How do you use Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup?

Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup is a pre-mixed cocktail syrup designed to make creating an Old Fashioned cocktail easy and consistent. This rich, sweet syrup combines bourbon, cherry syrup, bitters, and sugar into one convenient bottled product. Simply add ice, your preferred bourbon or rye, and garnish for a perfectly balanced, premium Old Fashioned in seconds.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup:

What is Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup?

Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup is a pre-batched cocktail syrup launched in 2021 by the bourbon brand Old Forester. It aims to simplify making an Old Fashioned drink by combining all the key ingredients – sugar, bitters, cherry syrup, and bourbon – into one bottled product.

This means you don’t have to carefully measure out multiple ingredients when making an Old Fashioned. The syrup delivers a consistent, balanced flavor profile in every drink. It eliminates much of the effort and inconsistency that can come with hand-crafting Old Fashioneds.

What are the key features and benefits?

Here are some of the stand-out features and benefits of Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup:

– Pre-batched – Combines bourbon, sugar, bitters and cherry syrup into one easy product
– Consistent flavor – Gives the same balanced taste profile in every drink
– Time-saving – Significantly reduces effort and time to make an Old Fashioned
– High quality – Made with premium ingredients like real bourbon and natural cherry syrup
– Versatile – Works with any bourbon or rye whiskey brand
– Long shelf life – Can be stored after opening for up to 6 months

Overall, it allows both professionals and home mixologists to quickly prepare a top-quality Old Fashioned with little effort.

What flavors and ingredients are in it?

Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned contains four key ingredients:

– Bourbon – It contains real 90 proof Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey from Old Forester. This provides a rich, smooth bourbon flavor.

– Cherries – The syrup includes natural cherry syrup made from cherries and cane sugar. This gives fruity, slightly tart cherry notes.

– Sugar – Cane sugar is used to provide sweetness and balance out the other elements.

– Aromatic bitters – A dash of bitters contributes complexity and spice.

In addition, natural flavors are used to round out the profile. Everything is pre-mixed together in the exact proportions for making an Old Fashioned.

How is it made?

Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup is carefully crafted by the experts at Old Forester using the following general process:

– Selecting premium ingredients – High-quality bourbon, cherry syrup, cane sugar and bitters are sourced from trusted suppliers.

– Formulating the flavor – Extensive research and testing is done to create the ideal balance of sweet, sour, bitter and boozy.

– Blending and batching – The selected ingredients are measured out in precise amounts then thoroughly blended together in large batching tanks.

– Bottling – The finished syrup is bottled up in 750mL glass bottles using a rapid bottling line.

– Testing and quality control – Samples from each batch are tested to ensure consistent quality and flavor.

The result is a ready-to-use Old Fashioned syrup made according to exact specifications for optimal taste.

How to Use Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup

Now that we’ve covered the background of the syrup, let’s get into how to actually use it to make delicious Old Fashioneds.

Suggested recipe

Here is a simple recipe for how Old Forester recommends using their Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup:

– 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
– 1.5 oz Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup
– Orange slice garnish
– Brandied cherry garnish
– Ice

1. Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes
2. Add 2 oz of your preferred bourbon or rye whiskey
3. Add 1.5 oz of the Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup
4. Gently stir for about 10 seconds to incorporate
5. Express oil from an orange peel over the drink then place as garnish
6. Drop in a brandied cherry for garnish

This easy 2:1:5 ratio of spirit to syrup to ice delivers a beautifully balanced and flavorful Old Fashioned every time. The syrup provides the sweetness, cherry flavors and aromatic bitters, while the bourbon gives the backbone spirit flavor.

Tips for using the syrup

Here are some helpful tips when working with Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup:

– Chill the syrup first – Storing it in the fridge or freezer helps it mix in smoothly.
– Use a quality bourbon or rye – Don’t skimp on the whiskey, as it makes up half the drink.
– Adjust proportions to taste – Add more or less syrup to control sweetness.
– Use an ice mold – Large cubed ice dilutes slower for maximum chilling.
– Skip muddling fruit – The syrup already contains cherry flavors.
– Garnish with citrus – An orange peel and cherry are classic garnishes.
– Stir gently – Over-stirring can lead to excess dilution.
– Store after opening – Keeps for up to 6 months in the refrigerator.

Cocktail recipes using the syrup

While best known for Old Fashioneds, the versatility of Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup also lends itself to several other great cocktails. Some creative ways to use it include:

Cherry Old Fashioned

– 2 oz bourbon
– 1 oz Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup
– 5 cherries
– Orange peel

Muddle cherries in a glass, add bourbon, syrup and ice. Garnish with orange peel.

Black Manhattan

– 2 oz bourbon
– 1 oz Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup
– 1⁄4 oz black walnut bitters
– Brandied cherry

Stir bourbon, syrup, and bitters in a mixing glass with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe and garnish.

Boulevardier Cocktail

– 1 1⁄2 oz bourbon
– 1 oz sweet vermouth
– 1⁄2 oz Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup
– Orange peel

Stir with ice and strain into chilled glass. Express orange peel as garnish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about using Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup:

What type of bourbon should I use with the syrup?

The company recommends its own Old Forester bourbons such as the 86 Proof or 100 Proof bottlings. However, you can use any quality Kentucky straight bourbon you enjoy drinking. Popular choices are Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey 101, Woodford Reserve and Four Roses.

Can I use the syrup to make whisky cocktails other than an Old Fashioned?

Absolutely. The syrup’s balanced flavor works well in a variety of whiskey cocktails. Try using it in place of plain simple syrup in a Manhattan, Whiskey Sour or Boulevardier.

How long does the syrup last after opening?

The syrup has a 6 month shelf life after opening when stored properly in the refrigerator. The bottle should be sealed tight after each use.

How much syrup and bourbon should I use in my Old Fashioned?

Old Forester recommends a 2 oz bourbon to 1.5 oz syrup ratio. But you can adjust the amounts to your taste preferences. For a sweeter and stronger drink, use more syrup and bourbon. For a lighter drink, use less of each.

Should I use any other ingredients besides bourbon and the syrup?

All you absolutely need is bourbon and the syrup. However, many people also add a citrus garnish like an orange peel or brandied cherry. A large ice cube or sphere helps give it a cool, diluted drink as well.

Can I substitute rye whiskey instead of bourbon?

Yes, rye whiskey makes a delicious Old Fashioned variation. The spicy, dry flavor of rye combines nicely with the sweet cherry and citrus notes of the syrup.

Is there real bourbon and cherry syrup in the product?

Yes. The syrup contains actual straight bourbon whiskey distilled and aged by Old Forester. It also includes genuine cherry syrup made from cherries. Natural flavors are added to complete the flavor profile.

Where can I buy Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup?

The syrup is sold at liquor stores in all major markets wherever Old Forester bourbon is available. You can check your local retailer or order online if you can’t find it nearby. It has an MSRP of $24.99 per 750mL bottle.


Old Forester Perfect Old Fashioned syrup makes enjoying an expertly crafted Old Fashioned easier than ever. This innovative product combines high-quality bourbon, natural cherry syrup, sugar, and bitters into one perfectly balanced cocktail syrup. Just add your preferred bourbon or rye and ice for a sophisticated drink in moments. Use the suggested 2:1:5 ratio of spirit to syrup to ice as a template, then adjust amounts to suit your taste. With its versatility beyond just Old Fashioneds and long shelf life after opening, Old Forester’s syrup is a useful addition to any home or professional bar.

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