How do you arrange stud earrings?

Quick Answers

Stud earrings can be arranged in a few different ways depending on your preferences and goals:

– By metal type – group studs made of gold, silver, etc. This helps you find a matching pair more easily.

– By color – arrange studs by color family like reds, blues, neutrals. Makes picking out a pair to match an outfit easier.

– By occasion – have sections for everyday, formal, travel, etc. Quickly find appropriate earrings for different events.

– By style – categorize into styles like floral, geometric, minimalist. Helps you find a pair that fits your aesthetic.

– Alphabetically – arrange studs alphabetically by brand. Makes locating a specific pair simpler.

– By size – separate studs into size groups like small, medium and large. Handy for finding the right fit.

Should You Arrange Studs by Color, Metal, Style or Something Else?

When deciding how to arrange your stud earring collection, there are a few key factors to consider:


Arranging studs by color can make it easy to find a pair that complements your outfit or matches other jewelry you’re wearing. Group them into color families like reds, greens, blues, neutrals, metallics, etc. This system works best if you have a diverse color palette in your earring assortment. It can be frustrating if you primarily wear one color metal like yellow gold – having to sort through all the colors to find gold pairs.

Metal Type

Organizing stud earrings by metal type – like gold, silver, rose gold – can be helpful to quickly locate pairs in your preferred metal(s). This is useful if you stick to one or two metal tones. It also makes it simple to find matching pairs. However, it can be limiting if you want to wear an assortment of metals and colors.


Arranging your studs by style or design is great if you have a varied collection. Categorize them into groups like minimalist, floral, geometric, nature-inspired, novelty, etc. You’ll be able to find studs that fit your aesthetic for different looks. The limitation is that you’ll likely end up with many multi-colored groups, so it still takes some searching to find a specific color.


Organizing studs by occasion or use can be helpful for quick selection. Create groupings like everyday, travel, formal, wedding, exercise, etc. This works well if you have designated earrings that you only wear for certain events or activities. However, most people wear most of their studs interchangeably, so this system can feel restrictive.


Arranging stud earrings by size can make it easy to find the right fit. Separate them into small, medium and large groups. This works best if you have a wide range of stud sizes. If most of your studs are around the same size, this won’t be as useful for organization. It may still help identify your very petite or oversized pairs though.


Organizing your stud earring collection alphabetically by brand can help make finding a specific pair easier, especially if you know the brand name. However, this system isn’t very useful for coordinating studs to wear together or finding earrings to match an outfit. It’s best for people who have loyalty to certain brands and want to shop their collection that way.

Other Ways to Arrange Studs

Some other ways to potentially organize your stud earrings include:

– By most worn – Keep your everyday go-to pairs in prime accessible locations.

– By price – Group designer, fine or expensive studs separately from inexpensive pairs.

– By backing – Sort studs by post backing into sections like latch back, rubber back, screw back, etc.

– By gemstone – Arrange earrings by stone type like diamond, pearl, opal. Helpful for jewelry aficionados.

– By collection – Keep stud sets or suites together.

General Tips for Organizing Stud Earrings

Here are some top tips for coming up with your own stud arranging system:

– Consider your habits – Organize studs in a way that fits your wearing and selection preferences. Make it easy to find what you regularly wear.

– Use compartmentalized storage – Dividers, sections and dedicated slots help keep pairs separated and organized.

– Label clearly – Use small tags or stickers to identify groups or sections. Makes retrieving easier.

– Go for visibility – Clear jewelry boxes or open storage lets you see contents easily. Avoid cluttered opaque boxes.

– Limit pairs per section – Keep categories condensed so pairs don’t get jumbled together. About 10 pairs or fewer per group is ideal.

– Re-evaluate periodically – As your collection changes, make sure your system still works. Tweak it as needed.

– Store securely – Be sure your storage method keeps posts and backs secure so pairs don’t separate and get lost.

Pros and Cons of Common Stud Earring Storage Options

There are many jewelry storage options that can work well for organizing stud earrings. Here are some pros and cons of popular choices:

Jewelry Box

– Specifically designed for jewelry storage and organization.
– Offer compartments, dividers, lids/drawers to separate and secure earrings.
– Wide variety of sizes and styles. Can get one tailored to your needs.
– Portable and keeps earrings protected while traveling.

– Can be bulky on top of dresser or vanity.
– Earrings may get tangled if too full.
– Opague cases don’t showcase your earrings nicely.

