Guru Donuts & Espresso in Boise (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Guru Donuts & Espresso

Address: 928 W Main St #100, Boise, ID 83702

Phone: (208) 571-7792

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Guru Donuts & Espresso Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 4PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 4PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 7AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 4PM

Friday,: 7AM to 4PM

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Guru Donuts & Espresso Reviews

Rebecca Taddei

I love love love donuts, and I was so happy to visit Guru on my trip to Boise! Everything was delicious, from the donut breakfast sandwich, to the specialty donuts… and I really appreciated the vegan and gf options. I ordered half dozen and couldn’t eat them all at once (or I could, but didn’t haha) and was happy that they held up and were just as good a day or two later.

Going Keep

The donut is a little bit expensive but the taste really good. It’s sweet but not just only sweet. My raspberry is sour and sweet. Not heavy oily taste. Tasty

Crawford Bowden

we came here for a brief business meetup. bought five donuts. I believe they were all vegan. the flavors were good, I wish they weren’t so dense.. they were a bit chewy. the maple bar was the best, and i think its cause it was a little thinner than the round donuts


The regular yeast raised donut (Alice in Wonderland) was nice but not extraordinary. Didn’t like the Vegan/GF donut option with a chocolate glaze and had to toss it unfortunately.

I will say the staff at this location was absolutely delightful

Steven Warren

Super fresh and amazing donuts. This did miscount our donuts at first but they corrected it when I let them know. Very artistic and well done. Some of the best gluten free donuts I have ever had! Can be expensive, $8 for two donuts.

Jess Devore

The negatives: I stopped by on mother’s day morning so the place was absolutely packed. Stood in line for 20 minutes before ordering. Waited 10 more minutes only to be told that 2 out of the 6 donuts I’d ordered were no longer available. It cost $20 for 4 donuts and a house coffee.

The positives: The staff was superb and refunded me quickly for the missing donuts. The coffee is top notch. They offer gluten free and vegan donut options.

Takeaway: Don’t bother if it’s busy or order ahead online!

Carol Weber

The nicest people work here. That alone makes me wanna buy up the store. Then, the donuts. Full body shudder. Confession: I’m not a fan of donuts. Most of them tend to be just sugar bombs. I also hate that slick, preservative, Hostess store-bought texture.

But these are NOT those kind of donuts!

They’re vegan, healthy, creative donuts: Healthy Homer, Chocolate Salt, Hipster Berry… My chocolate salt donut went down like a fluffy cloud, thanks to mashed potato. So good!

Tom Legerski

Always excellent and excellent all ways!
Goodys please take notice of Guru’s dog appreciation!

hailey johnson

Absolutely gross. Couldn’t even finish a donut. I am a huge donut fan, especially the beloved Boston crème. I walked in and was so excited to get donuts, they looked big and amazing! I ordered a Boston cream, the fruity pebble one and tried the vegan berry one. They were all disgusting. It was so bland. Zero flavor from the dough. One donut was even undercooked. I couldn’t even take 2 bites of the Boston cream. The chocolate was not sweet, it was like they used that bitter baking chocolate no one likes. And the cream was horrible! It was chunky sugar milk. It was NOT a Boston cream filling. Vanilla pudding would have been better than what they have. The texture was horrible. It was the first donut experience in my life that I could not finish my donuts. Do not recommend. Will never go back. Gas station and Walmart donuts are better. Highly recommend country donuts on overland.

Kim M

The ABSOLUTE best GLUTEN FREE donuts you will ever find. I honestly thought they gave me a regular donut it tasted that good but no reaction to it so I know it was gluten free. I drove in from Nampa and will be definitely making the drive often.

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