How many calories are in Skinnygirl wine?

Skinnygirl wine is a popular lower calorie wine brand marketed towards women trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With flavors like moscato, pinot grigio, and cabernet, Skinnygirl promises great taste while keeping the calories low. But just how many calories are in a glass of Skinnygirl wine?

What is Skinnygirl wine?

Skinnygirl wine was created in 2011 by Bethenny Frankel, who starred in The Real Housewives of New York City. After finding success with her Skinnygirl cocktails, Frankel wanted to offer a wine option that was lower in calories and carbs than traditional wines. She worked with winemakers to craft wines that have fewer calories but still deliver on flavor.

Some key facts about Skinnygirl wine:

  • Skinnygirl wine comes in red, white, and sparkling varieties.
  • The wines are made with minimal processing and no added sugar.
  • Most Skinnygirl wines have around 100 calories per 5 oz serving.
  • Skinnygirl wine is lower in alcohol, averaging around 9-10% ABV.
  • It is mass produced and affordably priced, available nationwide for $10-15 per bottle.

The idea behind Skinnygirl wine is that you can enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about empty calories or high alcohol content. The wines cater towards health-conscious women looking for lighter, fruit-forward wines.

Nutrition facts for Skinnygirl wines

The number of calories in Skinnygirl wine will depend on the specific variety, but most wines range from 90-120 calories per 5 ounce serving. Here are nutrition facts for some of Skinnygirl’s most popular wines:

Wine Variety Calories (5oz) Carbs (g) Sugar (g)
Skinnygirl Moscato 91 4.1 3.4
Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo 100 5.3 4.2
Skinnygirl Pinot Grigio 99 2.6 0.8
Skinnygirl Cabernet Sauvignon 120 4.1 0.9

As you can see, a 5 ounce glass of Skinnygirl wine ranges from 91-120 calories depending on variety. The moscato and white cranberry cosmo come in on the lower end while the cabernet is higher in calories. But across the board, Skinnygirl wines have 30-40% less calories than typical wines.

How Skinnygirl reduces calories in their wines

So how does Skinnygirl manage to create great tasting wines with fewer calories? Here are some of the techniques they use:

Lower alcohol content

Most Skinnygirl wines are around 9-10% ABV (alcohol by volume). Regular wines are typically 12-15% ABV. The lower alcohol content means fewer alcohol calories in each glass.

Minimal sugar additions

Sugar is a major source of empty calories in wine. Skinnygirl minimizes added sugar in their wines, using only small amounts to balance flavor.

Fewer processing additives

Many wines use added chemical additives like mega purple to enhance color and flavor. Skinnygirl avoids these unnecessary additives, resulting in a cleaner, lower calorie wine.

Grape variety selection

Some grapes like riesling and pinot grigio naturally have lower sugar and calorie levels. Skinnygirl selects these slimmer grape varieties for many of their wines.

Blending flavors

To keep flavors appealing without adding sugar, Skinnygirl will blend bolder and lighter grapes together. This boosts flavor while keeping sugar low.

So in summary, Skinnygirl uses a range of methods from controlling alcohol content, minimizing additives, selecting optimal grape varieties, and smart blending to create great taste with fewer calories.

Does drinking Skinnygirl wine help with weight loss?

Many dieters and women trying to lose weight are drawn to Skinnygirl wines because of the lower calorie claims. But can swapping your usual wine for a lower calorie option really help you lose weight? Here are some factors to consider:

Lower calorie intake

The most obvious benefit is that you will be consuming fewer calories. If you drink a glass of Skinnygirl Moscato (91 cal) versus a glass of Merlot (125 cal), that’s a calorie saving of 34 calories per glass. Over a week or month, choosing lower calorie wines like Skinnygirl can create a meaningful calorie deficit.

Reduced alcohol effects

The lower alcohol content in Skinnygirl wines means the booze won’t slow down your metabolism as much. Studies show alcohol can decrease fat burning by up to 73% . Drinking reduced alcohol wine helps minimize this effect.

Controlled portions

Skinnygirl wines come in standard 750ml bottles and 5 ounce pours. This makes it easier to keep portions under control, whereas it’s tempting to overpour higher calorie wines.

Mindful choices

Choosing Skinnygirl shows you’re actively thinking about managing calories. Making mindful, lower calorie choices often leads to healthier habits over time.

However, there are also some caveats:

Calories still add up

While Skinnygirl wines are lower calorie, the calories can still accumulate if you overindulge. Drinking a whole bottle of even low calorie wine packs a big caloric punch. Moderation is key.

Sugar content

Some Skinnygirl wines like the Moscato have sugar contents approaching 4 grams per glass. Extra sugar undermines calorie reduction efforts, even in lower calorie options.

Can trigger overeating

Alcohol lowers inhibitions, so imbibing wine may weaken resolve to eat healthy. Lower calorie wines can still promote cravings and overeating.

So in summary – yes, Skinnygirl wines can support weight loss efforts through lower calories and alcohol. But for best results, be mindful of portions, sugar content, and your overall eating habits when drinking.

Tips for choosing the healthiest Skinnygirl wine

If you want maximize calorie and carb savings with Skinnygirl, follow these tips when selecting a bottle:

Choose dry wines

Skinnygirl’s dry wines like Pinot Grigio and Cabernet have less than 1 gram of sugar per glass. Sweet wines like Moscato have 3-4 grams of sugar, adding unnecessary calories.

Compare alcohol content

Some Skinnygirl wines are 9% ABV while others are closer to 12% ABV. Go for the lower alcohol wines to limit calorie intake.

Select lighter reds over heavy reds

Lighter reds like Pinot Noir have fewer calories than fuller wines like Cabernet. Focus on lighter red and white varieties.

Read the nutrition label

Check the back labels for exact calorie counts and sugar content. Some Skinnygirl wines are lower cal than others.

Limit to 1 glass per day

Nursing just one glass of Skinnygirl wine each evening is optimal for health and weight loss goals.

Pair with low calorie snacks

Enjoy Skinnygirl wines with fresh fruit, veggies, or air-popped popcorn for guilt-free sipping.

So in summary, stick to dry white and light red varieties, verify nutrition info, watch portions, and pair with healthy snacks to make the most of drinking Skinnygirl wine. Focusing on the lowest calorie options can help optimize the benefits.

The bottom line

Skinnygirl offers a line of reduced calorie wines that provide flavor and enjoyment with fewer calories than traditional wines. A 5 ounce serving of Skinnygirl wine generally ranges from 90-120 calories depending on variety. While the calorie reduction can help support weight loss, it’s still important to drink in moderation and make careful wine selections. Overall, Skinnygirl wines can be a smart option for dieters looking to imbibe without derailing their goals. Just be mindful of portions and pair with healthy foods for optimal results.

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