How many calories does a milkshake from In-N-Out have?

Quick Answer

An In-N-Out milkshake contains between 540-880 calories, depending on the size and flavor. A small shake has 540 calories, a medium has 760 calories, and a large has 880 calories. The chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors all have the same calorie counts.

Calorie Counts by Size

Here is a breakdown of the calorie counts for In-N-Out milkshakes by size:

Size Calories
Small 540
Medium 760
Large 880

As you can see, the small shake starts at 540 calories. When you upgrade to a medium, it jumps to 760 calories. The large clocks in at 880 calories.

Calorie Counts by Flavor

The chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla In-N-Out shakes all have the same calorie counts for each size:

Flavor Small Medium Large
Chocolate 540 760 880
Strawberry 540 760 880
Vanilla 540 760 880

So whether you opt for chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla, the calorie count will remain the same for that size shake. In-N-Out does not offer any lower calorie or sugar-free shake options currently.

Breakdown of Calories

What accounts for all those calories in an In-N-Out shake? Let’s break it down:

– Milk: Whole milk is used as the base for In-N-Out’s shakes. An 8 oz glass of whole milk has about 150 calories. A small shake is 12 oz, medium is 16 oz, and large is 20 oz. So just the milk alone contributes 180-300 calories.

– Ice cream: The shakes are made with real ice cream, not soft serve. Half a cup of vanilla ice cream adds about 145 calories. With the generous portions used in the shakes, the ice cream likely adds 300-400 calories.

– Syrups: Chocolate and strawberry shakes get their flavor from sugary syrups. These syrups can have around 100 calories per ounce. Just a couple ounces of syrup equates to 200+ calories.

When you factor in the milk, ice cream, and syrups used to make an In-N-Out shake, it’s no wonder that they end up being so high in calories! Even the small size has over 500 calories.

Daily Calorie Needs

To put the calorie counts of In-N-Out shakes in perspective, here is a look at recommended daily calorie intake:

– Women: 1,600-2,400 calories
– Men: 2,000-3,000 calories

So the 880 calories in a large shake is over a third of most people’s recommended daily calories. The medium shake clocks in at around a quarter of daily needs. Even the small shake delivers over 500 calories, which is a significant calorie hit in one treat.

To stay within daily calorie goals, here are some tips if enjoying an In-N-Out shake:

– Opt for a small or share a regular size with a friend
– Split it as a treat over two days
– Account for the calories by cutting back on other foods that day
– Substitute for a meal to keep calories around the same range

Nutritional Information

Beyond just calories, here is the full nutritional information for In-N-Out milkshakes:

Nutrition Facts Small Medium Large
Calories 540 760 880
Total Fat 19g 27g 31g
Saturated Fat 12g 17g 20g
Trans Fat 0g 0g 0g
Cholesterol 65mg 90mg 105mg
Sodium 180mg 250mg 290mg
Carbohydrates 66g 92g 108g
Dietary Fiber 0g 0g 0g
Sugar 61g 85g 99g
Protein 8g 11g 12g

As you can see, these shakes are high in calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates and sugar. There are minimal nutrients beyond some protein from the milk.


Here are the ingredients that go into making an In-N-Out milkshake:

– Milk
– Ice cream (cream, milk, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla extract)
– Sugar
– Corn syrup
– Natural and artificial flavors
– Mono and diglycerides
– Guar gum
– Cellulose gum
– Locust bean gum
– Carrageenan
– Soy lecithin
– Artificial color (Red #40)

The chocolate and strawberry shakes contain cocoa powder and strawberry puree as well. As you can see, these shakes contain very minimal real, whole food ingredients. The bulk of the ingredients are sugar-laden items like corn syrup, ice cream, and artificial flavors and colors.

How In-N-Out Shakes Compare

Compared to milkshakes from other popular fast food chains, how does In-N-Out stack up?

Here is a calorie comparison of a large vanilla shake:

Restaurant Calories (Large)
In-N-Out 880
McDonald’s 700
Burger King 910
Wendy’s 970
Sonic 880
Steak ‘n Shake 1190

In-N-Out shakes are certainly on the higher side for calories compared to other chains. McDonald’s is lower at 700 calories for a large shake, while Wendy’s and Steak ‘n Shake are significantly higher.

Among the major burger chains, In-N-Out offers one of the more indulgent milkshake options in terms of both taste and calories. Their shakes have an authentic old-fashioned taste and thick, creamy texture that customers love. But thetradeoff for that indulgence is the very high calorie counts.

Tips for Enjoying an In-N-Out Shake

Here are some tips for enjoying an In-N-Out milkshake without going overboard on calories:

– Stick to a small shake. The small is still filling at 12 oz.

– Share your shake with a friend. Splitting it cuts the calories in half.

– Opt for chocolate or strawberry just once in awhile since the flavors come from sugary syrups. Stick to classic vanilla most times.

– Use a shake as an occasional substitute for dessert, not as an everyday treat.

– Drink water with your shake to help fill up.

– Avoid pairing your shake with large fries and a burger. The combo really piles on calories.

– Take a long walk after enjoying a shake to burn some of the indulgence off.

– Substitute fresh fruit blended into a smoothie when you want a healthier, lower calorie cold treat.

– Know your daily calorie goal and factor the shake’s calories into your day. You may need to cut back elsewhere to stay on target.

Should You Have an In-N-Out Shake?

Should you indulge and have an In-N-Out shake? Here are some things to consider:


– Delicious, creamy, classic milkshake flavor
– Satisfying treat, especially paired with a burger and fries
– Brings back nostalgia and has an authentic old-fashioned taste


– Very high in calories, fat, and sugar for a single treat
– Large size clocks in at nearly 900 calories
– Made with processed ingredients rather than real, whole foods
– Provides minimal nutrition

The bottom line: Enjoy an In-N-Out shake occasionally as a special indulgence, but don’t make it an everyday habit. When you do opt for a shake, get the smallest size possible and share if you can. Then account for the calories by balancing your diet the rest of the day.

Healthier Milkshake Alternatives

If you want to satisfy a milkshake craving but make a healthier choice, here are some alternatives to consider:

– Smoothies – Blend yogurt, milk, and fruit like berries, bananas, or mango. Add a little honey if you want it sweeter.

– Nice Cream – Blend frozen bananas into a creamy “ice cream” you can turn into a shake.

– Chia Seed Shake -Blend chia seeds into your milkshake for extra nutrition.

– Greek Yogurt Shake – Use Greek yogurt and a little honey as the base.

– Avocado Shake – Blend avocado, milk, honey, and cocoa powder for a thick and nutritious shake.

– Protein Shake – Use a protein powder, peanut butter, milk, banana and ice for a filling shake.

Any of these options will provide more nutrition than an In-N-Out shake and help satisfy your craving for a cool, creamy milkshake treat.


In summary, an In-N-Out milkshake ranges from 540 to 880 calories depending on size, with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry all having the same calorie counts. These indulgent shakes are high in calories, fat, and sugar from ingredients like whole milk, ice cream, and corn syrup. Enjoy them occasionally in a small size, split with a friend, or substitute more nutritious shake options to satisfy your craving without overdoing calories and sugar. Ultimately, moderation and portion control are key if making an In-N-Out shake part of your overall balanced diet.

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