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Guru Donuts & Espresso

Address: 2826 S Eagle Rd #120, Eagle, ID 83616

Phone: (986) 200-4287


Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.9


What Time Does Guru Donuts & Espresso Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 4PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 4PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 7AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 4PM

Friday,: 7AM to 4PM

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Guru Donuts & Espresso Reviews

Cherise Thielen

For those of you who have food sensitivities like me, finding something you can actually eat is like waking up on Christmas Day as a child! I am so amazed at the service and how Kyra and Karli went above and beyond. I live in Phoenix but was coming to Sun Valley and Boise for a quick trip. They made me gluten free vegan doughnuts a day early since they typically only do that combo on the weekends. The doughnuts were as delicious as they are adorable and the same with the shop itself! Can’t wait to come back to Boise for the next work trip!!!

Michael Swaim

There haven’t been many scenarios where I didn’t finish a donut. Today was one of those days. We got there at 10:30a and they were out of everything. They only had the lemon tart, which Is what I wanted, but thats all we got. The Lemon Tart donut was really disappointing. The lemon curd was absurdly sour, which did not work with the lack of sweetness in the donut. The consistency of the donut was more like undercooked bread than a donut. Not impressed. There are better donuts around.

Eric Willig

Thank you @Sophie and @Matt for the delicoius anniverary celebratory culinary delights – Guru donuts! Chocolate and regular old fashioned Guru donuts! So good!

Alyanna Marsala

They have gluten free & mostly vegan donuts which is awesome for food allergies/ intolerance. Such a great spot for a coffee date with friends! Lots of selections, donuts are delicious. I got a gf donut and it was phenomenal. I wanna come back and try all the flavors! They have a cute indoor balcony to sit on which is unique to any donut shop I’ve ever seen. I’ll definitely be back!

Crystal Meyer

First time visiting this cute donut shop in lakemoor village in Eagle. Extremely friendly staff, customer service over the top. And all I can say about the donuts is WOW, just wow, these are the best donuts in town, fresh, large and very tasty. Flavor was spot on, rich, and just right. We are new to the area and have found our go to donut shop for life. Perfect for gift giving as well, cute packaging! Thank you GURU! See you again soon.

Shaylin Stephens

Thought my partner was having allergic reaction to guru because in multiple doughnuts he would taste something super acidic and his tongue would go fuzzy but then I experienced it and found the source. In at least three different doughnuts there is a pocket of stuff that I can only assume is baking powder or soda. I tried to power through it but it was really unedible which made me sad because it was one of my favorite doughnuts. Hopefully they can fix this issue!

Jeff Kern

First time I have stopped into this Guru location. I’ve been a huge fan but have only been to their downtown location before. This place is well organized with lots of options for donuts, merch, and seating if you are wanting to dine in. The loft is a nice place to get out of the way from the walk-in’s coming in-and-out. These donuts are always TOP NOTCH! I have only 2 donut shops in the valley (among the dozens) out there that I would buy from, and Guru is one of them! Do-nut waste your time with any other place!!

Amber Hawton-Hill

Such a fun space! The donuts here are the best in the valley….HANDS DOWN! The O.G. is the perfect mix of doughy, chewy, slightly sweet goodness and the Cinderella one they make in the fall with a touch of pumpkin puree is a master of flavors and textures too! Great place to visit for out-of-towners and kids, then head down the road to a walk or bike on the Greenbelt just up the road!

Jonathan Nash

Let me just start out by saying this place is INCREDIBLE. I’ve struggled finding donuts that I could eat with some crazy allergies of mine but Gurus offers vegan donuts that I have been able to absolutely INDULGE in. These donuts are super yummy and the vegan donuts taste so amazing that you could never tell it was made with vegan ingredients. They also offer gluten free options and TONS more. Our family has literally been to Gurus every single Sunday morning since February (might have missed two sundays) and we look forward to it every week. We go so much that the staff all know us and they are always super friendly and extremely helpful. 10 out of 10 for me, definitely recommend… Oh!! I almost forgot that they do special seasonal flavors that are always fun to try, and the latest one along with others recently released is the cookies and cream (Gurus if your reading this PLEASE keep the cookies and cream flavor)


The customer service is excellent but the donuts today didn’t live up to the downtown reputation 🙁 They were dry and my chocolate donut was even salty. Not sure if was just a dry batch or not, but likely not going back. Sweet Sensations is closer and has better flavors.

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