How can I check my SBI travel card balance?

The State Bank of India (SBI) travel card is a prepaid foreign currency card that can be used for expenses when traveling abroad. It allows you to load multiple foreign currencies on one card, which can then be used to withdraw cash or make payments in those currencies. The SBI travel card is extremely convenient for frequent international travelers, as it eliminates the need to exchange currency or carry traveler’s cheques.

One of the key benefits of the SBI travel card is that you can check your balance anytime, anywhere. Knowing how much of your prepaid currency is left on the card is vital for managing your overseas expenses. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to check your SBI travel card balance through multiple methods.

Ways to Check SBI Travel Card Balance

There are a few easy ways to check your SBI travel card balance:

1. Check balance online

The easiest way to check your SBI travel card balance is to do it online. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the SBI travel card website –
  • Click on ‘Login’ and enter your 16-digit card number and 6-digit ATM PIN
  • Once logged in, your SBI travel card balance will be displayed on the dashboard for each of the loaded currencies

This online balance check facility can be used from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. It provides real-time information on your remaining prepaid balance.

2. Check via SMS

You can also check your SBI travel card balance by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number. Follow these steps:

  • For single currency card: Send SMS BAL<16-digit card number> to +91 80808 90090
  • For multi-currency card: Send SMS MCC<16-digit card number> to +91 80808 90090

You will receive an instant SMS with details of the available balance across all currency wallets on your travel card. This method works even if you are traveling internationally and don’t have internet access.

3. Check through ATM

You can check your SBI travel card balance at any Visa ATM worldwide. Just insert your card into the ATM and select the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option. The ATM screen will display your balance details across all loaded currencies.

This method allows you to get an updated balance even if you don’t have phone or internet connectivity. However, charges may apply when using international ATMs to check your balance.

4. Check through IVR

SBI travel card also provides a 24×7 balance inquiry facility via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. To use this:

  • Call the PPS customer care centre at +91 80808 90090
  • Select your preferred language
  • Enter your 16-digit card number followed by #
  • Enter the balance inquiry option – 9

The IVR system will then provide audible information about your SBI travel card balance in each currency.

5. Check via Customer Care

You can also speak to a customer care executive directly to get your SBI travel card balance details:

  • Call the PPS customer care centre at +91 80808 90090
  • Provide your 16-digit card number and other verification details
  • Request the executive for your latest balance across all currencies

The exact balance across all loaded currencies will be provided by the executive after verifying your details.

Important Points

Here are some important things to note about checking your SBI travel card balance:

  • The balance reflects your leftover prepaid amount across currencies
  • Charges may apply when checking balance via ATMs or Customer Care calls
  • Online and SMS balance checks are free of charge
  • IVR based balance inquiry is also free
  • Your balance will be denominated in the respective currency wallets
  • Ensure your contact details are updated to access SMS/IVR services
  • You can’t check balance if your card is blocked or expired

Checking your balance periodically is advised to effectively manage overseas expenses on your SBI travel card.

Checking Balance for Specific Currency

For multi-currency SBI travel cards with several loaded currencies, you may want to check the balance of a specific currency wallet.

Here is how you can check balance for a particular currency:

  • On online login, the dashboard shows wallet-wise balances
  • The SMS balance includes split-up of each currency balance
  • IVR option 9 provides balance for all currencies
  • ATM displays consolidated balance across wallets
  • Customer care executive can provide balance for a specific currency you request

So in summary, the online, SMS, IVR and customer care options allow checking balance for a particular foreign currency on your travel card. The split-up across currencies is provided.

Free Balance Alert Services

You can also opt for free balance alert services on your SBI travel card to get updates on your balance periodically. This avoids the need to check balance manually.

Some of the balance alert services offered are:

1. Low Balance Alert

You can set a minimum balance threshold amount. When your card balance goes below this threshold, an SMS alert is sent to your registered mobile number. This helps you know when to recharge your travel card.