Jewelry Tray

– Allows visibility of all your pairs at a glance.
– Typically has built-in organization like compartments, dividers, slots.
– Stands vertically or horizontally for easy access.
– More compact than boxes. Good for tight spaces.

– Typically doesn’t have lid so open to dust.
– Not portable for travel.
– Studs may fall out of slots if bumped.

Hanging Earring Organizer

– Holds a lot of pairs while taking up minimal surface space.
– Easy to see all earrings when hanging.
– Lightweight and portable.
– Inexpensive option.

– Can’t hang inside a drawer. Needs to be on wall or door.
– Typically no backing so pairs may fall off.
– Studs are prone to slipping out of slit elastic holes.

Jewelry Holder Stand/Tree

– Fun visual display that can double as decor.
– Holds and displays lots of pairs.
– Branches and hooks keep pairs separated.

– Takes up counter or dresser top space.
– Not portable for travel.
– Studs may slide off smooth boughs if not carefully placed.

Travel Cases

– Compact way to keep pairs organized on-the-go.
– Protects delicate jewelry while in transit.
– Cases come in many styles from simple pouches to elaborate jewelry boxes.

– Too small to store full collection. Made for traveling.
– Zipper pouches don’t allow visibility of contents.
– Only fits a limited number of earrings.

Plastic Organizers

– Clear for visibility.
– Removable compartments allow customizable sections.
– Low profile fits in drawer. Also portable.
– Very affordable option.

– Looks a bit cluttered and cheap.
– Not made specifically for jewelry so can feel flimsy.
– Studs may slide around loosely in oversized compartments.

How to Store Stud Earrings while Traveling

Stud earrings are a great jewelry option while traveling since they are so versatile, lightweight and don’t take up much room packed. Here are some tips for keeping your favorite stud pairs organized on trips:

– Invest in a dedicated travel jewelry case. Look for ones with individual labeled compartments so pairs stay separated. Zipped pouches keep contents secure.

– Use small resealable plastic bags to group studs together by outfit or day. Write the days or dates on each bag.

– Bring a microfiber jewelry cloth to wrap delicate studs in before placing in your travel case. This prevents scratching.

– Place each pair of studs in small plastic jewelry trading card sleeves then file together in your case. Keeps pairs compartmentalized.

– Pack very delicate studs in a glasses or sunglasses case. The molded slots keep them cushioned and secure.

– Clean your earrings before packing. Built-up lotions, perfume and makeup can damage jewelry over time.

– If flying, keep your packed jewelry case in your carry-on bag rather than checking it. Reduces the risk of lost or damaged contents.

– Store your backup studs separately in case a backing falls off and a pair separates. This way you have a backup.

– Consider inexpensive travel insurance for high value jewelry you are bringing. Provide extra peace of mind for your prized studs!

Tips for Storing Earrings Long Term or During Non-Use

When storing earrings long term, whether for a prolonged period of non-use, after a piercing closes, or for posterity sake, you need to take special care to keep them in optimal condition. Here are some tips:

– Store earrings in an airtight container like a plastic bag or lidded box. This prevents dust buildup and tarnishing.

– Wrap pairs individually in soft cloth or acid-free tissue paper. This protects against scratching and tangling.

– Place a desiccant pack in the storage container to absorb excess moisture. This inhibits tarnish formation.

– Lay earrings in compartments or slots so they don’t touch and scratch each other.

– Avoid using materials like cardboard that contain acids which can damage jewelry over time.

– Store earrings in a cool, dry dark place away from heat and sunlight. Temperature and light fluctuations can degrade metals, finishes and stones.

– Clean earrings thoroughly before storing to remove all traces of lotions, perfumes and make-up that can break down metals and settings.

– For extra protection, have fine jewelry professionally cleaned and checked before storing long term. A jeweler can make any needed repairs beforehand.

– Periodically inspect stored earrings and refresh cloth wraps or storage containers to ensure optimal conditions.

Following these tips will help keep your cherished earrings in beautiful shape so they feel like new when it’s time to wear them again!


When organizing your stud earring collection, the most effective approach is to use a system that caters to your habits and needs. Group them in a way that allows you to quickly locate pairs whether you prioritize color, style, metal, size or another sorting method. Invest in storage like compartmentalized jewelry trays and cases that keep pairs neatly compartmentalized, secure and visible. Display your studs attractively so you enjoy admiring your organized collection. And don’t forget to re-evaluate your system as your earring collection evolves. With some strategic arranging, you can keep even a substantial stud collection neat, untangled and easy to access at a moment’s notice!

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