How many calories in a bottle of Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy?

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There are approximately 650 calories in a 750ml bottle of Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy. This is based on it having 5% alcohol by volume and a typical calorie amount for flavored rum drinks.

Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

The number of calories in an alcoholic drink depends on the alcohol content and any other ingredients like flavorings, sweeteners, etc. Some key factors:

  • Alcohol contains roughly 7 calories per gram
  • Carbohydrates contain about 4 calories per gram
  • Pure alcohol contains more calories than a mixed drink with added flavors and sweeteners
  • Higher alcohol content means more calories

For a typical flavored rum like Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy, the calories come from both the alcohol and any added sugars or flavorings.

Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy Nutrition Facts

Here are the key nutrition facts for Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy:

  • Serving Size: 1.5 fl oz (one shot)
  • Calories: 96
  • Alcohol: 5% ABV
  • Carbs: 4g
  • Sugars: 4g

This equals about 640 calories for the entire 750ml bottle (25.4 oz).

The calories mainly come from the alcohol content (5% ABV) and added sugars used for flavoring. There are 96 calories in each 1.5 oz shot.

Typical Calories in Flavored Rums

Flavored rums like Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy contain a similar amount of calories per serving compared to other brands:

Rum Serving Calories
Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy 1.5 fl oz 96
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1.5 fl oz 105
Malibu Coconut Rum 1.5 fl oz 108
Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum 1.5 fl oz 100

The calories per serving ranges from 96 to 108 for most popular flavored and spiced rum varieties. Since Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy has 96 calories per shot, a 750ml bottle works out to around 650 calories total.

Alcohol Percentage and Calorie Amount

In general, a higher alcohol percentage means more calories in an alcoholic drink. Here’s a comparison of different alcohol contents and serving sizes:

Drink Alcohol % Serving Size Calories
Light Beer 4.2% 12 oz 100
Wine 12% 5 oz 125
Vodka 40% 1.5 oz 100
Rum (like Seagrams) 5% 1.5 oz 96

Drinks with higher alcohol have more calories because alcohol itself contains 7 calories per gram. A rum like Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy has lower alcohol at 5% ABV, so contains fewer calories than say vodka at 40% alcohol.

Calories from Carbs and Sweeteners

The calories in flavored rums also come from any added sugars or sweeteners used to enhance the flavors.

For example, Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy contains 4g of carbohydrates and 4g of sugar per serving. At 4 calories per gram for carbs and sugar, this accounts for 32 of the 96 calories per shot.

The rest of the calories (about 64) come from the alcohol itself.

So the sugar and other sweeteners contribute about one-third of the total calories in Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy.

Does Mixing with Juice or Soda Change the Calories?

Mixing flavored rum like Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy with juice, soda, or other mixer can increase the total calorie count per drink.

For example:

  • Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy (1.5 oz): 96 calories
  • Orange juice (6 oz): 85 calories
  • Ginger ale (6 oz): 75 calories

Adding a typical 6-8 oz mixer almost doubles the calories per rum and coke or rum and orange juice drink to around 175-180 calories.

The mixers also add extra sugars, which increases the calorie count. Plain sodas generally have less calories than fruit juices.

Does Ice Change the Calorie Amount?

Adding ice to flavored rum does not change the calorie amount, since ice contains no calories.

However, ice does water down the drink and lower the overall alcohol percentage slightly. So while the calorie count stays the same, you may consume a bit less alcohol with a lot of ice.

A good rule of thumb is:

  • No ice – highest alcohol content and calorie amount
  • Some ice – moderate dilution
  • Lots of ice – lowest alcohol percentage

So feel free to add ice to make the drink less strong without changing the calories in rum like Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy. Just be aware too much ice can water it down.

Tips for Reducing Calories in Rum Drinks

Here are some tips if you want to reduce the calories when drinking rum:

  • Drink rum with zero calorie mixers like diet soda, seltzer/soda water, or unsweetened teas
  • Skip the sugary fruit juices and sodas as mixers
  • Use smaller servings of rum in cocktails and dilute with ice
  • Water down rum and cokes or rum punch drinks
  • Avoid heavy cream or sweet liqueurs as mixers
  • Enjoy rum on the rocks without any mixers

Sticking to 1.5 oz rum servings and using low or no calorie mixers lets you cut back on the total calories per drink.

Low Calorie Rum Options

If you really want to reduce the calories, choose some rum options that are lower in both alcohol and sugars:

  • Bacardi Light Rum (80 calories per 1.5oz)
  • Cruzan Light Rum (70 calories per 1.5oz)
  • Captain Morgan White Rum (78 calories per 1.5oz)
  • Don Q Cristal Rum (78 calories per 1.5oz)

These lighter rums have 20-30 less calories than flavored varieties, so choosing them with zero calorie mixers makes for a lower calories rum cocktail overall.


A 750ml bottle of Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy contains approximately 650 calories. This is based on it having 5% alcohol and around 96 calories per typical 1.5oz serving size.

The calories come from both the alcohol content itself, as well as any sugars or sweeteners added for flavoring. Mixing it with juices, sodas or sweeteners can further increase the calories per drink.

Choosing light rum, using smaller servings, and mixing with zero calorie beverages are good ways to reduce the overall calories when drinking rum cocktails. But keeping Track of the serving sizes and alcohol content makes it easier to enjoy rum without going overboard on the calories.

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