How do I get a blue check on Instagram?

What does the blue check mean on Instagram?

The blue check mark on Instagram, also known as a verified badge, indicates that an account is the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity it represents. It means Instagram has confirmed the account belongs to the person or brand it claims to represent. Getting verified on Instagram requires meeting certain criteria set by Instagram around notability and authenticity. The blue check gives public figures, brands and businesses more credibility and influence on Instagram.

Why get verified on Instagram?

Here are some of the key benefits of getting verified on Instagram:

Increased credibility and authority

The blue verification badge gives public figures and brands more credibility and authority on Instagram. It’s a signal to users that the account is authentic and noteworthy. This can be especially important for influencers, celebrities and public figures who need to maintain trust with their audience.

Greater visibility and reach

Verified accounts stand out more in search and Explorer. Instagram’s algorithms may also give verified accounts more prominence in certain areas of the app, helping to improve their visibility and reach. This can drive more followers and engagement.

Brand protection

The blue check makes it easier for users to find a brand’s official Instagram account. This helps prevent impersonation or fake brand accounts. It protects the brand’s reputation and ensures users can trust communications from the verified account.

Business opportunities

Verification can open more business opportunities on Instagram like paid brand partnerships and sponsorships. Certain brand deal or licensing contracts may require having an authenticated Instagram presence. The blue badge signals an account has met Instagram’s criteria.

Smooth advertising set-up

Verified accounts have an easier time setting up Instagram ads. The verification provides the necessary legitimacy for Instagram to approve monetization and advertising. Unverified accounts may need to go through extra hoops.

Access to special features

Instagram is known to test certain exclusive features with verified accounts first before rolling out widely. This early access can give verified accounts a competitive advantage.

Instagram verification requirements

To receive an authentication badge on Instagram, accounts generally must meet the following verification requirements:


The account must represent the real identity of the person, brand or entity seeking verification. Instagram needs to confirm it is the official presence of the notable public figure, celebrity or brand.


The account must be sufficiently notable and recognizable to warrant verification. This means having news coverage, a Wikipedia page, or being a well-known brand.


The account must be public and have a complete profile with bio, profile photo and posts. Private, inactive or incomplete accounts are ineligible.


Only one account per person, brand or entity will be verified. Unique instances like parody accounts may also get verified. But verification is limited to one unique presence on Instagram.


Instagram needs proof to confirm the account legitimately represents the person, brand or entity seeking verification. This may require submitting IDs, articles, licenses or trademarks.

Meeting these core requirements establishes an account’s notability and legitimacy for Instagram to grant verification. Instagram always reserves final right on giving out blue checks.

How to apply for Instagram verification

If your Instagram account meets the core verification requirements, you can request to get verified by Instagram by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to your profile settings

Open the Instagram app and visit your profile page. Tap the three line menu button “…” in the top right.

Step 2: Tap “Settings”

This will open your account settings menu. Scroll down and tap “Account”.

Step 3: Tap “Request Verification”

Under the “Account” menu, you’ll see a “Request Verification” option. Tap this to begin the blue badge request process.

Step 4: Check eligibility

Instagram will ask you to check and confirm your eligibility for verification. Check that you meet the requirements.

Step 5: Share details

Provide details about your account, why you should be verified, and any relevant websites or articles that demonstrate your notability.

Step 6: Submit request

Once you’ve filled in all details, submit your verification request. Instagram will review it and get back to you.

Step 7: Wait for Instagram’s response

It can take Instagram several weeks or longer to review verification requests. Be patient. If approved, you’ll receive the coveted blue verification badge on your Instagram account.

Tips for getting verified on Instagram

Here are some helpful tips for boosting your chances of successfully getting that blue verification check mark on Instagram:

Build your following

Accounts with larger, more engaged followings have an easier time getting verified. Focus on growing your audience.

Be active and post consistently

Inactive accounts are unlikely to get verified. Post regularly and maintain an active presence on Instagram.

Use an appropriate username

Your username should match your name or brand name – no random words or numbers. This helps Instagram confirm your identity.

Add a professional bio

Your Instagram bio should identify who you are or what your brand does. It establishes professional legitimacy.

