How do I schedule a UPS pick up at home?

Scheduling a UPS pick up at your home is a quick and convenient way to send packages without having to drop them off at a UPS store or access point. UPS offers free pick up services for most air and ground packages, making it easy to ship items right from your door. Here are some quick answers about how to arrange a UPS pick up:

What types of pickups can I schedule?

UPS offers free pick up service for most air and ground packages. You can schedule a one-time or recurring pick up. One-time pickups are for individual packages you need to ship on a certain date. Recurring pickups can be set up daily, weekly, etc. for regular shipments.

What services require an extra fee?

UPS does charge additional fees for some types of pickups:

  • Saturday delivery pickups
  • Remote location pickups
  • Oversize package pickups
  • Pickups added on-demand during the driver’s route

These services require an additional fee paid during scheduling. Normal rates apply for your shipping charges.

How far in advance can I schedule a pickup?

You can schedule a UPS pickup up to 2 weeks in advance. Same-day pickups can also be requested but depend on driver availability. The further in advance you can schedule, the better to secure your ideal pickup date and time.

What information do I need to schedule a pickup?

When scheduling a pickup, you’ll need to provide:

  • Pickup address
  • Requested date
  • Preferred collection time window
  • Package type and dimensions
  • Estimated package weight
  • UPS account number (if applicable)

Having this information ready will make pickup scheduling faster.

How do I arrange a UPS pickup?

You have three options to schedule a UPS pickup:

  • Online using the UPS website
  • By phone calling 1-800-PICK-UPS
  • Using your UPS My Choice account

The online scheduling form is easiest for most people. You simply fill in your shipping details and pickup requests.

Scheduling a Pickup Online

Follow these steps to schedule a UPS pickup online:

  1. Go to and select “Schedule a Pickup.”
  2. Enter your pickup location/address.
  3. Choose your preferred date for the pickup.
  4. Select your collection time window.
  5. Choose Daily Pickup or One-Time Pickup.
  6. Enter package details – number, type, dimensions, weight.
  7. Provide a UPS account number if applicable.
  8. Confirm your pickup details and submit the request.
  9. Receive a confirmation email with your scheduled pickup info.

UPS will then alert your local driver. On your scheduled date, leave your packaged and labeled shipments in your selected pickup spot just before the start time.

What time window should I select?

When choosing a pickup time window, select 2-3 hours when you know someone will be available to hand off packages to the driver. Avoid very early or late pickup times.

For residential pickups, UPS offers these general collection time windows:

Morning Window Afternoon Window
8AM – 12PM 12PM – 4PM

You can select a more specific time like 10AM – 1PM if needed. Check for availability in 2-3 hour blocks.

Where do I leave packages for pickup?

Leave your labeled, sealed packages in your selected safe pickup spot just before the start of your scheduled time window. Good locations include:

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Side/garage door
  • Building lobby
  • Mail room
  • Office reception

Choose an indoor location protected from weather and theft. Alert the driver if packages are in a garage, under a doormat, etc.

Can I schedule an on-demand or same-day pickup?

UPS does offer on-demand and same-day pickups if needed urgently. However, availability is not guaranteed. Rates also tend to run higher for urgent, unscheduled pickups.

To request urgent pickup:

  1. Call 1-800-PICK-UPS as early as possible.
  2. Confirm driver coverage in your area for same-day dispatch.
  3. Be ready to pay any applicable surcharges.

Last-minute arrangements are not ideal but can work in a pinch if absolutely necessary.

What if I need to change or cancel a scheduled pickup?

If you need to modify an existing UPS pickup request, call UPS as soon as possible at 1-800-PICK-UPS. Changes can include:

  • Rescheduling date/time
  • Updating package details
  • Adding additional packages
  • Canceling the pickup

Some changes may incur additional fees. UPS will try to accommodate changes whenever possible. Same-day cancellation or rescheduling is subject to driver availability.

How much does a UPS pickup cost?

For most air and ground packages, UPS pickup is free. As long as your packages qualify as standard deliveries for UPS Ground, Air, etc., there is no extra charge for at-home collection.

Additional fees may apply for:

  • Saturday delivery pickups
  • Remote location pickups
  • Oversize/heavy package pickups
  • On-demand dispatch fees

Any applicable fees are paid directly during pickup scheduling. Standard per-package shipping rates will still apply.

Are there package restrictions?

UPS does have some limitations on the types of packages they will collect through standard pickups:

  • Max weight is 150 lbs per package
  • Max dimensions per package are 165 inches length + girth
  • UPS does not pickup hazardous materials shipments from residential addresses
  • Prohibited items like alcohol cannot be collected without appropriate UPS approvals

When scheduling, provide accurate dimensions and weights to confirm your packages are eligible. Oversize or heavy items may require an additional pickup fee.

Can UPS pick up from a business?

Yes, UPS pickup services are available for both residential and business addresses. The same online scheduling form can be used to arrange business pickups.

For regular business pickups, you can also sign up for a UPS Daily Pickup service. A driver will visit your location each business day to collect any outbound shipments.

What if I’m not home during the scheduled window?

You need to be available at home to hand off packages directly to the UPS driver during your selected pickup window. If you won’t be home, you have a couple options:

  • Reschedule the pickup for a day/time when you’ll be available.
  • Leave packages in your designated pickup spot with the door unlocked.
  • Have someone else available to hand off packages.

Drivers cannot enter homes or closed locations. Make arrangements so packages are accessible during your window.

How do I pay for shipping with a pickup?

You can pay for UPS shipping in several ways when using a home pickup service:

  • Bill to an existing UPS account number
  • Use a UPS Ground or UPS Air shipping label purchased online
  • Leave a check or money order for driver to collect
  • Pay with cash upon pickup (drivers carry change)

Make sure to leave your payment in an envelope with your packages for the driver to take. You will receive a receipt by email or mail.

Can I track packages after pickup?

Yes, your UPS shipping labels will allow you to track your packages in transit after pickup. Here’s how:

  1. On, select “Track”
  2. Enter the UPS tracking number from the shipping label
  3. You can also sign up for delivery alerts via email or text

This lets you monitor your shipments every step of the way until delivered.


Scheduling a UPS pickup at your home or office provides a convenient way to ship packages while avoiding trips to a UPS location. As long as you select a timeslot when someone is available, the process is very simple. Use the UPS website to submit pickup requests at least one day in advance, and have your labeled packages ready in your chosen pickup spot at the start of your scheduled window. This hands-off service makes UPS shipping from home quick and easy.

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