How many calories are in a Hungry Howie’s pizza?

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. It’s convenient, customizable, and delicious. Hungry Howie’s is a popular pizza chain known for its flavored crusts and wide variety of toppings. But with all those cheese, meats, and carbs layered on, it’s easy to wonder just how many calories you’re consuming in one slice.

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Hungry Howie’s Pizza?

The number of calories in a slice of Hungry Howie’s pizza can vary quite a bit depending on the size, crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings selected. However, here are some general estimates for calorie counts per slice:

– Cheese pizza slice: 240-350 calories

– Pepperoni pizza slice: 250-370 calories

– Supreme pizza slice: 260-400 calories

– Veggie pizza slice: 230-350 calories

– Hawaiian pizza slice: 250-380 calories

As you can see, calories can range from around 230 for a veggie slice up to 400 for a supreme slice loaded with toppings. The type of crust and size of the pizza will impact counts as well. Thin crust tends to be lower in calories than original or flavored stuffed crusts. The larger the pizza, the more calories per slice since the slices are bigger.

Factors That Impact Calories Per Slice

There are a few key factors that determine how many calories are in each Hungry Howie’s pizza slice:

Size of the Pizza

Hungry Howie’s offers pizzas in 5 different sizes:

– Personal (6 inches): 2 slices
– Small (8 inches): 4 slices
– Medium (10 inches): 6 slices
– Large (12 inches): 8 slices
– Extra large (14 inches): 10 slices

The bigger the pizza, the bigger each slice will be and the more calories it will contain. A personal pizza slice averages around 220 calories while an extra large slice can top 400 calories.

Type of Crust

Hungry Howie’s has several crust options including original, thin, flavored, and stuffed. Here are the average calories for one slice of a large cheese pizza based on crust:

– Original crust: 320 calories
– Thin crust: 300 calories
– Flavored crust: 330 calories
– Stuffed crust: 350 calories

The thin crust is the lightest option while stuffed crust is heaviest. Original and flavored crusts fall somewhere in between. Popular flavored crusts include butter, onion, sesame, and Cajun.

Cheese and Toppings

The more cheese and toppings on the pizza, the higher the calorie count. Hungry Howie’s uses a cheese blend on their pizzas. Here are the cheese calories for a large pizza:

– Cheese pizza (with light cheese): 720 calories/whole pizza
– Cheese pizza (with regular cheese): 840 calories/whole pizza
– Cheese pizza (with extra cheese): 960 calories/whole pizza

Each additional topping adds around 50-100 calories per slice. So a loaded supreme pizza can have 150-200 more calories per slice than a simple cheese pizza.


Hungry Howie’s offers traditional tomato sauce or a creamy ranch sauce. The tomato sauce adds around 20-30 calories per slice, while the creamier ranch sauce tacks on around 50-60 calories per slice.

Calories In Popular Hungry Howie’s Pizzas

To give you an idea of actual calorie counts, here is a run down of calories per slice for some of Hungry Howie’s most popular pizzas:

1. Cheese Pizza

– Personal (2 slices): 240 calories per slice
– Small (4 slices): 300 calories per slice
– Medium (6 slices): 350 calories per slice
– Large (8 slices): 400 calories per slice
– Extra Large (10 slices): 450 calories per slice

2. Pepperoni Pizza

– Personal (2 slices): 270 calories per slice
– Small (4 slices): 330 calories per slice
– Medium (6 slices): 380 calories per slice
– Large (8 slices): 430 calories per slice
– Extra Large (10 slices): 480 calories per slice

3. Hawaiian Pizza

– Personal (2 slices): 260 calories per slice
– Small (4 slices): 320 calories per slice
– Medium (6 slices): 370 calories per slice
– Large (8 slices): 420 calories per slice
– Extra Large (10 slices): 470 calories per slice

4. Veggie Pizza

– Personal (2 slices): 240 calories per slice
– Small (4 slices): 300 calories per slice
– Medium (6 slices): 350 calories per slice
– Large (8 slices): 400 calories per slice
– Extra Large (10 slices): 450 calories per slice

5. Meat Lovers Pizza

– Personal (2 slices): 290 calories per slice
– Small (4 slices): 350 calories per slice
– Medium (6 slices): 400 calories per slice
– Large (8 slices): 450 calories per slice
– Extra Large (10 slices): 500 calories per slice

6. Supreme Pizza

– Personal (2 slices): 300 calories per slice
– Small (4 slices): 360 calories per slice
– Medium (6 slices): 410 calories per slice
– Large (8 slices): 460 calories per slice
– Extra Large (10 slices): 510 calories per slice

As you can see, the more toppings, the higher the calorie count per slice. Size also impacts the counts significantly.

