of carbohydrates, this smoothie provides a high amount of carbs. It meets about 18% of daily carb needs (based on a 300 gram/day diet).

The carbs come predominantly from the fruit and yogurt. Strawberries contain 12 grams of carbs per cup, while bananas contain over 27 grams.[2] Fat-free yogurt also provides around 17 grams of carbs per cup.


The smoothie provides 4 grams of fiber, which is 14% of the daily fiber recommendation for men and 20% for women (based on a 25-30 gram/day recommendation).[3]

Fiber is important for digestive health, cholesterol levels, and feeling full. The fiber comes from the fruit and yogurt ingredients.


There are 44 grams of sugar in the Strawberry Extreme smoothie, equating to about 11 teaspoons of added sugar.

The sugars occur naturally in the fruit and yogurt. Strawberries contain 8 grams of sugar per cup, while bananas have over 14 grams of sugar.[2] The yogurt also contributes some natural milk sugars.


With 11 grams of protein, this smoothie provides a significant protein boost. The daily recommended protein intake is around 50 grams for men and 40 grams for women.[4]

The protein comes predominantly from Smoothie King’s Gladiator protein blend, which contains whey protein isolate and soy protein isolate. These protein powders pack around 20-25 grams of protein per scoop.


Now let’s take a detailed look at the ingredients in Smoothie King’s Strawberry Extreme Smoothie:


Strawberries provide the smoothie with nutrients like vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidants. They also contribute fiber, carbs, and natural sugars.


Banana adds nutrients like vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, and potassium. It provides a creamy texture and significant amount of carbs and natural sugars.

Fat-Free Yogurt

The fat-free yogurt contains protein, calcium, vitamins, and probiotics. It adds protein, carbs, and a creamy, smooth texture.

Gladiator Protein Blend

This proprietary protein powder contains whey protein isolate, soy protein isolate, inulin (fiber), and enzymes. It boosts the protein content and improves texture.

Pure Via Stevia Extract

Stevia extract is used as a zero-calorie sweetener to sweeten the smoothie naturally without added sugar.

Natural Flavors

Small amounts of natural flavors are added which may help enhance the strawberry taste.

Benefits of a Strawberry Smoothie

Drinking a strawberry smoothie, like the Strawberry Extreme from Smoothie King, provides many health benefits:


The smoothie provides fluid to help hydrate the body and meet fluid needs. The water content comes from the fruit, yogurt, and added water.

Fruit and Vegetable Intake

It allows you to easily get in servings of fruit. Having smoothies makes it simpler to reach the recommendation of 2-4 servings of fruit daily.

Nutrient Intake

Strawberries provide antioxidants, manganese, and vitamin C. Bananas contain potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and magnesium.[5]


The protein from the yogurt and protein powder helps build muscle, repair tissues, and keep you feeling fuller longer.


The live cultures in the yogurt provide probiotics to support digestive and immune health.

Low Fat

With fat-free yogurt and no added oils, the smoothie is low in fat and saturated fat for a heart-healthy beverage.


It provides a balance of protein, carbs, and fiber to help stabilize blood sugar and keep you satiated.

Convenient Nutrition

Smoothies allow you to easily get in important nutrients by drinking them on-the-go.

Downsides of a Strawberry Smoothie

While strawberry smoothies have many benefits, there are some potential downsides to keep in mind:

High in Sugar

With 44 grams of sugar, the Strawberry Extreme is very high in sugars, equivalent to 11 teaspoons of added sugar. Consuming excess added sugars can contribute to obesity, diabetes, and cavities.[6]

May Lack Fiber

Blending fruit removes the pulp and fiber. So smoothies provide less filling fiber compared to eating whole fruit.

High in Carbs

The smoothie is very high in carbohydrates at 53 grams per serving, which may not fit low-carb diets.

Doesn’t Replace Veggies

While smoothies contain fruit, they lack other vegetables you need for balanced nutrition. Make sure to also eat vegetables.

