Forscher German Bakery & Café (Henderson) in Henderson (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Forscher German Bakery & Café (Henderson)

Address: 10880 S Eastern Ave Suite 103, Henderson, NV 89052

Phone: (702) 463-4422


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Forscher German Bakery & Café (Henderson) Open?

Saturday,: Closed

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: 10AM to 12PM

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: Closed

Friday,: Closed

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Forscher German Bakery & Café (Henderson) Reviews

John Letkeman

Echtes Deutshes brot – real German bread and friendly staff. Love the dense chewy rye.

Scarlett Penford

❤️ #ScarlettSuggests … Enjoy sweet treats & coffee from Forscher German Bakery ☕️
AMBIANCE: comfortable & stylish. Delightfully decorated and clean.
SERVICE: speedy & friendly
FOOD: The bakery items are unique, fresh & delicious. Amazing new coffee machine!
MENU: pick up a brochure… You’re going to want to come back for more treats!
PARKING: easy. It’s in a plaza with plenty of spaces.
NOTES: The Owner / Baker Chris is very nice, shared his family’s baking history & answered my questions. •The server Olivia was all smiles behind her

Aaron Vry

So I googled deli as I was leaving anthem today and this place was on my list.

I stopped in before the lunch rush and had a nice greeting from the owner.

I ordered a few sandwiches and pastries to take back to the office for lunch.

The owner explained to me how the sandwich rolls are baked on site. I was sold.

I ordered the
Black forest ham, aged cheddar, tomatoe, arugula.

Prosciutto, parmesan, arugula.

Liverwurst and apple spread

My favorite sandwich was the Liverwurst. The apple spread was awesome! Next time I stop in there I’m going to ask for some of the apple spread.

They had some pastries coming fresh out of the oven when I walked in. I ordered the Apple pocket. Butter hazelnut chocolate croissant. And the Red currants butter crumble. My favorite was the Apple pocket.

I asked the office staff if they had any complaints. They had none. They did wish that the potato salad would have been homemade.

Great bakery I purchased one of their homemade Rustic Spelt Bread. But have not yet tried it. I can’t wait to try more items.

Emanuel G.

Not sure what’s going on here, was happy to finally find a good German bakery in Vegas. This place has very selective business hours and now they don’t even sell baked goods anymore . What a shame.

Sherri Frost

Absolutely delicious! The bratwurst sandwich is authentic and fresh with just the right amount of sauerkraut and fresh bread. The pastries are delicious, fresh and beautiful to serve. The staff is friendly. I’m so happy that Henderson has this local treat. I highly recommend that you try this wonderful German bakery and cafe.

Aimee Hager

Just opened up here and we wanted to support the new store opening during Covid. Great little bakery, clean and fresh on the inside, super friendly customer service woman and of course delicious desserts. We couldn’t decide so we bought a lot. The sugared donut and currant danish were my favorite. The donuts reminded me of my time in Hawaii too. We didn’t order a sandwich but the menu looked awesome. It also has a video showing the family history of the bakery which was really cool. Go check it out, you will not be disappointed

Melanie Eng

This place is more closed than open. I was excited to try a new place in town but they hardly had anything. 3 bread rolls and maybe 4 different pastries. Some of them are not even authentic german. Nothing special and overpriced. I tried 2 pastries and they tasted like frozen and warmed up. Please drive 1 mile down on Eastern and go to the German bakery, their pastries can’t be beat! I am honestly surprised how Forscher is still in business.

Foster J

Stopped by this place out of curiosity and boy was it worth it. I have yet to try the bread but if it is of similar quality to the sandwich and pastry I bought then it’ll be worth every cent. The owner is humble and kind and the products provided are of top quality and reasonably priced. People, you gotta try this place ASAP.


So happy to have found this bakery. We live an hour north of the Henderson location, so I placed a large order for bread and different rolls to pick up and to share with friends.
My family and I love everything and so do my friends. The Crusty Rye, the Friesan bread, the Traditional Rye and Krusti Rolls and Rustino Italiano Rolls are heavenly and authentic. We are so elated to have found this place. Favorite German Bakery in the Las Vegas area and beyond.
What a treat. Thank you Chris.


1. The breads are bomb – we got some pastries and basic of basics, croissants are so flakey, yummy and I got the one with nutella. ❤️
2. They have loose leaf teas!! From Taiwan – it’s a whole big thing. It’s so good. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
3. The owners and staff are super friendly, they’ll definitely give you recommendations if you need it.
4. Bakerys are pretty awesome all around.

Just come in, check it out!

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