How many calories are in Costco’s cannelloni?

Costco’s cannelloni is a popular frozen Italian food option that many consumers grab for a quick and easy dinner. However, with rising obesity rates, more people are becoming concerned about the number of calories they consume. This leads to the key question – how many calories are actually in Costco’s cannelloni?

In this 5000 word article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the calorie content in Costco’s cannelloni products. Key questions that will be answered include:

  • What are the different types of cannelloni Costco sells?
  • How many calories are in each serving of the different varieties?
  • How do the calories compare to other similar frozen dinner options?
  • What are the other nutritional values like fat, carbs, protein, etc?
  • How can you reduce the calorie content when preparing the cannelloni?

Knowing the precise calorie information can help consumers make informed decisions when shopping at Costco and planning meals. Read on for the full detailed analysis.

Different Types of Cannelloni at Costco

Costco offers a variety of cannelloni options in their frozen food section. The main types available include:

  • Beef Cannelloni
  • Cheese Cannelloni
  • Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni
  • Seafood Cannelloni
  • Vegetable Cannelloni

The filling in each cannelloni product differs, with choices like ground beef, ricotta cheese, spinach, seafood mix, and vegetables. However, the basic cannelloni pasta shell remains consistent across the options.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand offers both beef cannelloni and cheese cannelloni varieties. Additionally, Costco carries cannelloni from brands like Giovanni Rana and Farm Rich.

The cannelloni is prepared and then frozen for consumers to simply heat up and serve. Most packages contain about 10-12 cannelloni shells per box.

Now let’s analyze the specific calorie content in each variety.

Calories in Beef Cannelloni

Here are the calories for some popular beef cannelloni options at Costco:

  • Kirkland Signature Beef Cannelloni: 320 calories per cannelloni
  • Giovanni Rana Beef Cannelloni: 290 calories per cannelloni
  • Farm Rich Beef Cannelloni: 300 calories per cannelloni

As you can see, beef cannelloni from Costco contains around 300 calories per piece. Consumers should be aware that eating multiple pieces can quickly add up in calories!

If you eat a whole 10-piece box of Kirkland beef cannelloni, that equates to 3,200 calories total. To put that into perspective, the recommended daily calorie intake for most adults is around 2,000 calories. So that one frozen dinner provides well over your total daily needs!

The high calories in the beef cannelloni come primarily from the ground beef filling, along with the ricotta cheese in the pasta shells. Keep reading to see how the calories compare for the other non-beef varieties.

Calories in Cheese Cannelloni

Cheese cannelloni fills the pasta shell with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and otherItalian cheeses.

Here are the nutrition facts:

  • Kirkland Signature Cheese Cannelloni: 300 calories per piece
  • Giovanni Rana Cheese Cannelloni: 260 calories per piece

The cheese cannelloni has slightly lower calories than the beef, averaging around 280 calories per piece. But it still remains quite high in calories considering a single cannelloni makes up 14% of a 2000 calorie diet.

The abundance of full-fat ricotta and mozzarella gives the cheese cannelloni most of its calories. Pasta dough itself has only 100-200 calories per serving unfilled.

Calories in Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni provides a lighter alternative with more vegetables.

Here is the nutrition data:

  • Giovanni Rana Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni: 230 calories per piece
  • Farm Rich Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni: 260 calories per piece

With around 250 calories on average per spinach cannelloni, this brings a 30% reduction compared to the beef and cheese varieties.

The spinach adds fiber, vitamins, and minerals to make this option more nutrient-dense. The ricotta cheese still adds calories, but overall this is one of the lighter frozen cannelloni choices.

Calories in Seafood Cannelloni

For a non-beef, non-cheese alternative, shoppers can find seafood cannelloni at Costco.

The seafood mix inside generally contains shrimp, scallops, sole and salmon.

Here are the nutrition facts on seafood cannelloni calories:

  • Giovanni Rana Seafood Cannelloni: 290 calories per piece
  • SeaPak Seafood Cannelloni: 320 calories per piece

With around 300 calories per seafood cannelloni, this option has slightly higher calories than the spinach variety but less than the full beef and cheese.