Can Spike Blood Sugar

The liquid sugar and carbs from fruit can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar for those with diabetes or insulin resistance if not balanced with protein, fat or fiber.

Tips for Creating a Healthy Smoothie

Here are some tips to make your smoothies nutritious:

Use Leafy Greens

Add spinach, kale, or swiss chard to pack extra nutrients.

Include Healthy Fats

Add seeds, nut butter, or avocado for filling healthy fats.

Boost Fiber

Chia seeds, ground flax, and hemp hearts add fiber.

Include Protein

Add protein powder, greek yogurt, or nut butter to help stabilize blood sugar.

Easy on the Fruit

Limit fruit to 1-2 servings per smoothie to control carbs and sugar.

Add Veggies

For lower sugar, use cucumber, celery, zucchini or carrots as part of the smoothie.

Use Full Fat Dairy

Full fat milk or yogurt provide filling fat and nutrients like vitamin D.

Don’t Skip Meals

Have smoothies in addition to meals, not in place of them, for balanced nutrition.

Smoothie King Strawberry Extreme Nutrition Compared to Other Smoothies

How does Smoothie King’s Strawberry Extreme smoothie compare to other popular smoothie options in terms of calories and nutrition? Here’s a comparison:

Smoothie Nutrition Comparison

Smoothie (20 oz size) Calories Carbs Sugar Protein
Strawberry Extreme Smoothie King 260 53g 44g 11g
Strawberry Banana Smoothie Jamba Juice 230 53g 38g 4g
Strawberry Surf Rider Smoothie Surf City Squeeze 340 64g 57g 7g
Strawberry Smoothie McDonald’s 250 45g 33g 5g

As you can see, smoothie nutrition can vary significantly between different shops. In general, Smoothie King’s Strawberry Extreme is moderate in calories but higher in protein compared to other major smoothie chains. It’s also lower in sugars than some other strawberry smoothie options.

Smoothie Alternatives Lower in Sugar

If you’re looking for smoothie options with less sugar, here are some lower sugar alternatives:

Lower Sugar Smoothie Options

  • Berry kefir smoothie made with kefir, berries, and spinach
  • Green monster smoothie with spinach,banana, almond milk, and cocoa powder
  • Protein power smoothie with greek yogurt, banana, peanut butter, and protein powder
  • Mango orange smoothie made with mango, orange juice, and vanilla yogurt
  • Blueberry coconut smoothie using coconut milk, blueberries, and chia seeds

Aim for no more than 15-20 grams of total sugars by using low sugar fruits like berries and swapping water or nut milks for fruit juice. You can also boost nutrition by adding healthy fats from nut butters or avocado.

Is a Smoothie King Strawberry Extreme Smoothie Healthy?

Overall, is a Strawberry Extreme smoothie from Smoothie King healthy? Here is a summary:


  • Provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants
  • Contains fiber and protein
  • Low in fat and cholesterol free
  • Provides probiotics from yogurt
  • Easy way to get fruit servings
  • More protein than many smoothies


  • Very high in sugar at 44g per serving
  • High glycemic load may spike blood sugar
  • Could lead to excess calorie intake
  • Lacks vegetable nutrition

Overall, the Strawberry Extreme Smoothie King smoothie provides important nutrients but is very high in sugar. Enjoying it occasionally is fine, but it should not fully replace balanced meals. Prioritize smoothies made with fiber-rich whole fruits, greens, and proteins over sugary fruit-only smoothies for everyday health.


In summary, a 20 ounce Strawberry Extreme smoothie from Smoothie King provides 260 calories, mainly from 53 grams of carbohydrates and 44 grams of sugar. It also contains 11 grams of protein.

While the smoothie provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from strawberries and banana, it is very high in sugar. Enjoy this smoothie in moderation as an occasional treat, and focus on creating smoothies with whole foods and less added sugar for daily health. Use the tips provided to make your own well-balanced, nutrient-packed smoothies at home.

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