Link other social accounts

Linking websites or verified accounts on other platforms like Twitter can help boost your credentials.

Have a public account

Keep your account public, not private. Instagram needs to access and evaluate your account.

Highlight media features

Provide links to any news articles, TV appearances or interviews you’ve been featured in.

Secure official website

Having a professional website that confirms your identity or brand also helps with verification.

Meeting Instagram’s core requirements and following these tips will help give you the best shot at getting that coveted blue verification check mark. With persistence and patience, your Instagram account can get the legitimacy and authority boost that comes with official verification.

Why was my Instagram verification request rejected?

Getting turned down for that shiny blue verification badge can be disappointing. But don’t get too discouraged if your request gets rejected. Here are some of the common reasons Instagram may deny granting you a verified check:

You don’t meet the requirements

Make sure your account truly meets Instagram’s criteria around notability, completeness, authenticity and uniqueness. If your account is private, inactive, incomplete or lacking proof of notability, you will likely get rejected.

Your account is too new

Typically your account needs to be at least a few months old with regular use to qualify for verification. Patience and activity over time can help.

You’re not notable enough

Instagram denies many verification requests simply because the accounts are not sufficiently notable or recognizable to warrant verification. Focus on building your public profile and documenting your work.

Too many violation marks

Past violations of Instagram’s community guidelines can come back to haunt you. Multiple marks on your account’s record will undermine verification eligibility. Keep your account and activity squarely within policy.

Suspicious or spammy activity

Attempts to artificially inflate your followers, likes or engagement looks sketchy to Instagram. Avoid these tactics and keep your growth and engagement authentic.

Impersonation concerns

Instagram may deny verification if there are concerns about potential impersonation or insufficient proof you represent who you claim. Strengthen your credentials.

You don’t represent a unique entity

Each person or brand generally only gets one verified account. If you’ve already been verified under a certain entity, additional accounts are unlikely to get a blue check.

Patience and persistence is key. Work on strengthening your account, profile and credentials before reapplying. With time and effort, that coveted blue verification check mark can be yours.

What to do if your verification badge is removed

In unfortunate cases, Instagram may revoke a verification badge and remove an account’s blue check mark. This can happen for reasons like:

Violating Instagram’s guidelines

Actions that violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use can lead to losing verification status. Avoid policy violations.

Impersonation or misleading information

Attempting to impersonate another account or providing false information will prompt Instagram to revoke verification.


If a previously verified account becomes inactive or private for an extended period, Instagram may remove its blue check. Stay active publicly.

Change in notability

If an account loses its notoriety or news coverage fades over time, verification status can be revoked. Seek to maintain relevance and documentation of achievements.

No longer represents entity

If a verified account changes names or no longer represents the entity, person or brand it was initially verified under, Instagram will remove the blue check.

If your verification badge disappears unexpectedly, here are some steps to take:

Review Instagram’s feedback

Check any messages from Instagram for details on why verification was removed. Make sure you understand the specific policy violation or eligibility criteria you failed to meet.

Request reinstatement

You can request reinstatement of verification by going through the blue badge request flow again. Emphasize steps you’ve taken to fix the issues.

Appeal the decision

If you believe Instagram incorrectly or unfairly revoked verification, submit an appeal through Instagram’s support channels explaining why you deserve to remain verified. Provide evidence supporting your case.

Wait and reapply

If your appeal gets rejected, you may need to wait a certain period before reapplying for verification. Use this time to strengthen your account so you meet Instagram’s criteria.

With patience and persistence, verification badges can usually be recovered. Instagram would prefer accounts remain verified. Work constructively with them to address any issues so your account can regain that coveted blue check status.


The blue verification badge on Instagram comes with many benefits for public figures, brands and businesses seeking to grow their presence on the platform. While gaining verification requires meeting stringent eligibility criteria around notability and authenticity, the recognition and credibility the blue check provides is well worth the effort for qualified accounts. With a strategic and patient approach, aspiring accounts can earn verification to take their Instagram impact to the next level. Just be sure to always adhere to Instagram’s guidelines to maintain that coveted verified status long-term.

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