How many calories in a dirty martini with vodka?

Quick Answer

A dirty martini with vodka contains approximately 170 calories per serving. The exact calorie count can vary depending on specific ingredients and amounts used. Vodka contains around 100 calories per 1.5 oz serving. Olive brine adds minimal calories. Dry vermouth contributes around 30 calories per 1 oz. Garnishes like olives can add 20-50 calories. A typical dirty martini recipe with around 2 oz vodka and olive brine will have roughly 170 calories.

Calories in Vodka

Vodka is a low calorie spirit. Since it is distilled, most of the sugars and impurities are removed, leaving behind a high proof alcohol with minimal calories.

Pure distilled spirits like vodka contain around 97 calories per 1.5 ounce serving (approximately a shot). This is because alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. A typical 1.5 oz pour of 40% alcohol vodka contains around:

– 1.5 oz vodka
– 0.6 oz alcohol (at 40% ABV)
– 97 calories

So vodka itself contains around 100 calories per standard serving. The specific brand or proof of vodka will not significantly affect the calorie amount.

Calories per Ounce of Vodka

– 1 oz vodka = around 65 calories
– 1.5 oz vodka = around 97 calories
– 2 oz vodka = around 130 calories

Calories in Vermouth

A dirty martini calls for dry vermouth as one of the ingredients. Vermouth contains more calories than pure spirit vodka since it has added sugar and flavorings.

Dry vermouth typically contains around 30 calories per 1 ounce serving. The sweeter styles like sweet/red vermouth are higher at around 80 calories per ounce.

A dirty martini only uses a splash of vermouth – typically 0.5-1 oz. This adds:

– 0.5 oz dry vermouth = 15 calories
– 1 oz dry vermouth = 30 calories

So vermouth contributes some additional calories, but not a significant amount given the small serving size.

Calories in Olive Brine

A dirty martini gets its “dirty” flavor from olive brine. The briny liquid from stored olives is added to the cocktail.

Olive brine itself is low in calories, since it’s mostly just salty water. There are minimal calories from trace oils and solids from the olives.

A splash of olive brine – around 0.5-1 oz – will add almost no calories to the drink. Even 1 whole ounce of olive brine only contains around 5-10 calories.

So the unique dirty aspect of this martini adds lots of flavor but contributes little in the way of calories.

Calories in Garnishes

Garnishes like olives, lemon twists, or pickled onions can add calories to a martini.

Some common garnishes and their calorie amounts:

– 3 Large olives = about 50 calories
– 2 Jumbo olives = around 40 calories
– Olive skewer = around 20-30 calories
– Lemon twist = 5 calories
– Pickled onion = 5-10 calories

The most significant garnish for calories are olives, which can range from 20-50 calories depending on the size and amount. Other garnishes only add around 5-10 calories.

Keep in mind garnishes are optional. Skipping them will save calories.

Standard Dirty Martini Calories

A typical dirty martini recipe contains:

– 2 oz vodka (130 calories)
– 1 oz dry vermouth (30 calories)
– 1-2 oz olive brine (0-10 calories)
– Garnish like olives (variable calories)

This standard recipe comes to around 160-170 calories, depending on exact amounts of ingredients and garnishes used.

The vodka contributes the bulk of calories. Vermouth adds a small amount. Olive brine provides lots of flavor with minimal calories. And garnishes like olives can tack on 20-50 calories or so.

Dirty Martini Calories with Different Alcohol

Vodka can be swapped for gin or another spirit in a dirty martini. The calorie count will change slightly depending on the alcohol used.

Calories per 1.5 ounce serving of spirits:

– Vodka = 97 calories
– Gin = 115 calories
– Light rum = 100 calories
– Brandy = 120 calories

So using gin instead of vodka would add around 15-20 more calories to the total per serving. Other spirits have comparable calorie amounts to vodka.

The mixers and garnishes would stay the same. So the total calories change only based on the base spirit used.

Calories with Extra Olives

The standard olive garnish for a dirty martini is 2-3 olives. Going extra dirty with more olives will add more calories.

For example:

– 2 jumbo olives = 40 calories
– 4 jumbo olives = 80 calories
– 6 jumbo olives = 120 calories

Doubling the olives doubles the calories they contribute. An extra dirty 6 olive martini would add around 50 more calories compared to 2 olives.

More olives also means more sodium. So limiting garnishes helps control calories and sodium intake.

Low Calorie Dirty Martini Options

There are some easy ways to lighten up a dirty martini:

– Use diet/zero calorie vermouth – saves around 20 calories per ounce
– Skip added vermouth entirely – saves 30 calories
– Use olive juice instead of brine – subtracts 5-10 calories
– Skip the olive garnish – saves 20-50 calories
– Use a cucumber or lemon slice instead of olives

With these tweaks, you can save up to 100 calories per drink:

Dirty Martini Recipe Calories
Standard 170
No vermouth 140
Diet vermouth 140
No olives 120
Olive juice 160

The lowest calorie option is skipping the vermouth and olives completely. But this loses some of the classic dirty martini taste.

Calories in Larger or Multiple Drinks

The calories add up quickly if you consume larger or multiple dirty martini cocktails:

– 12 oz martini = Around 340 calories
– 2 standard martinis = Around 340 calories
– 3 standard martinis = Around 510 calories

It’s easy to underestimate the calories in mixed drinks. A few dirty martinis could add 500-1000 extra calories to your daily intake.

Pacing yourself or limiting drinks is important for maintaining caloric balance. Consider sharing a pitcher instead of multiple individual cocktails.

Low Calorie Alternatives

If you want to achieve a dirty martini flavor while reducing calories, consider these options:

– Vodka or gin martini with olive juice instead of brine
– Martini sprayed with brine, no olives
– Swap vodka for sparkling water with brine
– Dirty martini made with diet tonic instead of vermouth
– “Dirty” vodka soda with olive brine
– Low calorie olive juice martini cocktail

There are lots of ways to get a dirty, briny flavor without all the calories of a classic dirty martini. Get creative with reduced calorie mixers and garnishes.

Burning Off Dirty Martini Calories

Drinking excess dirty martinis can lead to extra calories consumed. Here is how long it would take to burn off those liquid calories with exercise:

Dirty Martinis Calories Time to Burn
1 170 17 minutes jogging
2 340 34 minutes jogging
3 510 51 minutes jogging

As shown, burning off just 2-3 martinis would take 30-50 minutes of vigorous exercise.

To balance intake, reduce serving sizes, pace yourself, or increase physical activity. Enjoy your dirty martini sensibly as part of an overall health diet and lifestyle.


A dirty martini made with vodka contains around 170 calories per serving. Vodka contributes 100 calories, vermouth adds 30 calories, olive brine minimal calories, and olives variable calories based on amount. Calories can add up quickly with multiple drinks. To lighten the calorie load, opt for diet vermouth, avoid brined olives as garnish, or skip vermouth entirely. Balance intake with increased physical activity to manage calories from dirty martinis. Enjoy your cocktail, but practice moderation and smart mixology.

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