Hart Bakery & Gifts in Indianapolis (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Hart Bakery & Gifts

Address: 7030 E 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Phone: (317) 357-4706

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6

Website: http://www.hartbakery.com/

What Time Does Hart Bakery & Gifts Open?

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 6AM to 5:30PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 5:30PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 5:30PM

Friday,: 6AM to 5:30PM

Saturday,: 6AM to 4PM

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Hart Bakery & Gifts Reviews

Staci Orr Gardner

I visited Hart Bakery for the first time and was so impressed!! The owner came out from the back to greet me. She was so proud to share a few of her favorite product recommendations. Before I left, she made sure I took a “Hart” magnet for my refrigerator. I am so glad I discovered this local gem. The baked goods are delicious, and the local heart of the business really shines through. I will definitely be back.

LaToya Pearson

They never disappoint I been here 3 years in Indiana found out a year ago about Harts love this bakery I might add I been here everyday this week I gotta stop

Erica “Pookinopolis” Branch

Excellent little bakery with a hidden stache of incredible miniatures and more!
Sandy and her staff were exceptionslly friendly and colorful! The sticky bun I had was out of this world delicious and I got a bunch of miniatures for my dollhouse that are very difficult to find at great prices! I hope to visit again in the near future!!! Highly recommend!!!

Laura S

The ladies working are very friendly! Tons of Heartfelt Creations stamps and dies, along with an assortment of other stamps brands, embossing powders, gems, stickers and some other things. She also carries miniatures and figurines. The apple turnover I had was delicious!

Alexandria Jo

The bakery is run by the sweetest lady who has been there since the 1940s. In the back kitchen I could see her happy family making cookies by hand.

I asked for the best assortment of their baked goods to bring to my staff and she could not stop herself from adding addition cookies and donuts (for free) because she just really wanted me to try them. It was very obvious she loves her job and takes pride in her product.

A large box full of baked goods ended up costing only $9. I tried to tip and she refused and said she just wanted me to come back. Trust me… I WILL BE COMING BACK!! The cookies and donuts were so soft and perfectly baked. Everyone loved them. They have won me over as a customer for life!

Lindsey Stewart

Love this place, very family friendly environment. They do an awesome job at making cakes and cupcakes and of course everything else. My daughter loves going here. Don’t pass this place up!

Jessica Capps

The Valentine’s Heart cookies somehow tasted like pickles. I don’t know how, but both of us adults got that taste. My kid did too, but he liked it.

The younger lady behind the counter seemed out off that I was there and had questions as it was my first time there. I ended up buying quite a few cookies and treats and mentioned up front that I was getting quite a bit, but the lady put all my cookies (with decorative icing) in a bag together so the icing was smashed and smeared on every single one. I ended up with 5 individual bags of stuff, so I’m not sure why she didn’t use a box.

The raspberry bars were great, and the powdered cookies in cellophane were great, but she made it seem like they didn’t make those in-house. They also tasted like anise cookies but the gal said they were almond. Either way, those were good. I just don’t know what the deal was with the cookies having that crazy pickle taste.

Amanda west

I love harts bakery . So good & my girls cakes were very pretty .
The owner is so nice & so is the staff . We added the cake toppers but the cake looked glittery & so pretty in person

Jerome Daniels

Hart Bakery is okay at best. I respect the establishment because it’s family owned, but they are a long way away from how good Long’s Bakery is. I bought some apple fritters from Hart Bakery recently. It was all bread really. They’re donuts and donut holes aren’t as soft and tasty as Long’s. Maybe they’re catering to a specific palate (taste); I have no idea really.
On the other hand, the staff are very nice people. They’re always listening and looking to see how they can help. It’s a very down home yet professional atmosphere. I noticed that the older lady in charge seemed to know people by name as they came in. That’s a sorely missed interaction in the business world. Kudos to them.
If you’re on that side of town and you want something sweet, it’s great. The donuts won’t be what draw you in. The all around small business hospitality and being a community staple is what might bring you back.

Freddie Alvarez

This place is a hidden gem of my wife and I. We absolutely love it. I’m a truck driver who has traveled the entire U.S. and originally coming from N.Y. I know a good bakery when I see one!!!..not to toot my own horn(but toot toot!!!)

– Amazing baked goods in a loving and Godly atmosphere! The (glazed) croissant is one of my favorites.
– The ladies are super caring ❤ and always welcome you with loving, warm, open arms…always smiling from the time you open the door till your leaving, which helps me start my day right!
– They carry beautiful unique gifts which are priced to sell and be enjoyed. My wife loves getting a gift each time we visit. The gifts…best described are like precious moments statues type of deal, but of much more variety. We have gotten earrings, a silver goblet, lockets, audio books, and a Bulova clock decoration which holds pictures. Really must visit my words do Hart Bakery no justice.
– They open early morning which is great for me: Mon-Fri : 5:30am Sat : 6:00am
And Sunday they’re closed with a sign posted stating they are closed Sunday so you and your family can go to Church…which I think is a beautiful thing that more businesses should do..

Again I love ❤ this place and it’s a great little bakery that everyone should visit if in the Indianapolis area!

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