Nutrition Information For Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Now that we’ve looked at calories, let’s examine some of the other key nutrition information for Hungry Howie’s pizzas.

Here are the nutrition facts for one large slice of cheese pizza from Hungry Howie’s (using original crust):

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 400
Fat 16g
Saturated Fat 8g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 40mg
Sodium 820mg
Carbohydrates 48g
Fiber 2g
Sugar 3g
Protein 16g

Key things to note:

– Fat makes up around 35% of the calories (16g out of 400 calories). Pizza gets a lot of calories from fat in the cheese and meats.

– Saturated fat is around 8g per slice, which is a significant amount. Try to limit saturated fat to 20g or less per day.

– Sodium is on the high side at 32% of the daily value. All of that cheese contributes a good amount of sodium.

– Carbs make up the majority of calories from the dough and crust. However, fiber is low compared to the carb count.

– Protein is moderate at 16g coming from the cheese.

So in terms of nutrition, Hungry Howie’s pizza is high in fat, sodium, and carbs but lower in fiber and nutrients. It’s a tasty treat but shouldn’t be a daily meal option.

Tips For Making Your Hungry Howie’s Pizza Healthier

If you want to enjoy Hungry Howie’s pizza as a more nutritious meal, here are some tips to make it healthier:

– Choose thin crust to save calories and carbs

– Opt for a small or medium pizza instead of large or extra large

– Load up on veggie toppings like mushrooms, onions, spinach rather than high-fat meats

– Ask for light cheese or just extra sauce to save saturated fat and sodium

– Have a side salad with vinaigrette instead of a second slice

– Split the pizza with a friend or save leftovers for another meal

– Drink water or unsweetened tea instead of soda for lower sugar and calories

With some simple adjustments, you can enjoy Hungry Howie’s pizza without all the extra calories, fat, carbs, and sodium in each serving.

Healthier Pizza Alternatives to Hungry Howie’s

If you’re really looking to lighten up your pizza, here are some healthier pizza chains and options that provide nutrition info:

1. Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is a fast casual chain that lets you customize personal-sized pizzas. Their classic cheese pizza has just 290 calories per serving. You can load it up with veggies and lean meats for under 500 calories total.

2. Pizza Hut Thin ‘N Crispy Pizza

Pizza Hut’s thin crust pizzas provide around 300 calories per slice versus 400 for their Hand-Tossed option. Load up on veggie toppings for lowest calories.

3. Domino’s Thin Crust Pizza

A Domino’s thin crust cheese pizza has 260 calories per slice. Again, top with veggies and limit meats to keep it light.

4. California Pizza Kitchen Thai Chicken Pizza

This unique option from CPK has 330 calories per slice. It has a spicy peanut sauce instead of tomato sauce for a lighter option.

5. Digiorno Thin & Crispy Garden Veggie Pizza

Digiorno makes convenient store-bought pizzas in both thin and rising crust. The thin crust garden veggie has just 260 calories and 6g fat per 1/3 of the pizza.

The Healthiest Way to Enjoy Pizza

Pizza is delicious, but it’s easy to overindulge in all that cheese, fat, sodium and extra calories. The healthiest way to enjoy pizza is to:

– Choose thin crusts pizzas with light cheese

– Load up on vegetable toppings instead of fatty meats

– Stick to small or medium pizza sizes

– Enjoy just 1-2 slices maximum as a meal

– Pair it with a big mixed green salad

– Avoid adding extra greasy sides like wings or breadsticks

– Opt for healthy dips like hummus or avocado instead of ranch or blue cheese

– Drink water instead of soda or sweet tea

Pizza can still be part of a healthy diet. By making smart choices about portions, toppings and sides, you can satisfy your pizza craving without the extra calories and fat.


Hungry Howie’s pizza can contain a wide range of calories depending on the size and toppings selected. A slice can clock in anywhere from 220 for a personal cheese pizza up to 510 calories for an extra large supreme. While tasty, Hungry Howie’s pizza is high in fat, sodium, and carbs but lower in other nutrients. Enjoy it occasionally as a treat alongside healthier meals. If you want to lighten it up, go for thin crust with lots of veggies, choose small sizes, and cut back on high-fat meats and extra cheese. With some adjustments to portions and toppings, you can still enjoy pizza as part of a balanced diet.

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