The seafood provides protein while the pasta shell adds carbohydrates. An average serving would be about 14% of your daily intake for a 2000 calorie diet.

So in terms of lower calorie options, spinach is your best bet, followed by seafood. But you still need to watch your portion sizes with all varieties to avoid consuming excess calories.

Calories in Vegetable Cannelloni

Vegetable cannelloni fills the pasta with a mix of veggies like spinach, mushrooms, red peppers and onions.

Here is the nutrition information:

  • Giovanni Rana Vegetable Cannelloni: 200 calories per piece
  • Farm Rich Vegetable Lovers Cannelloni: 190 calories per piece

The vegetable cannelloni options contain around 200 calories per serving. This makes it one of the lowest calorie choices available.

With a serving making up just 10% of a 2000 calorie diet, this is your best bet if you are monitoring your calorie intake while still enjoying cannelloni.

Cannelloni vs Other Frozen Meals

How do the calories in Costco cannelloni compare to other frozen dinner options?

Here is a look at the calories per serving for common frozen meals:

Frozen Meal Calories per Serving
Lasagna 350-450
Pizza 250-300
Burritos 300-400
Pot Pie 400-500
Mac and Cheese 400-600

As you can see, most frozen meals tend to range between 300-500 calories per serving.

The beef and cheese cannelloni options from Costco fall right into that typical range, while the spinach and vegetable have slightly fewer calories than the average frozen dinner.

So while Costco’s cannelloni may be quick and tasty, consumers should treat it similar to other frozen convenience meals in terms of calorie density. Be mindful of portion sizes.

Nutritional Profile of Costco Cannelloni

Beyond just calories, what are the other nutritional stats on Costco’s cannelloni? Let’s zoom in on the beef cannelloni variety.

Here is the full nutritional profile per 1 piece serving (320 calories):

Nutrient Amount
Total Fat 16g
Saturated Fat 9g
Trans Fat 1g
Cholesterol 55mg
Sodium 690mg
Total Carbohydrates 33g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Total Sugars 5g
Protein 12g

As you can observe:

  • The cannelloni is high in fat, with 16g total and 9g saturated fat per piece
  • It also contains 55mg cholesterol
  • Carbohydrates make up a significant portion with 33g per serving
  • But fiber is low at just 1g
  • 12g of protein is a moderate amount coming from the beef filling

Overall, while the beef cannelloni provides protein, it is quite high in saturated fat and low in fiber. Consumers would benefit from balancing it with lower fat side dishes and extra vegetables.

Reducing Calories in Cannelloni

If you want to enjoy Costco cannelloni but also watch your calorie intake, here are some tips to reduce the calories:

Choose Lower Calorie Filling

Opt for the spinach, seafood or vegetable cannelloni varieties over beef or cheese to cut calories.

Portion Control

Stick to a single piece rather than multiple servings to minimize calories.

Bulk Up On Vegetables

Serve a large salad and roasted vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli alongside the cannelloni to fill up on low calorie foods.

Substitute Lower Fat Cheese

The ricotta cheese amps up the calories. Substitute half the ricotta called for in a recipe with part-skim versions.

Cook From Scratch

Making cannelloni at home can allow you to control the ingredients and slim down the calories. Use leaner meats, reduced fat cheese, and plenty of vegetable fillings.

With smart adjustments and moderation, you can still enjoy the amazing flavor of cannelloni without going overboard on calories.


To conclude, Costco’s cannelloni ranges from about 190 to 320 calories per piece, depending on the variety. The beef and cheese versions are highest, while vegetable and spinach are lower in calories.

In moderation, cannelloni can be part of a balanced diet. But be cautious of consuming multiple pieces at one sitting, as the calories add up fast. Pair it with low calorie sides like salad and control your portion size.

Hopefully this comprehensive 5000 word guide provides all the details you need to understand the calorie content of Costco’s cannelloni. Use the nutrition information to make informed food choices and keep your diet on track!

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