How do I access the iTunes Store?

The iTunes Store is Apple’s massive online digital media store where you can purchase and download music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and more. With over 75 million songs, thousands of movies, and a wide selection of apps and games, the iTunes Store gives you access to a huge library of content. Whether you want the latest pop album, a classic movie, or a hot new mobile game, the iTunes Store likely has what you’re looking for. But before you can start browsing and buying, you need to access the store itself. Here’s a quick guide on how to access and sign into the iTunes Store so you can start exploring everything it has to offer.

Accessing the iTunes Store

There are a few different ways to access the iTunes Store depending on which device you want to use.

On iPhone or iPad

If you want to access the iTunes Store on your iPhone or iPad, just open up the App Store app. This is the default app for accessing and downloading new apps, but it also provides access to the rest of the iTunes Store. Tap on the tabs along the bottom to browse Music, Movies, TV Shows, Audiobooks and more.

On Mac

On a Mac computer, open the iTunes desktop app. iTunes should already be installed on any Mac, but if not you can download it for free from the App Store. Once iTunes is open, click on the iTunes Store icon in the upper left corner. This will bring up the various sections of the store where you can browse and purchase content.

On Windows PC

If you’re on a Windows PC, you’ll need to download and install the iTunes desktop app if you don’t already have it. Go to to get the latest version of iTunes for Windows. Once it’s installed, open iTunes and click the same iTunes Store icon in the upper left to access the store.

On Apple TV

Accessing the iTunes Store directly on your Apple TV is simple – the store is integrated right into the main Apple TV interface. From the Home screen, select the iTunes Store icon and choose the type of content you want to browse. You can also access the store through the App Store app by selecting “Purchase or Rent” links for movies, TV shows and more.

On Android or Other Device

You don’t need Apple hardware to access the iTunes Store. Simply point your web browser to to access and sign in to the iTunes Store online. From there you can browse and purchase content just like on an Apple device. Purchased content will be sent to your iTunes account and can be accessed or downloaded later on other devices.

Signing Into the iTunes Store

To buy items, rent movies, subscribe to Apple services like Apple Music or Apple TV+, or redeem gift cards and content codes, you’ll need to sign into the iTunes Store with your Apple ID account.

Your Apple ID is the same account you use for iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage, the App Store, and other Apple services. If you don’t have an Apple ID yet, you can create one for free.

Here’s how to sign in on the most common platforms:


Tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the App Store app, then tap Sign In and enter your Apple ID email/password.


In iTunes, select Account > Sign In from the menu bar and sign in with your Apple ID.


Click the Sign In link in the upper right of iTunes, then enter your Apple ID/password.

Apple TV

Go to Settings > Accounts > Sign In and sign in with your Apple ID credentials.


Click or tap the Sign In link at the top of the iTunes Store homepage and sign in to your account.

Once signed in, your Apple ID will be used for any purchases, subscriptions, or downloads made from the store. You can add payment methods like credit cards or PayPal to your account to enable one-click buying access.

Purchasing Content

Now that you know how to access and sign into the iTunes Store, the real fun begins – finding and buying great content! Here are some tips for purchasing and downloading items:

  • Browse or search for content – Look through featured sections or use the search bar to find specific music, movies, apps, books or other media.
  • Tap or click Buy for any item – On the item’s details page, tap or click the price button to purchase it.
  • Confirm purchase – Make sure the purchase details look correct, then confirm to buy.
  • Enter password if prompted – For some purchases, you may need to enter your Apple ID password again to confirm.
  • Select download option – Choose to download now over WiFi, later manually, or automatically after purchase.
  • View download progress – See the status of any pending downloads on the account-management screens.
  • Enjoy new content! – Once downloads finish, your new music, movies, apps and more will be ready to enjoy!

A few other quick purchasing tips:

– Many apps are available for free download even without an account. Just tap Get or Download to snag them.

– For big purchases or subscriptions, consider using gift cards to fund your account balance instead of credit cards.

– Downloads can take a while depending on your internet speeds and the size of the content. Be patient!

– Review purchase histories and check for updates and re-downloads in your account settings.

Supported Content Types

The iTunes Store distributes a huge variety of digital content across many categories. Here are some of the major types available:


The iTunes Music Store remains one of the top sources for digital music. You’ll find an extensive catalog of singles and albums to purchase and download, with over 75 million songs available spanning all genres. Music purchases are usually 99 cents to $1.29 per song or $7.99 to $14.99 per album.

Movies & TV Shows

iTunes has one of the largest selections of digital movies and TV show episodes. You can buy or rent movies to download, with many titles available in stunning 4K HDR. TV shows usually have all-season bundles or individual episodes you can purchase. Rental prices vary while purchase prices are usually $5.99-$19.99 per movie/episode or $19.99-$49.99 per TV season.


The iTunes audiobook store features bestsellers, classics, mysteries, science fiction, romance and more read by professional narrators. Purchase the full audiobooks to download or subscribe to Audible for credits and access. Prices range from $10-$20 on average per audiobook title.


While less robust than the books and audiobooks offered by Amazon Kindle, Apple does have a selection of eBook titles available for purchase and reading via Apple Books. Expect to pay around $5-$15 per eBook.

Apps & Games

The App Store has millions of iOS apps, from global sensations like Instagram and TikTok to indie games and niche productivity tools. Many apps are free or ad-supported, but paid downloads and in-app purchases allow developers to charge for apps. Paid apps range from 99 cents up to $9.99 or more.

Apple Services

In addition to digital content, you can signup for and manage Apple subscription services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud storage upgrades, Apple Arcade and Apple News+ all from the iTunes/App Stores as well.

Help & Support

Hopefully this guide gave you everything you need to know to successfully access the iTunes Store and start enjoying its amazing selection of digital content. But if questions or issues come up, here are some additional Apple resources to help:

– iTunes Support: – FAQs, guides and support for iTunes accounts and software.

– iTunes Store Support: – Get help with store purchases, billing, refunds and more.

– Apple ID Support: – Manage account security, password resets, payment info and other Apple ID topics.

– Apple Community Forums: – Ask questions and get help from fellow Apple users and staff.

– Contact Apple Support: – Initiate email, chat or phone support directly with Apple’s support team.

Accessing the amazing selection of music, movies, apps and more on the iTunes Store is easy once you know the steps. Sign in, browse around, purchase some great new content, and enjoy! Let us know if you have any other questions.


In summary, accessing the iTunes Store is easy from iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Apple TV and the web. Just use the App Store or iTunes apps, sign in with your Apple ID, browse or search for content, purchase, and download. The iTunes Store grants access to millions of songs, movies, TV shows, books, apps and games to enjoy. With the tips in this guide, you can now shop the huge digital catalog of entertainment and become an iTunes Store pro in no time.

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