2. Daily Balance Alert

With this facility, you will receive the closing balance amount for the day on your travel card via SMS at a chosen time daily.

3. Weekly Balance Alert

Your card’s closing balance for the week is sent by SMS on a specified day and time weekly.

To activate any of these balance alert services, you can call the customer care center or set it up under ‘Settings’ in your online account.

Using SBI Travel Card Balance Dashboard

The SBI travel card online account provides a detailed dashboard to view balance and transaction details.

Some of the key features available are:

  • See wallet-wise balances in each currency
  • View last 5 transactions for each currency
  • Access statement download and transaction download facility
  • Block card and set transaction limits
  • Provide travel notifications and contact details
  • Set preferences and alerts for balance, usage etc.

The online dashboard offers convenience to monitor travel card usage and balances regularly. First-time users must register online using card details.

Steps to Recharge SBI Travel Card

When your travel card balance runs low, you can easily recharge it prior to your next trip.

Here are the simple steps to recharge your SBI travel card:

1. Recharge online

  • Login to your travel card account and select ‘Recharge’ option
  • Enter top-up amount for each currency based on your requirement
  • Make payment using net banking or UPI
  • Top-up amount will reflect in wallet balances within 12 hours

2. Recharge through branch

  • Visit your nearest SBI branch with duly filled recharge form
  • Submit form along with cash/cheque/DD for top-up amount
  • Updated card balance will be available within 2 working days

3. Recharge via merchant outlet

  • Locate nearest merchant outlet enabled for travel card recharges
  • Submit duly filled recharge form & payment in cash/cheque/DD
  • Balance will be updated in 1-2 working days

Ensure you recharge your card well in advance of your next overseas trip. Carry printout of latest balance while traveling.

How to Extend Validity of SBI Travel Card?

SBI travel cards are typically valid for 5 years from the date of issuance. Once the card expires, you must get it renewed to extend the validity.

Here is the simple process to get your SBI travel card validity extended:

  • Visit your nearest SBI branch one month before expiry
  • Submit the renewal request form along with KYC documents
  • Renewal fees applicable will be intimated
  • Once approved, new card with extended validity will be sent to your mailing address

Alternatively, you can also request card renewal through the customer contact centre or by registering request online.

Points to note:

  • A validity extension of up to 5 years is permitted
  • Only active cards with available balance can be renewed
  • Load any unused foreign currency balance to the new card
  • Renewal may take 7-10 working days for processing

Renewing on time ensures you can seamlessly keep using the card for your international trips.Expired cards cannot be used.

Disabled or Lost SBI Travel Card

If your SBI travel card gets blocked or lost, here is what you should do:

Blocked Card

  • Contact customer care immediately to unblock card
  • Unblocking process may take 2 working days
  • You can also submit unblocking request at your home branch
  • Card will get activated once request is approved

Lost/Stolen Card

  • Inform customer care right away to hotlist your card
  • Submit FIR and indemnity form at home branch
  • New replacement card will be issued within 7 working days
  • Any available balance will be transferred to new card account

Always keep your travel card and PIN secure. Report loss/theft immediately to prevent misuse.

SBI Travel Card Charges

Here are some common charges applicable on SBI travel cards:

Charge Type Fees
Issuance Fee Rs.100 + 18% GST
Reload Fee Rs.50 + 18% GST
Replacement Fee Rs.200 + 18% GST
Balance Enquiry First 2 free, Rs.20 per enquiry after
ATM Withdrawal Rs.125 + 3% of withdrawal amount
Card Reactivation Rs.50 + 18% GST

GST is applicable on all charges. SBI also levies cross-currency conversion charges of 3.5% + other bank fees.


The SBI travel card brings great convenience and security for frequent overseas travelers. You can check the prepaid balance across currencies easily using the online portal, SMS, ATM, IVR and customer care channels. Recharging is also quick based on your upcoming travel needs. Just ensure you keep the card safely and know how to address situations like loss, theft or expiry. Responsible usage of the travel card will make your international trips completely hassle-free.

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