How many calories are in a slice of birthday cake with icing?

The number of calories in a slice of birthday cake can vary greatly depending on the size of the slice, the recipe used, and the amount and type of icing or frosting. However, most slices of birthday cake with icing contain around 200-500 calories per slice on average.

Average Calories in Birthday Cake per Slice

Most standard sized slices of birthday cake contain around 250-350 calories. Here is a breakdown of the typical calorie range in a slice of birthday cake with icing:

  • Small slice (1/12 of 9 inch cake): ~200 calories
  • Average slice (1/8 of 9 inch cake): ~250-300 calories
  • Large slice (1/6 of 9 inch cake): ~350-400 calories
  • Jumbo slice or corner piece: ~450-500+ calories

As you can see, the larger the slice of cake, the more calories it will contain. Corner pieces and end slices that have more frosting tend to be highest in calories.

Factors Affecting Calories in Birthday Cake

There are several factors that affect the calorie content in a slice of birthday cake:

  • Cake recipe: The ingredients used to make the cake itself play a big role. Richer cakes like chocolate, carrot cake, red velvet, and pound cake tend to be higher in calories than lighter sponge or angel food cakes.
  • Portion size: As noted above, the bigger the slice of cake, the more calories it will have.
  • Frosting/icing: The type and amount of frosting or icing significantly impacts calories. Thick buttercream or ganache icing can have 2-3 times as many calories as a thin glaze.
  • Add-ins: Things mixed into the cake batter or frosting like chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, etc will increase calorie count.
  • Serving accompaniments: If cake is served alongside ice cream, whipped cream or other desserts, that adds more calories.

Knowing the specific ingredients, portions sizes, and additions used in a cake recipe will help give a more accurate calorie estimate.

Calories in Different Types of Birthday Cake

Here is an overview of the typical calorie range in slices from some popular birthday cake styles:

Cake Type Calories Per Slice
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting 350-450 calories
Yellow or vanilla cake with vanilla frosting 300-400 calories
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting 400-500 calories
Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting 400-500 calories
Angel food cake with whipped cream 200-300 calories
Ice cream cake 350-450 calories

As shown, chocolate, carrot cake, and red velvet cake with creamy frostings tend to be higher in calories, while angel food and sponge cakes are lower in calories. Ice cream cake also packs a high calorie punch.

Calories in Cake Ingredients

To get a full picture of the calorie content in a slice of birthday cake, it helps to look at the calorie breakdown of the main ingredients:

Cake flour

Most cakes are made with all-purpose flour or cake flour. A 1/4 cup serving of cake flour contains about 110 calories and 24g net carbs.


Birthday cake recipes usually call for around 1-2 cups of granulated white sugar. There are 773 calories in 1 cup of white granulated sugar.


The butter or oil used in cakes contributes significant calories and fat. Each tablespoon of butter has 102 calories and 11g fat.


Whole eggs add protein and fat to cake batter. One large egg contains about 72 calories.


Some cake batters include milk. One cup of whole milk has 146 calories.

Cake frosting

Rich buttercream frostings can have 100-200 calories per serving. Cream cheese frosting ranges from 30-60 calories per tablespoon.


Fillings like chocolate ganache, caramel, or fruit preserves will increase calorie and sugar content of each slice.

High Calorie Add-Ins

Certain mix-ins and toppings significantly increase the calories and fat in birthday cake:

  • Nuts – 1 oz serving of almonds, walnuts, etc is over 160 calories
  • Chocolate chips – 130 calories per 1⁄4 cup
  • Coconut flakes – Dried coconut has 185 calories per 1⁄4 cup
  • Cream – Heavy whipping cream is over 50 calories per tablespoon
  • Buttercream frosting – Up to 115 calories in each tablespoon
  • Ganache or fudge icing – Can add 150+ calories per slice

Going easy on high-calorie add-ins like nuts, chocolate, coconut and using lighter whipped cream instead of buttercream will help cut some calories.

Low-Calorie Cake Alternatives

Here are some ways to enjoy birthday cake while cutting back on calories:

  • Have a smaller slice
  • Choose angel food, sponge or gingerbread cake recipes made with minimal butter and oil
  • Use a reduced-sugar cake recipe
  • Limit high-calorie mix-ins and frostings
  • Substitute fruit preserves or whipped cream for some frosting
  • Enjoy cake alternates like cupcakes, cake pops or mini cupcakes
  • Split a slice or dish of cake with a friend

With some adjustments, you can still enjoy a delicious slice of cake on your birthday without going overboard on calories.

Nutritional Info for Popular Birthday Cake Brands

Here is the nutrition data for pre-made and bakery birthday cake slices from popular brands:

Grocery Store Birthday Cake

Cake Serving Size Calories
Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix 1/16 cake (43g) 160
Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix 1/16 cake (43g) 190
Duncan Hines Signature Cake Mix 1/12 cake (55g) 220

Bakery Birthday Cake

Cake Serving Size Calories
Costco Half Sheet Cake 1 slice (83g) 340
Carvel Ice Cream Cake 1 slice (104g) 320
Whole Foods Birthday Cake Slice 1 slice (95g) 450

As you can see, bakery, ice cream and premium grocery store birthday cakes tend to be higher in calories and larger serving sizes than a basic cake mix.

How to Estimate Calories in Homemade Cake

For homemade cakes, you can get a rough calorie estimate by totaling the calories for each ingredient used:

  1. Calculate calories for all dry ingredients like flour, sugars, cocoa powder, etc.
  2. Tally calories for wet ingredients like eggs, oil, milk, yogurt, etc.
  3. Add calories for frostings and mix-ins.
  4. Divide total calories by number of servings to get calories per slice.

This method won’t be exact but can give you a ballpark figure to work with. Knowing the serving sizes and your own portions is also key.


Birthday cake can range from 200-500+ calories per slice depending on the specific recipe, size of the slice, and amount of frosting. Choosing lighter cake recipes and watching your portion sizes can help keep calories in check. In general, most standard slices of iced cake contain about 250-350 calories. With so many tempting cake options, the main thing is to enjoy your special treat in moderation on your birthday!

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